I Had A Dream

Last night I had a dream that I was watching the Knicks on tv (and being affected by the Time Warner blackout, that itself made it a good dream). The starting lineup included Butler at center, Sweetney at power forward, and Trevor Ariza at SF. I don’t think the game resolved in my sleep, but it didn’t really matter. The Knicks were rebuilding in a proper fashion and I could rest knowing that we would be relying on our youth and aiming for free agency in 2007. There would be no ruining the franchise with a get rich quick scheme.

Waking up I had a pleasant morning until reading this in the New York Post:

Expect Knicks president Isiah Thomas to make another run at disgruntled Timberwolves star Wally Szczerbiak this summer…The dilemma is giving up a big man, Kurt Thomas, for a swingman, Szczerbiak. But the Knicks desperately need a reliable 3-point shooting threat to whom Stephon Marbury can dish. If Kurt Thomas or Michael Sweetney go in a deal, the Knicks would shift Tim Thomas to power forward.

Oh well there goes my breakfast. Szczerbiak would be the death of the Knicks, and in turn Isiah Thomas. His contract doesn’t match his performance, as he is owed $55M over the next 5 years (including this season). Between Wally, Stephon, and Jamal, the Knicks would have 3 guards that make $44M dollars, just short of what the cap is now. You shouldn’t tie up your money in three guys like that unless they make the All Star Team regularly, and I don’t see any “East” jerseys being sold with those names on the back.

While the Knicks could use another shooting guard, being that Allan Houston refuses to neither play nor retire, Szczerbiak isn’t the guy. Like Marbury and Crawford and Tim Thomas and Nazr Mohammed and just about every starter Isiah has brought aboard there is no defense in Wally’s World. The Knicks are attempting to become the Suns or Sonics, by winning solely with offense. However they’re doing it with mediocre offensive guys instead of offensive All Stars like Nash, Amare, Marion, Allen, or Lewis.

Trading Sweetney for Szczerbiak would be flat out moronic. That deal would make Knick fans pining for the days when Layden was sending Nene for McDyess. The Knicks don’t need another veteran scorer that can’t defend. They don’t need another $10M+ 5 year contract. They don’t need another one dimensional player. They don’t need another tweener. Mike Sweetney is only 22 years old, and he’s shown that he can play in this league. Sweetney only makes $2M and has another 6 years of getting better. You don’t trade players like that, unless you get a bonafide impact player. And my fellow Knick fans, Wally Szczerbiak isn’t even close.

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Mike Kurylo

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