Game Thread: Knicks vs. Rockets

The Knicks return home to take on the Rockets with a chance to get back to .500 on the season.

James Harden will play tonight.

Let us hope that Bargs does a great job pulling Howard away from the basket and let us hope that Jeremy Lin scores just enough where we don’t have to hear how great he is or how awful he is.

And, of course, let us hope that the Knicks win this baby.

Let’s go Knicks!

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171 thoughts to “Game Thread: Knicks vs. Rockets”

  1. My problem with this game is that I fear that it won’t really matter what happens until the fourth as both of these teams routinely blow leads and both of them can come back from big deficits so no lead will seem too big.

  2. More Matador!

    Dear Tyson — we miss you and heart you and want you to heal quickly.

    Yours always,
    A frustrated fan

  3. If Bargs would just get back into the paint while Howard is lugging his ass up the court that would do wonders defensively

  4. I think the main problem with Bargs is he has no conditioning. like none at all. He looks half decent for about 2-3 min. but once he empties the tank he might as well be a perimeter oriented Chris Dudley but without any interior skills. so he basically just sucks. I think Woody would be smart to get shorter shifts out of guys and rotate 3/4 bigs at the 5 rather than burn out Bargs with 10 minute shifts

  5. Wow that dude looked like he took an elbow to the face and knee to the groin and when it happened Marv or Kerr said Carmelo thought he got fouled.

  6. Kerr said McHale said matchups “with the way the Knicks stretch you out. Bargnani at the 5.” The crappy +/- they showed can’t help.

  7. I just got home and turned the game on. My first reaction was “Hey, we didn’t give up 40 points in the 1st quarter, alright!” It sucks when that’s a legit thing to be concerned about.

    Also, everytime I see Aldrich sitting on the bench, it looks like he has a hearing aid. Is he hearing impaired? Does anyone know?

  8. The Rockets are just packing the paint and the Knicks just drive it right in there over and over again. Whip it around the perimeter, dudes!

  9. Man, this team really should’ve kept Lin, wtf?

    Shumpert looks like our only modern era player, while Stat and Bargs look like they are from the 50s.

  10. I love that the Rockets have a player named Robert Covington. It’s like we’re watching an episode of Dynasty or Falcon Crest.

  11. One good thing (the only one?) about Bargs, is that he does open up the paint for Melo’s post moves, which usually go in. If he could only actually shoot well…

  12. Thank goodness Woody broke the emergency glass around K-Mart. I love, by the way, how he comes up with this stupid rigid plan about rotating STAT and K-Mart but in the first eight games has already ignored it three or four times. I would like to praise him for being willing to be flexible with the plan except, of course, the plan was a bad idea in the first place.

  13. If we got decent play from ANYONE other than Melo we’d be in the lead. Shump is playing like he’s being watched by the boss. All up in his head.

  14. This is better, if the deficit had gotten up to 20 I was going to permanently switch over to the JFK assassination special on CNN lol.

  15. It really bothers me that Chris Smith is acting as if he is truly a part of this team. I mean seriously there are probably 50-100 NCAA players currently more deserving of a 15th roster spot instead of mini-pipe. and yet you watch him on the bench and he’s the hype man!

  16. damn Melo needs to bottle up this shooting tonight and save it for the rest of the season. SCHWABAAAAPPP!!!!!!

  17. You just can’t play amare 5 mins a half. It kills the flow. He can’t get a rhythm. Either he can play or he can’t.

  18. Let’s hope Bargs continues his bombing campaign in the second half. Feel like Melo has to get a little rest too. He can’t play every minute of every game this season.

  19. True, but when .500 is within their grasps, I can see why Woody would want to press matters. Great to see Bargs continuing his fine shooting from last night.

  20. That “show and tell” at the 3 point line following the made 3 pointer by Bargnani is why he should be able to draw opposing fives away from rim protection. He cannot be ignored at the arc and defenders cannot close out hard.

  21. So here’s the question: if Bargs can keep up this level of offense, when chandler gets back to protect the d will Bargs still have enough space or is it because he’s making Cs guard him? If the answer is he can keep this up w Chamdler on the floor well then there is a glimmer of hope for the year.

  22. I think it’ll have to be as a five, but obviously they’ll have to give it a look to see if he can keep it up from the 4.

  23. I’m like the potential of a Tyson/Bargs rotation at the 5 to keep Chandler minutes down but I would give the big/small lineup a chance to work if Bargs continue his shooting

  24. the sad thing is that most of us seem to be really rooting for bargs, if for nothing more than the humor of it all. and all we ask is that he give a little bit of effort on d. just run back. just get your body near someone…..and at times he is so incapable of even doing it. its almost like his defensive mindset got so lazy in Toronto over the years

  25. So he comes off the bench? The thing is that playing w Melo frees him

    Yeah, off the bench, but I guess they first give him a shot at seeing if he can play the 4 with Melo at the 3 and see if he can still shoot the same.

  26. I know it sounds crazy, but bargs could do a halfway decent job on howard. he really sucks way worse in help than one on one post d. and that is the problem with howard. he has no moves to go to to dominate bargs

  27. harden is amazing. you know he is going to get to the left handed layup, but you just cant stop it

  28. How is it that harden still gets lay ups like that?
    It’s not as if they don’t know what he’s doing…

  29. Melo just NEVER gets the benefit of the doubt foul called. But we all know damn well if Durant, Harden, James, etc. were to make the same moves and absorb the same amount of contact, the whistle WILL be blown. not maybe, it WILL be called. and half the time they blow the whistle before there’s even any contact! it’s absurd how much the refs screw Melo but reward Harden’s gay-ass Euro Step

  30. You know, the homophobia really makes the point so much more effectively.

    How about I fix it for you: “reward Harden’s candy-ass Euro step.”

  31. Two important questions.

    How does Steve Novak look now? How long until Primio signs Bargs to do sausage commercials?

  32. World Peace has been a disappointment so far. Hardaway Jr. should be getting his minutes tonight. I’d rather go with the young guy if all we’re going to get from World Peace is no semblance of outside shooting with a knack for taking absurd fadeaway jumpers off of his left foot.

  33. no, I blame melo for dribbling around for 10 seconds before passing it to world peace. its not hard for anyone to see. our offense goes to hell when melo holds the ball. his one on one ballhandling is very average and he never really gets by his man. its not like he is getting into the lane and kicking to open guys. if he wants to win he needs to adjust his game to a winning formula. but yes, MWP could have made that 3 and I would not have complained

  34. Feel like we need Shump or JR to get something going soon. Melo and Angel Andrea have over 50 points between them.

  35. I want to say more but ipad isn’t conducive to that… Why would woody think that lineup would ever work. Ever. Jr is not “the” option. He can never be “the” guy… That was brutal… Agree with everyone on th2 taking mwp minutes tonight

  36. th2 shows glimpses of future greatness that I never even sensed at Michigan. after we trade shump, im sure he will be the next to go

  37. Did he just take off from the free throw line to lay it in? What is this a James White dunk contest?[:)]

  38. It amazes me how this board goes from truly vitriolic hate of TH2, to “he should get more minutes” in the span of like 1 game.

    Not that I mind, I think for the pick (#24) he might turn into a steal. But the flip-flopping on him here is almost as bad as it is on Bargnani.

  39. kahnzy, it may be different people’s views that you are reading. ive been behind him since day one. when he misses a few shots, the boo birds do come out

  40. This officiating is insane. How does Parson gets that bailout call at MSG? I mean I’m not expecting us to win the free throw battle considering how perimeter oriented we are, but the benefit of the doubt generally goes to the home team unless its the Knicks apparently.

  41. When th2 is missing of course it’s annoying … But he plays with heart and emotion. Ya can’t not root for the guy … Haven’t seen him sulk yet… Can’t say the same about 99% of the league. Of course he’s only just getting started, my feelings, or his, could change

  42. bargs’s slow motion baby steps while running back on d, that almost have him running in place are really bizarre

  43. Pass the ball jr. Bargs is wide open spotting up… Team reeks of selfish this year… Considerably different last year.

  44. Houston is switching the Pnr with Bargs now so the knicks need to post Bargs. He is being guarded by Lin.

  45. Lost my job today, spent 700 bucks to get my car un-booted, and just had a delightful conversation with my boy who compared us to the Horford-Smith-Johnson Hawks, meaning we’re a first round loser every year. All this adds up to a great remaining 2:30 and a chip for the Knicks. Mark it 8 Dude.

  46. Hardaway does what besides shooting? In 15 minutes he’s got a steal and a rebound. What about that screams future greatness?

  47. Flop even harder Harden.

    Edit: Wow! What does it take for Anthony to get to the line. Fuck Blake Griffin also.

  48. Ugh… The homer in me says that foul was so late during his shot attempt that it should be on the floor

  49. Great D Knicks! Needed that turnover! And Melo follows with a bum 3. Awesome. Then great D again! Im not gonna survive this season.

  50. this rule is stupid. if teams are going to intentionally foul, then the 3 should count. if you don’t want it to count, then play real d

  51. Why in the world didn’t they just foul Smith in the backcourt?

    The Knicks really should have won that game. Oh well.

    On the bright side, if Melo and Bargs play like that tonight, the Knicks will feast on weaker teams, which is what they need to do.

  52. I really love how the Knicks got absolutely boned in that game by the refs. Also fuck Steve Kerr. He pretty much agreed with each and every call made by the officials and dismissed the Knicks even feeling slightly aggrieved by either the quick whistle for Melo and the 2 second pause for Harden.

  53. Tough loss but the Knicks did not play horribly tonight. Brutal whistle in this game and I’m usually the last guy to complain about the whistle.

  54. Howard hits his free throws when it’s not intentional … What mental midget …

    He is so freaking weird.

  55. The knicks lost because they don’t adjust quickly to Houston switching the high pnr with Bargs. Houston started taking away his open shot but that left Lin on Bargs. Felton needed to back the ball out and post up Bargs. Hopefully they will work on that for later.

  56. This has been the most least enjoyable first 8 games of a Knicks season ever.

    That game was enjoyable. I guess you liked the year when TD started at point.

  57. I agree about the questionable officiating tonight, but also we should recognize that we commit way too many stupid fouls (fouling with one on the shot clock, fouling 3pt shooter, fouling d-how under 2 minutes away from the ball, random reaches, etc) and don’t attack the rim ourselves, so we should expect to feel hosed by the refs most games

  58. Normally, I’m not one to blame a game on refs. I generally think it’s a cop-out, and mostly extolled by blind homers. But we got shafted there.

    However, the absurdly stupid fouls towards the end there (Felton’s foul on Harden’s 3; Melo’s off-the-ball foul on Howard, etc.) did us in. The last 30 seconds (starting from Harden’s multiple offensive fouls on Shump that went uncalled) were controlled by the refs though, and they fucked us.

  59. So I guess Melo does not know the rules of NBA basketball.

    I dont think teams go over the rule book. You only do hack a shaq against one team so yea it was a mistake. But Woodson should have said this when they put howard back in

  60. No help from anyone other than bargs or melo… Nothing. And bargs actually plays great one on one D…. With that being said, and having the expectation that we weren’t going to get anything from anyone else we were a few melo/jr abyss sequences away from winning this game… So with melo, u have to accept that cause he gives u the good… But bad jr is simply bad jr, with zero redeeming qualities… That’s ashame…

    On a positive, reassuring note, tonight’s game once again reaffirmed how much of a loser Dwight Howard is… Not socially ( though maybe, I don’t know for sure ), but on the floor… Without his size, he is zero dimensional and that just pisses me off… He is intangible-less as well.

  61. I agree about the questionable officiating tonight, but also we should recognize that we commit way too many stupid fouls

    Absolutely true, and this is fast becoming a fatal problem for NYK. The Knicks were dead last in defensive FT/FGA before this game, and Houston had a whopping 44 FTA in tonight’s game. It’s hard to be a competent defensive team when you’re dead last in the league in one of the Four Factors.

  62. Melo played 44 mins tonight after playing 40 last night. 5 out of the 8 games so far he has played at least 40 mins. Wearing Melo out and not even getting wins while doing it.

  63. If anybody on the team could contribute offensively outside of Melo and Bargs, this would have been a win. Woody has to find a way to get them to play defense without fouling so much.

  64. C’mon guys. At least this was fun to watch. I’d rather much lose this way than get blown out.

  65. On the positive side, that’s Melo’s 2nd strong game in a row. He still has the maddening tendency to go hero-ball after great ball-movement and a 13-2 run gets us back in the game; which subsequently ruins the offensive flow and we go stagnant again. Also, that’s Barg’s 3rd solid performance in a row as well. His one-on-one defense is passable, but the overall team defense is a joke without Chandler, but that’s nothing new.

    I’m just glad we were competitive in this one, which when you think about it, really sucks that the bar is that low this season. We lost, but at least we can be happy we didn’t get run out of the building again.

    Anyway, as many others have mentioned, if we can get to .500 and float there while Chandler is out and Woodson doesn’t take a page out of Thibs book and run Melo into the ground, we should be set to make a good run in January if the offense is able to continue to find it’s rhythm.

  66. I hate to say it because I am one of his biggest fans, but so far the biggest disappointment is Shump. His offensive game just has not developed beyond spot-up shooting and the euro-step.

    Felton was horrible, as was Metta and Prigs. I was hoping for a Beno sighting.

    I am rapidly losing patience with Woodson.

    Harden is really amazing.

    Parsons just has our number.

  67. So, Bargnani won over a few fans at the Garden tonight. Can he continue to improve enough on D to move back to the 4 when Chandler comes back? If he keeps shooting like he has lately, he needs to be on the floor.

  68. that gif is misleading because the whistle came way before the hand gesture. It was a questionable call, but not an absurd one. tough loss, but we’re 1-1 on this back to back, which I would have taken in a heartbeat 2 days ago.

    BTW, MWP 17 MIN 1-7 -19 FML

  69. Was at the game, couple of observations:

    One of the quietest crowds I’ve ever heard for a game against a top flight team, very weird.

    Dolan was sitting next to a smoking hot woman, I pray with all my heart that she’s not his wife, he deserves way less

  70. Is there a star in the league who gets a worse whistle than Melo? I hate Harden.
    On another note, for anyone watching the Raymond Felton retrospective, how much is Raymond going to look like his father in about 15 years?

  71. The Knicks wasted a great game from Melo and a very good one from Bargnani. Any positive guard play (or a slightly friendlier whistle) and this would have been a win.

  72. Great game by Melo. That last heave was beyond amazing. Too bad it didn’t count.

    Pleasant surprise: Barg’s defense on Howard. Dwight’s post game still sucks, but I give Bargs some credit for standing his ground.

    Unpleasant surprise: Shump got burned repeatedly by Lin in the first quarter. Lin didn’t even get picks; he just blew by Shumpert, 1 on 1. Shump did a better job later, but Lin was clearly gassed by then (probably due to this being the second night of a back-to-back for him).

  73. I think it’s OK if Metta and Prigs have a bad game every now and then. I usually have more confidence when they are on the floor. The problem really has been Felton and Shump in the backcourt. They at least played some good defense down the stretch, but their decision making has been just terrible most of the year.

    If Felton is hurt, there is no reason to run him out there when he is playing like that. Get Beno some run out there. Use Murry if you need spots of defense.

    And what to do about Amar’e? It’s just not worth playing him these minutes when he is so out of rhythm. I know he needs reps to feel comfortable, but let it come in blowouts. It’s hard watching him play.

  74. Prigs has been pretty bad himself, especially the last few games. Offensively he’s not getting the team into good sets and shoots so rarely that his TS really doesn’t help much and while his defense is still solid he commits too many unnecessary fouls. Felton has sucked bad enough that I might consider bringing him off of the bench- at least until he can hit a jumper- but Prigs inspires zero confidence right now.

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