Gold Medal Game Live Blog

What the heck, let’s go for it.

At 2:30am EST, come here for some live blogging of the game. Join in in the comments!

2:24 AM – The coverage begins, oddly enough with a spotlight upon Kobe Bryant. Man, they sure are selling Kobe, aren’t they?

2:25 AM – They’re showing the four guys who are getting a second chance from the 2004 team. Can you imagine Stephon or AI on this team? Wow, that’d be odd.

2:26 AM – Hope Jose Calderon is okay – I like him a lot.

2:27 AM – Mike Breen looks good. Who is the most famous Fordham alumnus? Mike Breen? Michael Kay? Does Eugene O’Neil count?

2:29 AM – In honor of a fellow who complained this piece from this point on will be comma free!!

2:30 AM – How awesome is hearing the NBA on NBC theme music again?

2:31 AM – Lebron has gold medal sneakers – odd.


2:31 AM – Lebron opens the game making an ugly three.

2:33 AM – Dwight Howard making one of two free throws to go up 4-3.

2:33 AM – The refs decide to call ticky-tack fouls out of nowhere.

2:34 AM – USA down 5-4!!

2:35 AM – So far the refs suck. A ticky-tack on Kobe then he gets tripped and no call.

2:35 AM – Two quick fouls on Lebron!

2:37 AM – This is not good so far – Spain is holding their own up 10-9 with the ball a little under 7 minutes left.

2:38 AM – Kobe fouls Navarro on a three. Great.

2:39 AM – Ricky Rubio with an amazing move on Kidd Spain up 4, 15-11.

2:40 AM – Great move by Wade chance for a three-point play.

2:41 AM – After Spain went up 5 Paul responded with a lay-up and a chance at a three-point play.

2:43 AM – This is bad.

2:44 AM – This is better.

2:44 AM – Spain is up two but they’ve been lucky. If they keep up this pace the US should be in good shape.

2:46 AM – Great US defense causing a 24-second violation.

2:47 AM – Tough call on Lopez guarding Wade. Game tied at 22.

2:49 AM – Wade made an amazing steal and dunk. There are a lot of fouls being called today.

2:50 AM – Chris Bosh has been amazing. Wade drew another foul – wow.

2:51 AM – What is this – the 2006 NBA Finals?!?!

2:52 AM – Rubio with a great play but a terrible foul call (shocking, I know).

2:53 AM – Wade hits a three to put the US up 7 and then steals the ball and almost drives to the basket for a buzzer-beating dunk but he loses the handle. Still the quarter ends with the score Team USA 38 – Spain 31.

All said this is looking good for Team USA. Spain is playing well but playing the way USA wants the game to go down (a lot of running).


2:56 AM – Four out of five for the USA from three.

2:57 AM – Bad play by Dwight Howard. Unsportsmanlike foul on Pau Gasol. By the by his brother doesn’t look bad.

2:59 AM – Spain is really really mad about something. Anyone know? It’s not just that they wanted a travel called is it?

3:00 AM – The refs called a lot of fouls then suddenly stopped calling fouls. Lame.

3:01 AM – Dumb play by Kidd. Lebron had Rubio guarded.

3:02 AM – Carmelo is not the brightest player. Ticky tack on Kidd and Spain has a chance to cut it to 6.

3:03 AM – Carmelo again is not the brightest player – fouling on the inbounds.

3:04 AM – Chris Paul made an amazing lob pass for a Kobe dunk. Spain is shooting free throws down 8.

3:05 AM – Amazing sequence. Spain stole the ball – US stole it back – Spain stole it back – US stole it back and Lebron scores as he is fouled.

3:06 AM – Another turnover with a steal by Wade. He is stepping up big time. US goes up 10.

3:08 AM – 18 points for Wade as he hits a three.

3:10 AM – Rudy Fernandez is putting on a bit of a show but USA is still up 11.

3:11 AM – Spain with a chance to cut it to 9.

3:12 AM – Wade hits another three! Rudy responds with an amazing three.

3:14 AM – Spain will not go away.

3:16 AM – Spain cuts it to 7.

3:17 AM – Spain cuts it to 6.

3:19 AM – USA 69-Spain 61.


Obviously the US has to be happy about how they’ve scored the basketball so far but at the same time they obviously have to be just as unhappy about how poorly they’ve played on defense.

However I think the officiating has a lot to do with it. If Lebron James doesn’t go out with a ticky tack foul the game is a lot different. He’s the key to the team on defense as he helps all positions defensively.

3:34 AM – Awww – Lebron wants to win for Doug Collins. That’s sweet.


3:35 AM – Spain cuts it to six right off the bat then steals the ball.

3:36 AM – Suddenly instead of calling ticky tack fouls they are not calling hacks.

3:37 AM – Spain’s crying pays off and Kobe is called on a travel.

3:38 AM – Spain cuts it to four and now Dwight (can’t hit a free throw) Howard is at the line.

3:38 AM – And he shockingly misses the first.

3:39 AM – And the second but Carmelo tips it in and gets fouled (misses the extra).

3:40 AM – Navarro cuts it to four.

3:41 AM – After Howard dunks the ball Navarro gets another runner to cut it to four again and the US calls timeout.

3:43 AM – What the hell refs? Now a ticky tack foul (after Carmelo makes a great move to put them up six but Spain answers to cut it to four).

3:44 AM – Turnover by Rubio. ‘Melo hurt his hand.

3:45 AM – Trading baskets but Lebron now got fouled – up six.

3:46 AM – Moronic in-bounds play by the Americans as like three guys foul Marc Gasol.

3:48 AM – Bosh even shoots free throws like an international player.

3:49 AM – Lebron on the fast break is a thing of beauty. US up 7 with Wade shooting free throws.

3:50 AM – After splitting the two free throws Wade makes a tough shot to go up 10.

3:51 AM – Navarro should not be able to score this easily.

3:52 AM – Now Navarro draws an offensive foul.

3:54 AM – Big three by ‘Melo. Spain down 11 with a chance to cut it to single digits going into the fourth quarter.

3:55 AM – Navarro drives to the basket for a hoop again. They can’t stop this guy!

US 91 – Spain 82


3:58 AM – Another terrible foul call – now three fouls on Lebron.

3:59 AM – Pau cuts it to a 7 point lead.

4:00 AM – Spain goes on a quick 7-0 run to cut the lead to 2!!

4:02 AM – Another terrible foul call on Lebron!! Kobe scored to put the US up 4. Lebron has four fouls.

4:03 AM – Three by Deron to go back up 7. Foul on the other end.

4:04 AM – Crazy sequence ending with a Howard dunk.

4:05 AM – Who the hell is guarding Fernandez?!? He got two open threes in a row!!!

4:05 AM – Kobe answers with a three to go back up 9. I still can’t believe Fernandez took a wide-open three missed it and then got another wide-open three.

4:06 AM – Lebron puts USA up 11 but then Kobe fucks up and Fernandez dunks and is fouled. He is awesome. Lead at 8.

4:07 AM – Howard attempting (stress attempting) two free throws up 8.

4:08 AM – Miss #1.

4:08 AM – Makes #2!!!

4:09 AM – Foul #4 on Howard, Pau to the line.

4:10 AM – Pau hits both – 7 point lead and now Spain has the ball.

4:10 AM – Pau gets an open shot after his brother knocks down the American defender. Kobe hits a three and gets fouled!!!

4:11 AM – And it fouled out Rudy Fernandez!!

4:12 AM – Doug Collins is quite good at talking while fellating Kobe.

4:13 AM – Navarro again! How come he couldn’t do this in the NBA?!

4:13 AM – Terrible D by the US leads to a three to cut the lead to 4 but Wade responds to make it 7 with just over 2 minutes to go.

4:15 AM – Wow! Ticky tack fouls again. Navarro shooting two.

4:16 AM – Navarro misses the second but Rubio makes a great play so Spain’s ball down 6.

4:17 AM – They miss an open three and Kobe scores to put the US up 8. Spain misses and US has the ball and it is going to be free throw shooting from now on.

4:18 AM – Paul makes both to put the US up 10. Spain answers to cut it to 8 but time is running out.

4:20 AM – Spain just went nuts and picked up an upsportsmanlike foul on top of a technical. Kobe of course takes the technicals (lame).

4:23 AM – GOLD!!!!!

USA 118 – Spain 107


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19 thoughts to “Gold Medal Game Live Blog”

  1. Chris Paul is either gonna end up with the highest assists or highest points this game. The Spaniards are focussing more so on Kobe and Lebron and Carmelo’s gonna go cold in a few.

  2. Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul are just taking it every opportunity to Spain. I really like the effort Wade and Prince are giving on defense.

  3. This game is over really. The way USA is shooting from 3 point range, there’s no way with the weak link Rubio that Spain can come back. The US team can continue to sag off of him.

  4. 4th quarter you might see CP3, Wade, Kobe, and Lebron on the court at the same time. And that’s gonna be b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

  5. I dunno Nate – it’s only a 10 point lead with some time to go in the first half.

  6. As well as the US has been playing on offense, the defense is dipping a bit. That should change with Prince and Deron on the floor.

  7. Yeah it’s a 10 point game, but as long as they shoot the 3’s like they are……they are untouchable. 3rd quarter when the rebounding goes up, who’s gonna match up with Dwight Howard?

  8. haha what in the world? The guy just runs into 2 of our players and gets a foul??? They were standing still!!!

  9. haha….The Spaniards are funny. At the half it was a 8 point game and now it’s a 9 point game. Nice way of celebrating not gaining any ground.

  10. What was the point of this live blog? all you did was say what wa happening. If i was up reading your blog wouldn’t i just watch turn on the game? You are supposed to lend some perspective or analysis while you do something like this. anyway… TEAM USAAAAA!!!!!!!

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