Get Your Official Andrea Bargnani Draft Hat Today!!

Like many of you, I’ve purchased an item or two from the Knicks online store. I have Porzingis t-shirts for the whole family. Making purchases like that puts you on the Knicks e-mail list, which is completely acceptable to me. I dislike being on e-mail lists, but for the Knicks I’ll make an exception.

This morning, in my inbox, a head shaker of an e-mail promotion arrived. Take a look:

Take that Masai!
Take that Masai!

I get that this sort of thing is part of the NBA rotation. The draft comes, every team develops a hat. They sell the hats. There’s really no connection to the actual circumstances of any team. It’s corporate momentum. Still, this is pretty tone deaf. The Knicks have no draft pick this year. It’s the last remaining stain of many regimes past. All the organizational wins and losses beyond this year’s draft belong to the Phil Jackson folks. We gave up a lottery pick for Andrea Bargnani, and now you can get a 2016 Knicks Draft Cap to remind you of that fact every single day. It’s the perfect gift for that fan you hate!!! (I bet Frank Isola has 20 of these.)

In the end, it’s not a big deal. But, as a Knicks fan it’s pretty head shaking to get this ad splashed all over my inbox this year. They could have at least put a little Porzingis in the bottom corner with a cartoon balloon saying, “Look over here!” Or, they could have stitched the phrase “Take that Masai!” on the side. Maybe they could have had Jeff Hornacek modeling the hat at his introductory press conference. “I’m your mother f*^&^in’ draft pick people!”

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2 thoughts to “Get Your Official Andrea Bargnani Draft Hat Today!!”

  1. The bill of the hat should have our draft position on it.

    “Draft spot # INVALID”

  2. Maybe the good people at the NBA/Knicks Store have an inside scoop on the propsects of the Knicks getting themselves into the 1st round? Watch this space folks.

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