19 thoughts to “Game Thread: Knicks vs. Celtics”

  1. celtics currently 26-36 from the field, and 5-11 from three. You can’t play worse defense than this….

  2. We need a cape and a nice, frilly little waistcoat for Chandler and this weakass matador D.

    And yet we’ve got it down to 8 and might keep it near 10 til the half. We have Nate Robinson being perfect so far and Q mistakenly switching headbands with Harrington to thank for keeping us in this shiz.

  3. Harrington could not have a worse half and Q could not have a better half. D’Antoni has to decide whether to single team KG and let him burn us for 40, or double him and allow dunks and layups. I think I’d take my chances that he’ll miss an occasional shot and play him straight up, the Knicks are horrendous at guarding cutters.

    The Celtics bench is very shaky.

  4. This team can’t seem to put it all together. Every player is not going to play well every night, but why is it we always have one or two players with a horrible night. It’s tough to overcome stuff like that. Tonight it’s Harrington and Chandler playing bad but Qrich having a good game.

    Chandler continues his offensive slide. I’m not sure what they should do with him at this point. Benching him could make matters worse, but he really hasn’t played well except for a game here or there since the Harrington trade. He looks totally lost at times.

  5. Rondo is unstoppable. Hard to believe I could say this but he looks like the best player on the Celtics right now.

  6. Harrington and Chandler have been garbage on both ends tonight. Big teams will kill us, but big teams with KG destroy us. Lee just has no help.

    Nate’s dunk was ridic.

  7. What the heck is going on with Chandler? 1-7 with 1 rebound?

    I think the medical term is “COMA”. LOL

    Seriously, I have no insight. He could be tired from all the minutes. He’s not used to playing this much. I think at least some of it is almost certainly mental. He “looks” lost and not nearly as confident as he used to be. Maybe putting Harrington into the line up is taking away from Chandler in some way because they are similar players, except that Harrington is more experienced and a better player at this point. I am very disappointed in his play recently and may have to eat some of my early season pumping if he doesn’t turn it around soon.

  8. It might be time to put Robinson in as the sarting two with Harington, Q, and Lee up front.

    Chandler and Thomas off the bench.

    We really need to get some backcourt help. And anyone who could block a shot-before you stand up Jerome let me finish- AND play more than 5 minutes a game (Jerome sits down).

    Can Rose’s expiring contract bring us anything at all?

  9. Is this our last trip to Boston? I cannot stand these Celtic play by play guys. One of them just suggested someone knock a knicks’ teeth out. That’s wrong but moreover they really, really suck.

  10. The Knicks are just getting destroyed on the boards. It’s totally ridiculous how they ate us up. People love small ball, but you can’t win in the NBA when you pull down 23 rebounds and they pull down 47. Not unless you have two offensive geniuses on the squad.

    Today’s game is a nice example of how meaningless a one game +/- number is. Harrington, 2-15, -2. David Lee, 8-13, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 4 steals, 1 turnover, -25.

    Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the Eastern Conference imo. Devin Harris can score all the points he wants, but Rondo is the bomb right now.

    Wilson Chandler needs to arise from the crypt.

  11. A guy like Marcus Camby is exactly what this team needs. Block shots, rebound, and not allow layup after layup by the opposing PG. We have no player that challenges anything in the paint, I can’t believe the rebounding numbers posted above – 47 to 23? Are you kidding?

    Hard to knock Rondo, but how can a PG who can’t shoot be so devastating on the offensive end?

  12. Hard to knock Rondo, but how can a PG who can’t shoot be so devastating on the offensive end?

    he’s their fourth option and hard to focus on much, and he’s so quick, he gets Tony Parker-like layups constantly. Parker couldn’t shoot much for a while either, Rondo is getting better at it.

  13. Was anyone else perturbed by the sight of David Lee against 3 Celtic rebounders in the paint last night? I know this offense relies on a lot of jump shots, but come on.

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