Game Thread: Knicks vs. Warriors

My earliest basketball memories begin with the back of my comic books in the 1970s. I didn’t know much about basketball, the NBA or the ABA. I never played the game in elementary school, and I don’t remember being around it all that much. Sure, basketball was going on around me, but it wasn’t on the radar. Those comic books, though, taught me just enough about the characters of the game to start to care. If you’re old enough you may remember that Spalding used to make the official red, white, and blue ball of the ABA. They ran cartoonish ads on the back of comic books for their rubber basketballs, featuring Rick Barry and Julius Erving. As ignorant as I was about the sport, everyone knew Dr. J. How could you not know Dr. J? The most famous basketball characters of the time were the pseudo-basketball stars of the Globetrotters and Julius “The Doctor” Erving.

It wasn’t until my family packed up and moved to Oakland, California in 1981 that I actually started following the sport. In a way, I was shamed into following. One afternoon, at a friend’s house, I saw a bunch of Warriors posters on his wall. I’m pretty sure one of them was Joe Barry Carroll, and another was World B. Free. He asked me if I liked the Warriors, with the kind of zeal that made any answer other than, “YES!” a mistake. I assured him that I was a fan, but as he rattled off names, I found myself totally lost. I was determined, however, to match my friend’s enthusiasm for these Warriors and took to finding out as much as I could about the team, and the sport. It was at that time I discovered Bernard King. During the 1981-82 season, King was a 25-year old budding All Star. He had charisma and a cool last name. I was hooked forever.

Our time in Cali was short, however, and we were slated to move back to New York in late-1982, just as my Warriors fandom was taking root. The good news, however, was that Bernard King had been traded to the New York Knicks in exchange for Micheal Ray Richardson and a 1984 5th round pick. My guy was coming along for the ride with me! It was a natural, as a New Yorker, that I’d latch onto those Knicks. They were my hometown team, and they had my favorite player. Still, I’ve always kept the Warriors in my back pocket as a 2nd favorite team, along with the A’s and the Raiders. You might say, I left my heart in San Francisco…except it was Oakland and my heart came along with me back to NY. So much for that…

Over the years, as the Knicks have been up and down, I’ve enjoyed rooting for the Warriors from afar. I was a big Run TMC fan, and an even bigger fan of those Chris Webber teams. The Warriors never offered much of a consolation to the Knicks during the down years, but they certainly helped me to keep a grip while the Knicks were deep in the throws of the “HE WHO SHALL NEVER BE NAMED” era. I never expected that the Warriors would leap into the historically great stratosphere with Steve Kerr turning down Phil Jackson to stay close to his daughter. It’s been a thrill, and all my Bay Area friends, both new and old, are reveling in this glory. There are a few places that I have to admit feeling a little sting.

Steph Curry coulda been, shoulda been our draft pick. He’ll forever be the one who got away. Steve Kerr was Phil Jackson’s long time coaching project, and he wisely opted for the more convenient geography and (much) better roster. The Warriors are doing this with the most incredibly efficient capology you’ve ever seen, both by luck and design, and they’re set up to keep going for as long as Jordan’s Bulls were dominant. We all remember how that went for us, just as we were peaking. Our new Latvian toy, and his All Star mentor, are only going to be able to share so many years of All Star play in common. The window for the current mix is very small. If fortune finally smiles down on us, Porzingis will be the core player for a team that outlasts the Warriors’ peak. But, in the meantime, Knicks fans probably have to get used to concentrating on rising in the East, and riding out the best of Golden State. That’s fine, as long as there’s strong progress and a chance to compete for a spot in the Finals before too many years. Just a realistic chance.

At 43-4, the Warriors are on an historical pace. They come to Madison Square Garden supremely confident. It’s Broadway, after all, and they’re the best show on planet basketball. Steph Curry has dropped a career high 54 on the Knicks in the past, although I best remember that game for Raymond “Penguin” Felton blocking his shot in the crucial final moments. This Warriors team is like a natural disaster that you can see coming, but can’t adequately prepare for. It’s like a super storm that will undoubtedly destroy everything in its wake, so you fill the bathtub with water, stock up on canned goods, and pray that it somehow passes you by. More than likely, this is going to be an extinction level event for the Knicks, but there is the hope that Carmelo and Kristaps can stand defiant against the wind and do some version of Gandalf’s “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!” Gandalf the Grey died in that encounter with the Balrog, and the Fellowship limped away, temporarily broken. It was, however, a necessary step towards the salvation of Middle Earth, and Gandalf the White returned with a divine aura.

Do it for Bernard King, baby. Let’s go Knicks.

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222 thoughts to “Game Thread: Knicks vs. Warriors”

  1. Assuming Galloway gets the start again, no Jose will end up being a mercy. I mean I fully expect Curry to go nuclear, but maybe it won’t be as bad.

  2. I’ll admit it, the Sixers game gave me a lot of hope for tonight. Please don’t let it be unfounded hope, Knicks!!!

  3. Hopefully GS is weary or something, which would bode well for tonight.

    Or, last night was just a fluke and they’ll be looking to take it out on Melo and the upstart Porzingis?

  4. Dubs almost lost to the Nets too. Mathematically they’re due for a loss to a NE corridor club.

  5. I say it doesn’t much matter if you leave him wide open or try to guard him tight. Based on past results he’s gonna get his no matter what, he’s that good. Hopefully GSW are tired and bored, that’s the best hope the Knicks have tonight.

  6. Lance’s defense on Draymond Green is actually the key to the game. This is a great Porzee at the 5/ Melo at the 4 game

  7. After GS phoned in a road game in Detroit, they beat Cleveland, Chicago, and San Antonio by 30+ each. Philly catching up in the 4th quarter was probably the worst thing to happen to the Knicks this week.

  8. Yeah, posting up KP on their small ball lineup should lead to some easy baskets and high % shots

  9. The West is small, man. Let’s go with a starting lineup of Zinger, Rolo, Seraphin, Amundsen and O’Quinn.

  10. I see Zinger is already going to sit out most of the first half.


  11. Well Phil and Kerr are bffs so I’m sure they were hitting the whiskey bars hard into the night.

  12. Is Phil a whiskey guy? I figured more like a bong.

    Nice recovery by the Knicks. How long can GS shoot so poorly?

  13. That one win could mean nothing to the Warriors as they most likely still be number 1.
    that one win could be a playoff or early vacation for the knicks

  14. I’m dreading the start of the 2nd quarter with Melo and Gallo on the bench and God knows the type of lineups Fisher will put out there until they return.

  15. the only way the Knicks are going to keep this up for the next three quarters is if Speights gets serious burn

    that man is so bad at basketball that it hurts my brain

  16. This ^

    The Knicks have yet to stop GS on defense so much as GS stopped themselves. And it’s hard to imagine them doing that for 4 quarters.

    Knicks rly need to make big cushion hear while Curry is out.

  17. GS would be smart to go at Zinger here and force him back out especially since as the lone big he has nowhere to hide on defense.

  18. Would have been nice if Afflalo showed up. Man, when he’ not shooting, he absolutely stinks!

  19. The Warriors aren’t a bad team.

    Oh and yeah, Afflalo is totally useless when he’s not hitting that contested, line drive shot of his.

  20. All the movement from GS is a thing of beauty, but the shooting is amazing when they get hot.

  21. We don’t have the horses for this race, but we’re objectively better than Cleveland or San Antonio

  22. Here’s hoping tonight the Knicks could mirror March 10th, 1996:

    I was at that game. Was fun to see Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman sulking on the bench with towels on their heads. (Fun, and surreal)

  23. Well, it could have been worse. Down 6 at the half vs. a team that played a tough game in another city last night? I feel like we’re in very good position.

  24. What’s amazing about Thomson is as good as he is, he’s able to play what’s traditionally a ball dominant position without the ball.

    He’s deadly enuff that you have to respect his shot, but he doesn’t need the ball in his hands to do damage.

    And on the other side of the floor we have Afflalo who’s all but useless without the ball and isn’t a good enuff scorer where’d you want to run your offense thru him.

    Basically I’m saying guys who create their own shot are overrated in general and Afflalo is garbage in particular.

  25. Those Hawks outfits are indeed awful. Not in a bad way, but kind of like how they have the nice store out front, but sell you counterfeit stuff out of the back.

  26. If the Knicks get really, really hot in the 2nd half, I think we can realistically stay within 15 points of the Warriors.

  27. For the Knicks to stay in it, would say alot moar about how poorly the Warriors are playing than anything the Knicks could muster.

  28. GS playing like crap and the Knicks still can’t convert. But we’ll catch up to the 76ers eventually.

  29. Not a fan of this Knicks lineup. If we have all our “best” guise out on the floor this early in the 2nd half, what kind of garbage is gonna be out dere for when the second unit shows up.

  30. The fuck do y’all want fisher to do?

    Clearly he’s expected to do with the Knicks roster what Pop couldn’t do with the Spurs roster. Totally reasonable.

    Green almost literally walking past Porzingis? Fish’s fault, obvs. Fisher needs to provide better help D.

  31. Can someone explain to me what the difference between a volume shooter and a ball hogging chucker is again?

  32. Afflalos backup is Sasha fucking Vujacic

    Reason and logic are not allowed on these boards anymore, apparently. I’m kinda surprised no one has mentioned how much Fisher should be playing Seraphin and his “good NBA body.”

  33. Honestly other than maybe 4-5 possessions,I think the defense has been ok. They just make all the shots regardless of whether they’re “good” shots or not.

  34. Guys the talent gap here is huge. The only way they could win this game was if Golden State shot terribly. We know that wouldn’t happen for a full game.

  35. Don’t you know that Lance can play the 2 or are you intentionally being obtuse?

    Don’t you know the Warriors are a historically great team (easily top 5 all-time) and the Knicks are, at best, average and, more likely, mediocre? Or are you being intentionally ornery?

  36. He’s tripled Afflalo’s production in just a few measly minutes. Lance should have replaced him a long time ago tonight. Just terrible.

  37. Hey the warrior backcourt is 16-30. If you look at the Knicks backcourt you will gouge your eyes out

  38. This game was a loss anyway, the next 5 games before the All-Star break are huge. 4 of them at home and 3 of them against teams in the East the Knicks are theoretically fighting for a playoff spot. Hopefully they can at least go 3-2 to keep talk of the playoffs alive heading into the 2nd half of the season.

  39. Are you trying to say that just because the Knicks are playing against a team they were likely to lose to, that they shouldn’t have a coach deliberately sabotage them anyway?

    Careful you’re cumming awfully close to logic and reason.

  40. Afflalo should have sat . Just admit it. No offense. No passing. No defense. Kahnzy could have played better and he sucks.

  41. First, y’all mad that the mediocre Knicks are losing to one of the best basketball teams of all time. Second, you think were losing because Sasha Vujacic and Lance Thomas didn’t play more? Who is going to play forward with Lance guarding Thompson? Porzingis was in foul trouble.

  42. If the guys just hit the open shots Melo has been giving to them with his passing this game would be a heck of a lot tighter.

  43. I will never forget the final game of the 1996-97 season for the Knicks. They went into Chicago and beat the Bulls by 2 to keep them from winning 70 games in back-to-back seasons plus it was the Knicks 57th win which clinched the 3rd seed for them. Good times.

  44. I will never forget the final game of the 1996-97 season for the Knicks. They went into Chicago and beat the Bulls by 2 to keep them from winning 70 games in back-to-back seasons plus it was the Knicks 57th win which clinched the 3rd seed for them. Good times.

    What a team that was!

  45. Williams, Melo, KP, Lance, Gallo. Did I spell it out for you? Anybody but Afflalo tonight. We would have lost anyway but that was our best chance by far.

  46. Draymond got a triple double on 9/9 because we didn’t put seraphin on him

    But Seraphin’s got such a “great NBA body!”

  47. Why in the world is Melo in this game right now?

    A little too Woody-like there.

    Anyhow, they played them tough early, which was nice!

  48. That was my favorite Knicks team ever Brian. It was a combination of the Riley Knicks plus the more athletic VG Knicks. To this day I irrationally believe if the suspensions vs the Heat didnt happen they wouldve beaten the Bulls in the Conference Finals or at the very least taken them 6 or 7 games in another classic playoff series.

  49. The Knicks just don’t have the depth to suffer from 1. KP getting into foul trouble real early and 2. Afflalo sucking yet again. Oh yeah, and 3. Gallo can’t score either.

    GS is just that much better. Green is a beast.

  50. No one but the biggest circle jerker expected the Knicks to win. The “problem” is the Warriors played one of their worst games of the year and instead of making a game out of it, Fisher and certain players made sure that wasn’t going to happen.

    The Philly “Fucking” 76ers put up a better effort than this, but yea other than getting outplayed by a historically awful team nothing new here.

  51. @180 I guess we need to cancel the season for the Spurs and the Cavs too. They were beaten to a pulp

  52. The Warriors are shooting 59% including 15 for 26 from 3pt range. If this is one of their worst games of the season I dont want to see them play one of their best, they might score 200 pts.

  53. Draymond is 9/9 with a triple double. Klay is 14-18. GS is shooting 59% from the floor and 58% from 3 and you think this game was there for the win if we’d replaced trashmaster Arron with different shitty players?

  54. Afflalo’s D was superb tonight along with his passing and shooting. Why couldn’t Fish see it? He gets his players to play hard but is a terrible tactician.

  55. Fish was content playing a shooting guard who couldn’t shoot, play defense or pass when he had Lance available. That’s just poor.

  56. Bruh he got his third foul just before halftime bruh.

    Cause he sat most of the half, maybe? No game watcher, you! I deride your game watching ability

  57. Draymond is 9/9 with a triple double. Klay is 14-18. GS is shooting 59% from the floor and 58% from 3 and you think this game was there for the win if we’d replaced trashmaster Arron with different shitty players?

    This game thread in a nutshell.

  58. Fisher just made a phone call to the NBA office asking if Afflalo could be added to the All Star game.

  59. Lets see the Warriors had 18 turnovers and their MVP went 5-17 and 3-11 from the 3pt line. But convenient that you left out the guy everyone else would’ve mentioned first.

    But thanks for mentioning Klay, he did indeed put a good stat line. I wonder who was responsible for guarding him. Oh that’s right Arron “useless without the fucking ball” Afflalo.

    And not once did I ever say or imply that the Knicks would win, in fact I even made the point after you kept saying it. But by all means go ahead and put made up words in my mouth if if helps you make your point.

  60. That doesn’t excuse Fisher playing him all those minutes when he was killing us. We had other options.

  61. We did have other options. But they were shitty options. Affalo, over the course of the season has been not that good but vastly better than Sasha or Jerian.

  62. Players can miss their first 5 shots and then start shooting better. There’s no real reason to take him out. He’s our best 2 guard, we should play him. Sure he couldn’t defend Klay, but no one else slowed him down either.

  63. His job is to TRY to win. Play his best lineup. He didn’t do that. If we lose we lose. But TRY to win. Afflalo wasn’t giving us our best chance tonight. We had better options.

  64. I don’t like Afflalo, but he wasn’t the only culprit. Galloway and DWill missed lots of shots.

    Heck, Vujacic may have had the best game!

  65. i’d be severely disappointed if afflalo was still on this team next year…. he is hard to watch most of the time…

  66. I didnt mention Curry because I hate Langston Galloway and didn’t want to give him credit. Lance played 18 minutes and had 2 points, 2 turnovers and one rebound. Sure, play that dude more is the obvious answer.

  67. If i am the coach and we need SG i am not sure where to go. You all know Sasha. Thanasis had his chances. LT looks injured, And Affalo is our best SG but clearly struggled tonight. So who would you go? AA is a good option. All the players sucks too.

  68. Bruh Rebecca was better than Afflalo tonight. Galloway at least played hard defense on Steph. Bruh.

  69. That was my favorite Knicks team ever Brian. It was a combination of the Riley Knicks plus the more athletic VG Knicks. To this day I irrationally believe if the suspensions vs the Heat didnt happen they wouldve beaten the Bulls in the Conference Finals or at the very least taken them 6 or 7 games in another classic playoff series.

    Totally agreed. I’m probably wrong, too, but the Heat at least sort of hung with the Bulls a little tiny bit that year. So I think the Knicks would have done better, as they were the better overall team. They just had the suspensions. And, of course, the suspensions were spread out horribly (their two top scorers both missed the first game).

  70. Except as said verbatim before, all Afflalo has is his shooting. If’ he’s not hitting shots, not only is he not contributing but he’s actively hurting the team.

    Now none of the Knicks perimeter players are particularly good on defense, but they’re all mostly passable. Outside of Calderon, Afflalo is by far the worst defender on the team and it absolutely showed tonight.

    Funny how certain people mention how Klay blew up without mentioning who helped him along the way. Convenient though.

  71. Guys, we’re a below average NBA team this season. We just got blown out by one of the best teams ever. A lot of people are gonna suck against the Warriors. The good performances against them are a rare exception. You’re talking about a team that has, what, 25 total losses since Steve Kerr took over? Let’s all relax.

  72. Thank you JD! Why are one or two in here so obtuse sometimes like they’re the only ones watching the games?

  73. Massive they’re much better than us but our coach is still paid to give us the best chance to win. He didn’t do that tonight.

  74. Cereally!

    God forbid someone call out the poor decisions from Saint Fish.

    It’s nice to see someone else notice the glaringly obvious.

  75. I give Fish credit for getting the team to play hard but some of his game time decisions are absolutely terrible!

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