Isiah Thomas Out Again

This time it didn’t take a sexual harassment suit. He didn’t have to set the franchise back half a decade. Nor did one of James Dolan’s execs talk him out of it. This time the NBA front office stepped in, deeming Isiah Thomas’ dual role as FIU coach and Knicks consultant as a conflict of interest. Thomas has resigned from the Knicks (phew!) and Knicks owner James Dolan will have to find another way to pursue his man crush.

Ironically it was other teams who helped make this happen. According to the Post’s Marc Berman:

At least two NBA owners complained to the league immediately and several NBA executives thought it was bogus arrangement.

Unfortunately if Isiah Thomas leaves FIU and is free to join the NBA, I don’t think any other league owners will complain about him joining the Knicks again. Heck it’s probably in their best interests to encourage it. For the price of (arguably) a good amateur scout, the team would sully their brand (sexual harassment), give them bad press (local media would kill them over it), and alienate their current competent front office (Walsh was reportedly not happy with the move).

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Mike Kurylo

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18 thoughts to “Isiah Thomas Out Again”

  1. Words cannot express my relief that Isiah will be, at least for the near future, staying away from the Knicks organization. I am hoping that Walsh might get the okay to sign a GM like Pritchard, which would kind of crowd out any role (hopefully) for Isiah in the future. At least for now I feel we all have dodged a bullet.

    By the way, also gotta love the tag, “Guy Love”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that :)

  2. Tin ear Dolan will wait a period of time, perhaps when DWalsh finally retires, and then work him back into the payroll.
    I said this was a conflict when it first came out. It was.
    But it also may have been just a trial balloon to see if people were ready for it. I think he got his answer.
    Zeke has always been a prick. Nonetheless, he was a gifted one when he played ball, so people put up with him.
    But he is a terrible exec and a terrible coach. That means he’s an incompetent prick now, and that’s not acceptable.
    I’m relieved the drama passed and soon we can see what kind of team they have.
    BTW, I like that D’Antoni stood up there and laid down his support for Donnie. It said a lot about him and his relationship with Donnie that he went public supporting Walsh. It bodes well for the season.

  3. I think that not having Isiah on the payroll means nothing. He’ll still be involved somehow, just not as a front office guy.

  4. Now I wish the Russian billionaire was our owner…a part of me is just thinking about what else Dolan can and will do to destroy this franchise. Apparently, he is not used to owning a competent and competitive team.

  5. The logical conclusion, for me, is that he’ not pursuing it because of public reaction. All he needed to do was resign from FIU and the job was his. Dolan maybe tone deaf, but zeke must know he needs some public approval to keep a job in the NBA.

  6. I’m hoping Walsh signs an excellent successor that can do the job he does as soon as possible. I don’t look at it as being beneficial to the Knicks in player recruitment, but beneficial to the Knicks as it reduces the chance of having Thomas back in any kind of managerial role.

    If he really does player recruiting/talent evaluations, I really have no problem with Thomas. The only thing I liked about his tenure was looking forward to some of the young talent the Knicks had, before he promptly traded them away.

  7. ESPN Insider today had an article ranking the 14 lottery teams in order of most likeliest to make the playoffs. Not surprisingly the Rockets were #1 and the Hornets were #2. The Knicks were #3!!

    Interesting stat given about Gallo in the article that said according to plus/minus data “Gallinari was the most vital Knick last season, posting a team-high 4.4, indicating the Knicks were 4.4 points better than their opponents every 100 possessions when the Rooster graced the court.”

  8. Can’t wait for “Dolan Out as Knicks Owner.”

    James Dolan, deciding he wishes to spend more time on his music, has donated MSG to Walt Frazier. Frazier, asked for comment, called the act “magnificent and beneficent, both astounding and resounding.”

    Shares of Cablevision were off 2.73% in light trading.

  9. 4 team trade today: Ariza, Collison, Posey to the Pacers, Ariza to the Hornets, Troy Murphy to Nets, Courtney Lee to Rockets. Wow, the Nets had two good young players, and they just traded one of them, still on a rookie contract for this season and the next, for an expiring contract. They used their cap space to make the move, so they didn’t even open up (much) more salary for next season or ditch a bad contract.

    “The Hornets are hoping that the addition of Ariza addresses Paul’s concerns about the team’s commitment to winning by showing that they’re willing to spend money to get better. Ariza signed a five-year, $34 million deal with the Rockets last summer.” — I don’t know how making this trade makes CP happy. Collison had a lot of value after last season. Sure, Ariza is a good 5th starter, but he’s overpaid and has a weak offensive game.

    The Pacers essentially took on salary in exchange for Collison, and they certainly have a reason to be happy, but the Rockets come out of htis deal looking the best, having picked up a young player who has the potential to be better than Ariza, and saved $28 million over the life of Ariza’s contract.

  10. latke,

    I think the Nets see Murphy as more than an expiring contract. He was maybe the most talented player in the trade. The Nets have actually quietly upgraded their talent considerably this offseason and might have a decent rotation: Harris, Morrow, Damion James/Travis Outlaw, Murphy, Lopez starting with Favors, Jordan Farmar, James/Outlaw, and Terrence Williams on the bench.
    Morrow made Lee somewhat expendable:

    Lee is the same age as Ariza and didn’t improve from year 1 to year 2…

  11. According to ESPN Amar’e is the 2nd best newcomer this year and also the worst (4 voted him the best; 18 the worst).

    “We’re not talking about the worst player per se but the one who will have the most negative impact or the most disappointing season, relative to expectations, price, etc. Or the player who will wear out his welcome first.”

    Thanks for the news, guys.

    P.S. LeBron looks stupid in a Heat jersey.

  12. Ahem…OK I won’t say it. ;)

    Thank goodness Stern had the cojones to do what the NCAA did not — and I don’t say that because of the effect on the Knicks, but rather because I believe this would have been terrible for the college game, and thus for the sport as a whole.

    So I can only presume the consultant gig paid less than his job at FIU? lol

  13. I have got to say .. I was doing a pretty good job of not panicking over the Isiah deal, but when you think about Jimmy Dolan and how utterly, unbelievable fucking oblivious this guy has to be in order to even *consider* bringing Isiah back into the fold in any way ..

    Well, it’s disturbing. We’ve got a new direction, lots to be hopeful and excited about, and the fact that us Knickerbloggees can even entertain the notion that Dolan might someday hand control BACK to the (second) worst GM that he ever hired, a guy who crippled and defiled the franchise for years .. yes, I am disturbed now.

    Glad he’s off the payroll. Here’s hoping things go exceedingly well this year and this is the last we ever hear of Zeke.

  14. @13, what looks even dumber than LeBron in a Heat jersey is the stupid look on his face with his arms crossed. What is he going for, a facebook pose of tough but falters during playoffs? I hope one of them is injured every year so none of them ever win again.

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