Eddy Curry Interview

Sorry folks. Between work, my wife’s birthday & the stat page, there hasn’t been much time for blogging. So here’s an interview with Mr. Curry.

LINK: So yeah, talk about the evolution of your game.

Eddy Curry: The next step for me is to continue to try to jell with this team. Try to just make this my home. I hope to be playing here for the next 12, 14 years, so I just want to make this my home and make this a very special place again.

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Mike Kurylo

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6 thoughts to “ Eddy Curry Interview”

  1. Curry seems like a good kid to me and he still is real young. He’s never going to be Shaq, but I don’t think its much of stretch to see him turn out to be 20 and 10 guy. Seems like he’s got his head on straight, the guy scores in the paint at will, his rebounding per minute hasn’t been too bad this year so far. I think a solid defensive/rebound-minded pf alongside him would help him thats for sure.

    Anyway, have people heard about how Thomas might look to trade Marbury for Jalen Rose? Urgh, that would be ugly, sickening in fact. Bringing in a washed-up, overpaid scorer like Rose sure aint gonna solve any problems.

  2. I was lucky enough to watch the Knicks play Golden State.

    Curry had to be told what to do at parts of the game, either being pulled by AD into position or motioned over by Marbury. Needs to stay in better shape which will help on defensive rotations; he was a bit slow rotating, which was why he was pulled at the end… Boxes out actively… I saw him catch a rebound behind his head… Must work on passing out of double teams.

  3. Eddie curry needs to rebound and or block out for others.
    Another improvement could be possible pasing out on the double team from time to time.
    We need energy from this young man
    Do you want it?7

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