Interview With Jeremy Tyler

On September 30th, I sat down with the Knicks’ Jeremy Tyler.

KnickerBlogger: What do you feel you need to do to make the roster?

Jeremy Tyler: Be the hardest working guy. Come in and have a positive attitude. Being someone that is a joy to be around. Because this is my first team, and year round you’ll be around each other for so long; to have someone that can bring the morale of the team up should be a good ally.

KnickerBlogger: So you’re talking about off the court.

Jeremy Tyler: And on the court I am the dirty work guy. Whatever they need done I can get done. Whatever needs to get done.

KnickerBlogger: Who do you feel you’ve modeled yourself after? Or what NBA player do you look up to and when you hang them up for good say “that’s the kind of guy I want to be like”?

Jeremy Tyler: Current or …

KnickerBlogger: … anyone …

Jeremy Tyler: The player I looked up to at as far as my game is Olajuwon. That’s from being a skilled big man that has a lot in his arsenal … and he also was a winner. I have to go with him. A player that I like to watch now is Amar’e. There are a lot of different guys I like to look at and take a few little things out and add them to my game.

KnickerBlogger: You’re a dirty work guy and Amar’e’s a scorer …?

Jeremy Tyler: I can score too. In every situation I’ve been in I do the dirty work. Whatever’s needed I got.

KnickerBlogger: Has the coaching staff told you anything specific like “this is what we want to see from you”?

Jeremy Tyler: Play basketball. Have fun.

KnickerBlogger: Thank you good luck.

Jeremy Tyler: No problem.

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Mike Kurylo

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4 thoughts to “Interview With Jeremy Tyler”

  1. I love these interviews. We don’t get enough from the Tylers and Aldriches of the world unless they do something of note, but we always get Melo’s and Lebron’s latest report on nose picking.

    On another note, I’d love to have both Tyler and Aldrich fill out the bench

  2. I also really enjoy these interviews. It’s neat to learn stuff like Jeremy Tyler aspires to be like Olajuwon.

  3. The foot injury is really too bad- missing camp is going to make it really difficult for him get any minutes unless there are multiple injuries. Seems like a good kid- played hard, if a little out of control at times in summer league and really looked like he knows he’s running out of chances despite being only 22. He’s still got a chance to be very good (athletic 6’10” 260 guys with some basketball skills don’t grow on trees) so I’m hoping he is able to get some burn this season even if it’s only in garbage time.

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