Isiah OD?

No joke…

Isiah Thomas was apparently taken from his home in an ambulance last night, after a bout of weirdness that involved feeling faint because of a stressful family situation, or an overdose of sleeping pills. Depends who you believe.  Talking heads from the police, hospital and the Knicks are playing it close to the vest, but the Daily News quotes Thomas’ son as saying his father was briefly hospitalized. 

This was first reported by local TV news, and there is now a much more detailed article posted by ESPN’s True Hoopster.


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18 thoughts to “Isiah OD?”

  1. This is very sad. He’s not a competent coach or GM, but you never want to see it come to this kind of thing.

  2. A few of the later comments on this thread are fairly sickening. I’ll leave it at that.

    Hopefully he can recover, lead a decent, stable life from here out and also, my lesser hope is that he may find another job in the league so that he can make reparations and feed us back draft picks on the trade carousel…best of luck.

  3. Something pretty strange is going on here, there are a lot of conflicting accounts, it will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

    “Harrison Police Chief David Hall refuted Thomas’ statement about his daughter to the New York Times on Friday night.

    “I understand that this person claims it was his daughter; he is lying,” Hall told the newspaper. “It was definitely not his daughter, it was a male. We know the difference between a 47-year-old black male and a young black female.”

    Hall had earlier said the case was not a suicide attempt.”

  4. Initially I read this thinking possible suicide attempt. Then the police said there was no indication of that. Who knows what that means…just because a note isnt present doesnt mean it wasn’t the cause. But assuming the police are correct and this was truly accidental(he must have been under an awful lot of stress), I was struck by how un-surprised I was that he pointed the finger at his daughter…’throwing her under the bus’ in todays parlance. Just like Roger Clemens did with his wife. That says a ton about a mans lack of character and being accountable for his actions. Yet I was totally un-surprised by it.

    But if it was a suicide attempt, I wish him all the best in his recovery. No one should come to that.

  5. this is a little tough to comment on, Isiah was my favorite player as a kid.

    but it seems pretty clear that lying as a reflex action, even when it’s pretty much pointless, has become very deeply ingrained in our former hero. also, not only did he throw his daughter under the bus, he put his son in a position where he had to back up his lies, again for no real reason.

  6. you can see the horrible influence of Dolan and MSG’s toxic deceitful atmosphere.

    I want to be careful here..I’m very hesitant to make this post.. because we’re all speculating on what happened and I dont want to leap to conclusions on root causes, nor kick a man when he is down….but…
    As much as I dislike Dolan, this doesnt have a thing to do with him. If its true that Isaih dragged his daughter in to this as a way to cover his own issues, thats a character flaw that had its birth long before Dolan entered the picture. I can only base my opinions on Isaih from his TV appearances and reading whatever published accounts there are. And from my observations over time, going way back before his involvement with the Knicks, he seemed disingenuous , gratuitous, and essentially someone trying too hard to be liked. Which is a method of covering up someones true self. This is entirely consistent with pointing the fingers at others in times of trouble and not owning up to your problems. Its just a gut feeling.

  7. The only moment in years I feel a twinge of sympathy for the man, and he does the worst thing possible by dragging his 17 year old daughter into it as a cover up. Clearly the man’s not well, but that doesn’t mean it’s not despicable cowardice.

  8. Five minutes of Knick basketball last year was much more sleep inducing than a handful of Ambien.

    But we didn’t try to lay our subsequent atrophy on his daughter!

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