GOTME: Knicks’ General Managers

In a lottery lacking surprise,
DeBusschere drafted “The Franchise”.
But the team was a shame
Losing game after game
And from the cellar they never could rise.

Al Bianchi assembled “the Bomb Squad”
Mark Jackson, J. New, and the Hot Rod.
Traded Cartwright for Oak,
But MacLeod was a joke,
And the roster, though good, remained flawed.

Grunfeld put together some winners
Reaching the finals when league talent got thinner.
He perfected the craft
Of dodging the draft
But his teams needed “Offense for Beginners”.

Ed Tapscot was GM for a day
With a roster on the verge of decay
Instead of drafting Artest
Took the player he thought best:
A Frenchman who stayed in Marseilles.

Scott Layden had the master solution:
Trading Ewing to begin the devolution
Getting Longley and Rice,
Swapping Camby for ‘Dice
And then brilliantly maxing out Houston.

And who could forget our Isiah
At one time, a Hall of Fame playah
But as an exec
Proved an utter train wreck:
A perverted, capped-out franchise slayah.

So now there’s a savior named Donnie
Who, to undo all Isiah’d done wrong, he
Traded all of our picks
‘Till Three Thousand and Six
But still wins if he gets us LeBronie!

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8 thoughts to “GOTME: Knicks’ General Managers”

  1. Not sure who had more Irish whiskey in them: me when I wrote this or Mike when he decided to post it! :)

  2. Ah the young lad named Z
    His Gravatar a pic of Larry
    Wrote many a fine post
    But the one I liked the most:
    Limericks, GMs, and GOTME.

  3. Nice one Z.. it doesn’t only rhyme, i sure hope it would all make sense next season… can’t wait.

  4. Nice work Z. With regard to the work Donnie has performed as GM, the Knicks record has seen little improvement however he has made numerous moves that were both fiscally responsible and aimed at bringing in building blocks to pair with a superstar(s). Buying the Lakers pick last year to bring in Toney is a perfect example. I’m optimistic about the future for the Knicks.

    That said, it looks like the Hawks are looking to deal their first round pick (in the low 20’s) for around $3M to clear room to make a max offer to Johnson.;_ylt=Agf3tbvTOuezuHY_ypBzWuW8vLYF?slug=aw-brown042610

    If the Knicks were able to buy that pick they may be able to package it with one or both of their second rounders to get into the bottom of the lottery. Whiteside could be available around 15.

  5. Excellent (and all too poignant) poem!

    Considering the amount of money Dolan has wasted over the years, I can’t imagine why the Knicks didn’t try to purchase an early second-rounder last year to pick up Blair. I’m still fuming…

  6. “it looks like the Hawks are looking to deal their first round pick (in the low 20’s) for around $3M to clear room to make a max offer to Johnson.”

    If they are selling their pick it’s not to clear cap space. They don’t need it. What they would be doing is raising the money to actually pay him the money they would owe him. That is a very dangerous way to do business, and if it requires them selling their picks, I can’t see why Johnson would even want to stay. They’d be handcuffed for the duration of his deal to do even the most minor improvements (to a team that is just barely a title competitor).

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