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  1. David Lee scoring, rebounding, and no-look passing! He has 2/3 of the Knicks’ points so far.

  2. I’ve come up with the worst drinking game ever. You take a drink every time Al Harrington passes.

  3. Let the unofficial boxscore reflect that Lee should have 2 more assists than he ends up with after Harrington and Gallo fumble perfectly placed passes…

  4. @ 7 if we are drinking quarter shots of Miller extra light, then we might survive that game.

  5. Man, other than the Phoenix game, every second of Knick basketball I’ve watched this season has been deplorable. Maybe I should give up and let you guys enjoy the resurgent Knick team I’ve been hearing about.

  6. Such a bad 2nd quarter so far – Hughes sucks so far, no passing to lee, just puzzling…

  7. The Knicks have played against two of the worst defensive teams the last two games.. and they can’t score for shit.

  8. So I wonder if Hughes is going to complain even more tonight after the game and say he doesnt understand why he didnt get more minutes tonight after that great 1st half.

  9. Lee was out for a short period and there were just no offensive options. they don’t work for good looks for gallinari and his bad shots just don’t fall.

  10. Would it be too premature to say that this team is done and the season is over already????

  11. @28
    I said that after game 11, then at game 35 I changed my mind. I’m on my way back to the game 11 position.

  12. yeah that is extremely premature with them not far out of the playoffs as it is. They have not played well over a few games but it’s a long season, it’s going to happen.

  13. Knick offense completely falling apart.

    Duhon has just been terrible of late, reverting to his early season form, and as C-Doo goes, so go the Knicks. Jeffries with so many offensive blunders tonight. He shouldn’t even touch the damn ball.

    We saw the best of both of those guys over the last month or so, but they aren’t sustaining their play.

    Lee continues to look amazing for a quarter at a time but hasn’t quite shown he can carry the Knicks by himself. He’s going to be a great #3 guy on a contender some day. Unfortunately, that contender will probably not be the Knicks. :(

  14. Actually seeing their schedule for the rest of the month even if they lose tonight they could easily go 5-2 rest of the month so I take it back. Of course they could also easily go 2-5….

  15. If the Knicks were playing most other teams in the NBA, they’d be down by 30 points right now.Their offense is completely dysfunctional, a good time to bring Hughes back from oblivion to add to that.

  16. I say get TD and Hill some minutes and I dont mean tonight I mean every game. They should be the 8th and 9th men in the rotation every night and even if its only for 5-10 minutes each just get them playing every game.

  17. wow, looking at the box score right now, and the lineup right now is harrington, chandler, lee, gallinari, jeffries. They’re not even playing a guard. Who is bringing the ball up the floor?

  18. Im just as critical of Harrington as everyone but one thing you cant say is that he doesnt care, he does play hard every night. Just doesnt play smart.

  19. Nice strong post-up by Gallo over Stuckey. Shockingly still a game, down 10 with 6 minutes to go. Im telling you, Hill should be part of the rotation now.

  20. So let me see if I have this right; JJ stinks on offense but he has contributed more than Duhon and Hughes?

  21. I wasnt saying he doesnt care but in the first half he really looked like he wasnt trying hard to run plays.

  22. but we have chandler and he can dribble directly at wallace and turn it over. Whats not to like?

  23. have you noticed how many of gallo’s corner 3’s are twos. I think its because he has huge feet.

  24. I think we should put duhon hughes curry and jefferies in right now. So when we lose this i dont get upset as much.

  25. @57 BBA
    If it makes you feel better Gallanari is a -7 now. I’m teasing it Duhon that is the real problem on this team. Impeach Duhon.

  26. if basketball games were 3 quarters the knicks would be the best team in the league. unfortunately they crap the bed one quarter a night.

  27. Duhon 12 step program.

    1. Go to bed before 6 am for night games
    2. Go to bed before 2 am for afternoon games.
    3. Drive the lane
    4. Take a shot in the lane
    5-11. Finish the shots in the lane.
    12. Repeat steps 5-11.

  28. Props to Hill, hopefully he gets a permanent spot in the rotation. Also props to Nate who stepped it up on both ends of the court after a horrible 1st half. David Lee will probably sleep like a baby tonight since he should be beyond exhausted.

  29. Thomas B.,

    Could you imagine this Knicks team with a PG who can actually finish his drives? Seeing Calderon last night made me an envious man (fan).

  30. @74
    I cant remember the last point of the knicks that i was fond of. Man it might be Mark Jackson in 92. Derek Harper was solid but no great. It’s been awful at pg for knicks since 95.

  31. You are wrong, thomas. Only one step program for duhon:
    1. Jump out of the window and kill yourself

  32. PG (and others) the Knicks could (and probably should) have drafted this decade:

    Maybe this is why we haven’t been good in what seems like forever

    2001: No 1st round draft pick – 2nd 2d pick 39 select Michael Wright
    Available PG: Earl Watson (40)

    2002: Trade 7th pick to Nuggets (Nene) take Frank Williams at 25 – 2nd round pick 36 – Milos Vujanic
    Available PG: Roger Mason Jr (also traded 7th pick and Amare was selected 8 by phoenix)

    2003: 9th pick Michael Sweetney
    Availabel PG: Leandro Barbosa (28), Steve Blake (38)

    2004: No 1st round pick – Select Ariza at 39 – no good pgs available

    2005: Channing Frye at 8, David Lee at 30, trade for Nate Robinson (21)
    Available PG: Jarret Jack (22), Monta Ellis (40), Louis Williams (45)
    Passed on: Bynum, Granger, Warrick, Blatche, Gortat

    2006: Bulls exercise the right to flip-flop picks, give up 2 for 20 – Bulls take LaMarcus Aldrige, trade him for Tyrus Thomas – Secect Renaldo Balkman at 20, Mardy Collins at 29
    Available PG: Brandon Roy (6), Randy Foye (7), Rajon Rondo (21 – that one kills), Jordan Farmar (26), Daniel Gibson (42)
    Passed on: Josh Boone, Craig Smith

    2007: Bulls get Knicks pick (9) Joakim Noah – Select Wilson Chandler at 23
    Available PG: Rodney Stuckey (15), Rudy Fernandez (24), Aaron Brooks (26), Ramon Sessions (56)
    Passed on: Carl Landry, Glen Davis, Marc Gasol

    2008: Select Danilo Gallinari at 6
    Available PG: DJ Augustin (9), Jerryd Bayless (11), George Hill (26), Goran Dragic (45)
    Passed on: Eric Gordon, Brook Lopez, Anthony Randolph, Marreise Speights, Courtney Lee, Mario Chalmers

    2009: Select Jordan Hill at 8, Toney Douglas at 29
    Available PG: Brandon Jennings (10), Ty Lawson (18), Jeff Teague (19), Eric Maynor (20), Rodrique Bobeuois (25)
    Passed on: Omri Casspi, Sam Young, Jonas Jerebko, Chase Budinger, DeJuan Blair

  33. It’s probably just me, but why does it seem like the Knicks are playing a lot of back-to-back-days games this season? It seems like they’re alternating between getting longer layoffs then having back-to-backs.

  34. damn..i missed the past few games-been runnin myself ragged pretty much 24/7 here lately, but I did catch about 10 minutes in the first half and the ending boxscore. Whas up with the rotation? Is Bender hurt or just outta the rotation? I noticed Hill got 13 minutes, although I don’t kno which part of the game he was in. Also in the 10 minutes that I caught, I saw Hughes-another rotation change, albeit one that I agree with. It looks like Chandler’s recent run of good play is officially over and he’s become the old Wil the Nil from early season. Looking at our roster and the way we play when guys are doin well, I think Mike D should expand his rotation and go with Lee-Rooster-JJ-Chandler-Duhon-Nate-Harrington-Bender-Hughes, with the rooks gettin garbage time until we fall out of contention. Coach should ride that rotation ’till the wheels fall off. A whole lotta firepower on the bench with that idea so maybe one of those guys should start in place of JJ.

  35. Hill played the final 13 minutes of the game and was instrumental in the Knicks comeback. He actually missed 2 wide open jumpers but scored all 3 of his baskets while posting up, including a beautiful up and under move, a fadeaway and a strong move that resulted in an And1 on a layup (but he missed the FT). He struggled defensive rebounding but had a nice block and played excellent one-on-one D on Villanueva. Very impressed tonight.

  36. @78
    you might want double check some things like 2006 swap. that was the following year. Bulls had our 2006 first rounder outright via eddy cury trade. Knicks got 20 from Denver via toronto when we ate jalen rose’s contract. We got 29 as part of the deal to eat Malik Rose’s contract. So IT ate two Roses to get Lee, Balkman, and Collins. Wow.

    I think the 2005 draft was very good. Agreed on Granger and Bynum. Do not agree Gorat or Warrick. Do not agree Jack. Ellis is an odd one as he really is not a true point but I would have taken him in hindsight. I’m okay with nate/lee over lou williams.

    Really hated 2006 draft, but could have been way worse. Imagine having the Curry trade never happens and we had a top 4 pick. We could have still ended up with Tyru Thomas (boo) or gulp Adam Morrison. Actually IT never would have taken a white guy even a domestic one with a top 3 pick. We did not end up with Reddick either. Busts abound in the 2006 draft. Morrison (3), Thomas (4), Foye (7-injuries not talent), Sheldon Williams (5), O’Bryant (9), Sene (10), Reddick (11), Simmons (13), Shawne Williams (17), Pecherov (18), Douby (19), Williams (22), Boone (23), Ager (28), Collins (29), Freeland (30). That is just awful. So it wasnt just It that got it wrong. There are 7 picks above Balkman that wont be in the NBA next year. Yes Rondo would be great at 20.

    I’m okay with 2007 taking Chandler. Hindsight again.

    2008 no changes other than asking Gallinari not to defend Tractor Butt in the summer games. Why do people like Anthony Randolph so much?

    2009 yeah well still need to see Hill but would have been okay with Jennings. Dont see a huge let down from Maynor to Douglas. We got a decent palyer in Douglas.

  37. Man, how unhappy was D’Antoni with the guards- he went a full five minutes a Chandler/Jeffries backcourt! Nate actually played pretty well once he got back in in the second half but I sure would have liked to have seen TD get a run rather than watch Jeffries bring the ball up and having D Lee basically running the offense from the top of the key.

    I actually liked that closing line-up pretty well defensively- especially with Nate really making an effort at keeping the ball in front of him. The game and Hill still seem to often be running at two different speeds but his energy and athleticism really help on defense where you’ve almost always have at least 2 if not 3 guys with a real lack of lateral movement on the floor at the same time.

    Two pet peeves that cropped up again- 1. no one on this team boxes out. I know that with playing both zone and that switching man-to-man it can be difficult to locate your guy but please put a body on somebody- I know it’s hard to fault D. Lee when he gets 17 boards but how many time does Ben Wallace have to go over your back to tip a ball out before you start putting a body on him. Gallo also has to a better job of putting a body on someone (he also needs to really take it strong to the hole- he takes too many weird scoop shots while trying to avoid contact). 2. I’ve never seen a team with such poor spacing on the break- Nate and Wil had a 2 on 1 where Nate wound up shooting an air ball because their spacing was so bad- this is one of the things about this team that reflects badly on D’Antoni- I know they don’t push the ball very often but there’s no excuse for poor spacing on the break.

    I think they’ll bounce back and win on Monday but these last few games (including the 76ers game) have definitely put a damper on my enthusiasm.

  38. The offensive game really looked very unorganized without a point guard. Lee was standing around at the 3point-line (no wonder given his minutes), waiting for pick&rolls that no non-points will do with him. Gallo lurked around at the 3point-line as well but due to the lack of interior game he did not get free looks. So with Lee at the 3point line – being no danger (ok, so he actually hit 1 or 2 long jumpers and had 9 assists, but he was really missing inside…) chandler could not drive with lee’s defender also standing in the paint. Jeffries actually had a few decent moves to the basket, but just cannot finish. I really liked Hill in this one.

  39. I really disliked the Jordan Hill pick, but yeah, the guy is definitely good enough to at least be in the rotation, so hopefully last night is a bit of a “wake up call” and he sees some more burn.

    Oddly enough, of the last five games the Knicks played, I was only able to see the Philly game when it was actually happening. So hopefully that trend bears out tomorrow when I go to the Garden to see the Knicks.

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