Is the Offseason Always This Boring?

I know we’ve reached the point in the offseason when not much happens, but man, it just seems extra dreary, doesn’t it? You know it’s bad when Toni Kukoc’s retirement was the top story on Yahoo! NBA for literally FOUR DAYS IN A ROW! And the story that bumped it? The yooge news about Fred Hoiberg being hired to the Minnesota front office. I was driving when I heard the Hoiberg news and had to pull over to the side of the road as I was so stunned – that’s how yooge it was. Seriously, though, where are the NBA stories?! Please, someone help me! Share an interesting NBA story that’s going on right now! Anyone?

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18 thoughts to “Is the Offseason Always This Boring?”

  1. Wait, it’s Babcock AND McHale in Minnesota’s front office. It could be a comic exercise in GM ineptitude. Sure it’s not a story, but it could yield some hilarious results.

  2. kjb – I have a hard time with the stats on dberri’s site. Frye produced less wins per minute than Malik Rose, and was in the same class as Jalen Rose & Jackie Butler?

  3. Berri’s take on things is usually interesting, but I’m not sure how much I trust his use of stats. He seems to completely trust his WP measure, but doesn’t temper it with much further analysis. I do enjoy any sort of methodology that has Jerome James contributing a negative win total, though.

  4. I’m just throwing it out there for discussion. You complained of boredom — here’s a golden opportunity to conduct extensive research designed to tear Berri, et al. apart.

    I’d probably have more problems with their approach if I read the book.

  5. So far at the start of this offseason it was very scary with Philly wanting to trade Allan Iverson & Webber, Boston looking for a fair trade of Paul Pierce, Knicks having Marbury & Francis with a coach wanting both off the team, Denver Coach wanting K-Mart traded, New Orleans coach wanting J.R Smith traded, Indiana Jermain O’Neal and Timberwolves KG both unhappy on their teams, 75% of the Free Agent Market players looking to change teams, plus teams under the salary cap watching closely on the extension of Lebron, Wade, and Carmelo, so this offseason was a touch and go situation for alot of teams and their fans. Mighty scary if you ask me.
    I still believe some heavy trading will take place after the Start of this Training-Camp.

    The Knicks President/Coach Isiah Thomas looks at the teams in the Eastern Conference (with new aquisitions) then at his Knick Roster and see they have just as much chance as making the East-Finals as any other Eastern Conference Team. The Knicks new aquisition of players this offseason seem well balanced to this Knick Roster and looks to help out the overall play of the team. Many may not see it in the offseason now however, the defense/offense within the Knicks roster may help each other out to improve to a well rounded defense & offense this season (just from the Knicks Practice sessions).

  6. Knickerblogger,

    The stats look odd because they are. With this technique, if you score at a league average efficiency you are given no credit, no matter how many points you score (in other words, the baseline is set at league average performance). For all other stats, though, the comparison is to a zero baseline. So every rebound, assist, steal, or block is given full credit, even if they are done at a below league average level. The result of this is that players whose primary skill is scoring (like Channing Frye) will score very low, while players who do other things well will tend to be overrated (see the ratings for Ben Wallace for example). Methods like these used to always rate Dennis Rodman as the best player in the NBA.

    In short, it is probably safe to just ignore these rankings. Hollinger’s stats (thanks for putting these on the website), while not perfect, are at least internally consistent.

  7. Brian,

    it’s all Miami’s fault. That’s my theory.

    Usually, the off-season is filled with far too much information about the comings and goings of various players on the championship roster. That stuff is usually boring but at least it’ll fill up a :15 clip on SportsCenter. But Miami is such a different animal. It’s a team only Dan LeBatard could love (other than D-Wade). There is nothing interesting about them. No one is going to be making moves to try to replicate them. Nothing “buzzworthy” at all. It’s kinda like when the Twins won the World Series in the late 80s and early 90s. What do you write about that?

  8. Nothing ?buzzworthy? at all.

    Very interesting point.

    Now that you mention it, I think Bill Simmons wrote about that before the NBA Finals, where he stated that, if the Mavericks won, we might see teams try to change their systems, but if the Heat won, it’d be the same old, same old.

  9. Hey you guys have Skita in your training camp now. Isn’t that exciting?

    Also, Doug Christie has a show!

    God, this offseason sucked.

  10. It really has, Paul, it really has.

    But at least camp has begun! I finally have something to post about!!

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