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  1. here’s a funny anecdote that sums up to me just how awful the NY dicks are right now:

    I had the under bet, but at the minimum. I was betting under 184, figuring that between Orl’s 87 odd ppg. average, walk it up philosophy and the squinty lighting in the garden, odds were against a 93-92 or up score. the dicks’ def. didn’t really enter into it that much. ORL doesn’t score 100 ever.

    So somehow the dicks give up 54(!) first half pts. Vs. 39 of their own. Total 93 – only one pt. above at the half. the web said that 15 was the largest lead thusfar, so hey – maybe they went into the half on a downswing, surely they’ll rally at the fucking garden.

    the dicks are giving 5 or 6 pts., I don’t remember exactly which but the point is


    I figured that between LB’s halftime speech about defensive priorities, the scorn of the garden fans, and some remote sense of pride, the dicks could at least avoid back to back ass-reaming blowouts at home. So I take, again at the minimum, the dicks -5 and under 92 for the second half. It’s really not that hard to play within 10 pts. of your opponent at home, see Charlotte, Atlanta or Toronto for examples…

    the final score of the second half was ORL 51, dicks 51. No defense, no heart, no clue.

  2. Yeah…that’s a completely reasonable thing to post on a feedback-oriented basketball blog.

    Most of us are “frustrated” with the Knicks lack of success right now, Dwayne. But it’s ok. Really. No, really. I’m serious. Breath. You’re gonna be ok.

    Anyways, more good stuff on Courtside. I love arguments like “Hall Yes/No” with my friends. We’re stuck on Dikembe Mutombo right now, as a matter of fact.

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