I Got Nuthin’

Sorry for the lack of content these days. There’s a lot of madness going on in RL. If the stats page can’t keep you busy enough, then try some of these excellent blogs:

He’s only been around for two months, but Forum Blue & Gold has hit the ground running having one good post after another. Best line on his page:

The Raptors are the only team I?ve run across to list the results of a Playstation match up on their game preview page. But I guess it makes sense ? with what?s left in Toronto, you?d probably rather play a video game than watch your real team.

If you don’t already go there, check out BlogMaverick. Whether or not you agree with the Veeckian Cuban (and often I don’t), it’s an interesting read with a wide variety of topics from “The Hip Hop Generation” to promoting his HDTV channels. It’s always great to get an inside peek at the ownership of the NBA. Imagine if Dolan had a blog! Actually I don’t know why I put an exclamation point there. How exciting could it be?

If you’re upset that some blogs out there are a taking their year end vacation check out Celticsblog who has been putting out at least one entry (sometimes more) every day.

Finally, I’m not a big college fan, but CollegeBall puts out a ton of information, in addition to what might be the nicest looking site out there. Even though his posts are very short (un-Gleeman?), he pours in multiple posts per day covering everything in college hoops.

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Mike Kurylo

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