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  1. He’s 260 LBS so it could have taken him several six packs just to get to .069 BAC.

    Still, though, probably not much of a news story, except that it reminds us that the 2007 Knicks are the new generation of Jail Blazers…

    Which opens up a whole conversation about the man who assembled the team and coaches them creating culture of sexual misconduct at the workplace, for which he is facing possible trial.

    Another bright spot of the Isiah Thomas regime…

  2. Cronin: What is so interesting about this story??? Why don’t you tell us about how the fellas in the Greenburg practice facility are doing? How about an exclusive with Dan Dickau?
    Z: New generation of jail blazers??? Dude You are sick to the core

    Overall New York press core as it relates to the current Knicks…..You all have issues. Funny when Laydown was wrecking the team you all were eerily silent and supportive

  3. its really not much of a story but i cant stand these so called “knicks fans” that are the first wuns to take a shot at the knicks wen something is wrongg… “the knicks are the new version of the jail blazers” thats a bunch of shittt.. GO NY GO NY GOOOOOOO !!!!!

  4. i dont think a guy getting a ‘reckless driving’ charge constitutes an induction to being a member of the ‘new jailblazers’. Having said that I do agree that isiah assembled a team that has a collective demeanor and b-ball IQ that borders on unwatchable, spedifically Crawfish, Z-bo, Curry, Steph, Nate.

  5. Okay, not to bring in the race card, but two black men in a car can’t traverse the Jersey Turnpike for more than a 100 miles without a trooper pulling them over. Profiling is real.
    Now, a black man driving a nice car in Kentucky…?

    I’m not sure it’s fair to make something of reckless driving, which could mean he changed lanes without a blinker, or a big deal out of a beer or glass of wine. I suspect there isn’t a person here who hasn’t had a glass of wine or beer with a friend and then drove home.
    I suspect there could be a fair number of us who at one point or another made the mistake of getting in a car when we were totally shit-faced and simply not able to realize the condition we were in…
    Anyway, this is a long way from the jail blazers…it ain’t Stephen Jackson firing shots into the air, either.

    I just think people should be thinking about this a bit more clearly before they start stereotyping. It’s ugly.
    These are kids, playing a sport, who have a lot of free time, and even the low level players have money to burn. Stuff happens.

  6. Z: Jailblazers? Let’s not over exaggerate.

    Win: For a end of the bench young guy that is on the last year of his contract, one that the Knicks have to make a decision on whether or not to resign to a contract, I would say this is interesting news. I think that’s worth a little more than what Dan Dickau’s favorite movie is.

    re: Morris
    This is one of those things you put in the back of your mind. If Morris gets into trouble again (especially with alcohol or dui), then you can maybe see a pattern emerge. If he doesn’t then you can discount it as a singular incident.

  7. It was around 2:00am in the morning. If you do anything suspicious whatsoever at 2:00am you will get pulled over. If you don’t, you’ll get pulled over for driving too correctly. That’s not racism, that’s bored nightshift cops.

  8. Are you kidding me? He was driving 65 in a 45 mph zone and passed his sobriety test. Can you say profiled Black man driving a sports car down South???

    This is a non-event. For god sakes. Driving 65 in a 45 mph zone? I do that almost every day. And so do most of us.

    How many of us drive while talking on our cellphones over the speed limit?

    Im usually not one to play the race card, but I agree wtih Frank O here.

    Nothing to see here, move along. Slow news day.

  9. Btw using the weight to BAC level charts he probably had around 5 drinks in him to get to that blood alcohol level. Not quite 2 six packs. Having 5 beers isnt a reason to get nervous about a guy.

  10. “This is a non-event. For god sakes. Driving 65 in a 45 mph zone? I do that almost every day. And so do most of us.”

    I don’t.

    “How many of us drive while talking on our cellphones over the speed limit?”

    Never in my life.

    “Are you kidding me? He was driving 65 in a 45 mph zone and passed his sobriety test. Can you say profiled Black man driving a sports car down South???”

    If there is one thing I’ve learned from my wife, it’s that you can do whatever you want, but take responsibility for your actions. If you have a few beers & speed, you’re guilty. And you may do that often and not get caught, but that’s still no excuse for when you do get caught. You can’t blame the police if you’re doing something against the law.

    It’s a stretch to say that Morris is a bad person, an alcoholic, reckless, etc. But it’s an even bigger stretch to say that this is racial profiling without knowing anything further.

  11. total non-event.

    can we talk about how funny it is that Boston is trying to sign Reggie Miller now? even if he can still shoot, can you imagine him trying to guard anyone?

  12. Speed limits are a ridiculous farce. How was Morris endangering anyone by going 65 in the a 45? This is racism, plain and simple. I guarantee no white UK student going 65 in a 45 gets arrested unless he kills someone. Morris should sue the police and maybe they’ll learn to focus on actual crime.

  13. I am sorry but “thefatkid” … We have speed limits for a reason. What do you mean he wasn’t endangering anyone by going 20 MPH over the speed limit .. not to mention any UK student going 65 MPH WOULD be pulled over …

    Your comment was ridiculous, do you even drive?

  14. We have speed limits in residential areas for a reason. A 45 MPH limit isn’t residential. 45, like 55 or any other rural/highway limit exists solely to generate revenue from speeding citations.

    And if you’re very concerned about public safety, why don’t you explain who was endangered by Morris going 62 MPH on an exit ramp?

    Also, are you aware that there’s a minor difference between being pulled over and being arrested? You realize that pulled over means a traffic ticket while arrested is bracelets and central booking, right?

  15. What some people seem to be forgetting is that the dude wasn’t simply pulled over and handed a ticket. He was arrested. As in: handcuffed, placed in the back of cruiser, car impounded, locked in a jail, forced to post bail and see your name in the papers for all the wrong reasons.

    And for what? Let’s see: “Police say Morris took a wide turn onto New Circle Road.. accelerated to 62 mph ? 17 mph over the speed limit ? and didn’t use a turn signal as he sped down the exit ramp.”

    So he almost misses a turn and fails to decelerate to the posted limit on the off ramp. And sports bloggers get to call it an “incident.”

    Sorry, but the fact that the sober Randolph was arrested – entirely at the discretion of the officer – screams “racial bias.”

  16. “And if you?re very concerned about public safety, why don?t you explain who was endangered by Morris going 62 MPH on an exit ramp?”

    Ummm, himself?

    “sober Randolph”

    Sober means “not intoxicated or affected by the use of drugs,” it doesn’t mean “can pass the legal limit for driving under the influence.” .069 is drunk driving in most of Europe. It’s certainly not “sober.”

  17. Race? What happened to responsibility for one’s actions? Mr. Morris accelerated rapidly to 20 mph over the speed limit in a small Kentucky town at 2 AM, knowing that he had imbibed at least several alcoholic drinks. That’s just poor decision-making. Period.

    With regards to him being charged, I don’t know about the reckless driving charge, but I do know that the charges were probably filed to document the incident. The bottom line is that he wouldn’t have been allowed to drive home in any case. I’m not one to stand up for the police, but there IS a no-tolerance policy when it comes driving under the influence…even if you are legally sober, no police officer is going to let you drive home. Sorry folks, but this has nothing to do with race. It has to do with common sense.

    To elaborate on the previous paragraph, it is also important to note that Morris’ BAC of .069 places him squarely in the sights of the ‘zero tolerance laws’, which exist in all 50 states and prohibit individuals 21 and under from driving a motorized vehicle AT ALL if they have ANY alcohol in their bloodstream. Morris is 21, as of January. The wording of the law in Kentucky even states that an officer can prohibit the offending driver from driving away if they can detect the smell of alcohol, regardless of BAC.

    Is it too much to ask that Morris, knowing that he had been drinking, use some of the $810,000 that the Knicks are paying him to call a cab?

  18. Mike K (Knickerblogger) — whether right or wrong, you are very much in the miniscule minority if you say you don’t drive 65 in a 45 at least some of the time. I used to live in California and the entire state drives 20 mph over the speed limit while texting on their phones. Not saying that’s right (it’s not) but that’s like saying people shouldn’t jaywalk in New York City.

    And I think there is no doubt there is racial profiling going on in this case. There is no defending drinking and driving, but a young black man in a nice car getting pulled over in Kentucky — that’s too obvious. And for people who don’t think racial profiling happens, you’re definitely not black (I’m not either but I’m not blind either) and you definitely are quite naive.

  19. I refuse to talk on my cell while driving, and I do refuse to speed anywhere but on the highway. I know I’m in the minority.

    And, yes I do jaywalk.

    I’m not blind to racism, and I wouldn’t be shocked if that had something to do with this case. If Morris’ blood test came up negative, I’d probably feel strongly that this was the case.

    But I honestly can’t get over the drinking & driving, and by calling it racial profiling, I feel that’s diminishing the act. Speeding is one thing, and most people that step into a car are likely to go over the speed limit on a regular basis. So if you want to say speeding is socially acceptable, I can see that. But I don’t see speeding while impaired by alcohol as being acceptable on any level.

  20. Im not suggesting anything other than lets not slam the guy for doing something that seems fairly pedestrian. I dont think this incident puts Morris in the camp of “bad behavior” guys.

  21. “Z: Jailblazers? Let?s not over exaggerate.”

    Sorry, I forgot Artest wasn’t a Knick…


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