Half Price Knick Tickets?

I occasionally get stuff in my mailbox about Knick promotions. Usually I can smell from a mile away whether or not they are spam. This one, from a few folks at icedmedia.com, looks legit. In addition to half price off Knick tickets for certain seats at select games, they gave me a handful of links to video sites. I watched the youtube version and it’s highlight/clips of the current season. Much like you’d see on MSG. Here’s the body of their email:

50% Off Knicks Tickets – code MARBURY
Use promo code MARBURY at nba.com/knicks/schedule/ for 50% off $60 and $44 tickets.

Games Under Promo:
Tuesday March 6 vs Sonics
Friday March 16 vs Hornets
Thursday March22 vs Trailblazers
Monday March 26 vs Magic
Wednesday April 4 vs 76ers

Video Links:


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Mike Kurylo

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8 thoughts to “Half Price Knick Tickets?”

  1. yeah, I think I’m going to one of the 11 home games left.

    after halftime tonight, Atlanta 51, Marbury/Francis 50. Starbury is back, baby!

    now, you boys get plenty of rest before Tuesday, and hopefully Lee and Nate will be back, and Q won’t be out too long…

  2. Last night’s games had all the tellings of a loss. It was the exact script we’ve been following for months now, complete with the early deficit, a wild comeback, and coming on the scond night of a back to back after a win. That we pulled this off is excellent. That it came on a night when the Nets lossed is divine.

    Steve looked amazing, and I’m happy. Don’t expect it too often. The dark side to the great play last night is that the guards did that in a night when Eddy had only 12 points. I mean, that’s great that they were able to step it up if he was off, but it shouldn’t be a one or the other scenario. We gotta find out how to get and keep everyone involved.

    I read all articles/blogs about the Knicks every day. I hate the tainted writing of most of the other beat writers here. But today I gotta hand it to Berman. He came up with “FranBury” as a nickname for the backcourt duo, and I laughed out loud.

    Steve Francis dunked the ball. Steve Francis can stil dunk!?!?! His knees are completely fine, he just had that ever-present ego tendinitis.

    Balkman played great. He’s always played great in spurts, but can he maintain it for long stretches against starters and veterans, not the team that is on the floor during a blowout? That is a significant difference. But yeah, I’d like to see him get more burn as well, but Jeffries is finally playing well and contributing too.

    And lastly, what an unexpected lineup to finish the game. It worked, so I guess thats a sign of good coaching huh? Mardy, Steph, Steve, Renaldo, and Jeffries? Who knew?

  3. Surprised to see old Ron-Ron arrested again? So the guy bum rushes fans during a game, starves his dogs and then beats women. Can anyone say three strikes and your out. This guy’s contract should be revoked and no one should touch him. I love Artests “D” but this guy’s gotta disappear into Sprewell/Isiah Rider-land. Anyone else feel this way?


  4. maybe im biased cuz i like spree is one of my all-time fav players. my fav knick from the post starks-oakley era

  5. The standings for playoff teams in the stat page is wonky. Trying to include playoff clinchings or something?

  6. Tickets selling this cheap is still kind of sad – I remember all too vividly when Knicks tickets were just a little bit harder to get hold of. Maybe this will give a new generation of fans access to MSG, but I’d still like to see demand for Knicks tickets make this deal look stupid.

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