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Quickie: If anyone wants to hear what ESPN’s Scoop Jackson and three intelligent NBA bloggers have to say about Phil Jackson’s future home, check out SportsBloggersLive. Of course if you’re the type that requires more than that to actually click on the link, they also feature Will Carroll (of “Juiced” fame) with the MLB April awards. I really liked the guy that came on at the 15 minute mark. ;-)

And now to the feature presentation:

A few weeks ago while mindlessly surfing the web, I drifted into something that caught my eye: an option to preorder the 2006 Pro Basketball Forecast. While some readers might think that preordering a book this early is a tad overkill, getting it now will prevent you from walking to your local book store every day in August and September when you’re suffering from the basketball Jones. If you’re a message board jockey, fantasy enthusiast, wanna-be blogger, casual fan, or out of work GM, I can’t imagine you being successful in your next endeavor without this book. Last year I pre-ordered my copy, and was pleasantly surprised when it showed up in my mailbox in October.

Back in mid-April when I found the book to be available, I gleefully emailed the author John Hollinger asking all sorts of questions about the new release. John quickly replied with a slew of answers, but instead of immediately publishing them, I decided a good nap was in order. So after awaking from my slumber, here’s my mini-interview with Hollinger on the 2006 Pro Basketball Forecast.

Q. When do you start working on the 2006 Forecast?
A. I normally just begin work on the Forecast around this time [Ed note: this was written on April 18th – so he’s probably 90% done by now.], so it’s still a work in progress, but I have my plans laid out.

Q. Any new co-authors in this year’s book?
A. There are no co-authors. Doing so makes a lot more sense for the baseball and football books because they have so many more players to cover. It would take one person all year just to write the player comments in Baseball Prospectus, for instance.

Q. When you do think it’ll be complete?
A. The book will be available at the end of September, so fans should have at as teams start showing up for training camp. I complete my original draft in late July, then we make a few edits right before publication for any additional players who change teams.

Q. What will separate 2005 from the other series?
A. I’m expanding the international section to discuss more players, since that’s increasingly going to be an area of interest for people. Also, I’m introducing some new tools in the Methods section, many of which I’ve discussed in my ESPN and Sun columns.

Q. What about the stats sections?
A. I’m working on improving the statistical projections to have a multiyear component. This is a bear, but I think it will improve the projections quite a bit, so hopefully I can implement it by my deadline.

Q. How about the defensive stats?
A. I’m reworking some of the defensive stats I put in last year’s book to take advantage of the stats and such on 82games.com

Q. Got anything else interesting to say about it?
A. There’s some additional things I’m working on that I don’t want to promise until I see how my data turns out.

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