Isiah Thomas, Great or Very Good?

Maybe you have an opinion of Isiah Thomas as a player? (Right now I’d imagine there are plenty of people reading a Knicks blog that has an opinion on Isiah as a GM). Where exactly does he rank in comparison to the great NBA guards? A poster named “Nikos” asked this very question on the APBRmetric forum.

So far the opinions are varying. “MikeG” has Zeke “squeamishly” ranked 7th among all guards, and indirectly described him as “[a] guy [who] is willing to penetrate, challenge the big guys, and set up teammates, that can make everyone’s game come easier.” One-time guest KnickerBlogger, and all-time statistics guru, Bob Chaikin had a lesser opinion of Isiah. In his shift key challenged prose, Bob asked & answered: “was he a clutch player? most would probably say yes. was he a great leader? again most would probably say yes. was he a top 5 PG of all-time? statistically speaking imho the answer would be no, not even close..

Dean Oliver, author and consultant for the Seattle APBRSonics (pronounced Ape – brrr – Son – ics), in a Greek Philosopher like manner answers the question without actually answering it. “Given how much greater Isiah’s reputation is than his basic stats, all these things really need to be considered and a better statistical analysis would have to be done to really characterize him fully.

Maybe you saw Isiah as a player? Maybe you have a system that ranks PGs? Maybe you just like to lurk while other people talk sports? Check it out APBRmetrics: Isiah Thomas, great or very good?

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