59 thoughts to “Game Thread: Knicks @ Kings”

  1. I just tuned in. I’m still not a believer but Jorts played some great defense on that possession where they forced the shot clock violation.

  2. Jerome Jordan with a nice block too.

    He has looked pretty good in his limited minutes this season. I like that he’s getting some 1st Q playing time (even if it is because of Chandler’s foul trouble)

  3. Unfortunately, all of our 1st quarters have been good this year. We must brace ourselves for the future…

  4. I’m telling y’all memo is gonna go off in the second half I’m telling ya and Jorge with 11 in place of STAT WHAT!!!!!!

  5. 3rd quarters have been our nightmares this season… Let’s break that trend going into the new year!

  6. Douglas just can’t hit a runner or a layup any more.
    But I’m encouraged by our front court depth all of a sudden.

  7. joe:
    I’m telling y’all memo is gonna go off in the second half I’m telling ya and Jorge with 11 in place of STAT WHAT!!!!!!

    Jorge? Is Jorts secretly Latino?

  8. Only way Knicks lose this game is for the Kings to go 3pt crazy, so of course on back-to-back possessions Knicks leave Greene open from 3pt range and he buries both.

  9. d-mar:
    Prepare for the inevitable “we’re a better team without Amare” posts.

    I think its safe to say the main reason the Knicks will win tonight is the opponent and not Amar’e being out lol

  10. Alright guys Im out, time to celebrate at midnight.

    Happy New Year’s and remember the Knicks will start 2012 in 1st place in the Atlantic Division!!

  11. Haaaaaah Knicks have made my NYE, now still have to figure out STAT’s role in all this. See y’all Tuesday and where is that Cock dude the Knicks hater.

  12. Happy New Year to all! I have already had my share! The main difference tonight is that Toney and Landry showed up. Toney actually looked like a PG tonight. Thanks, Jorts, for plaing like an NBA player. Oh yeah, that Melo guy who doesn’t make anyone better, played a perfect game tonight. Would love to hear the Melo hatersw acknowledge that he has played great since coming to the Knicks.

  13. the best thing going forward is douglas actually executed a few consecutive side pnr’s with chandler in the 4th quarter

  14. Howard Beck on Twitter::

    “Here’s your New Year’s present, Knicks fans: Iman Shumpert said he is ahead of schedule and “very optimistic” about return in 1-2 weeks”


  15. Jorts with 12 Pts and 14 boards. Haven’t seen a line like that much since David Lee. Lol
    Very balanced attacku

  16. MSG just pulled out of Time Warner Cable because they couldn’t get a contract extension. I’m gonna have to wait for national games (TNT, ESPN) until they fix this dispute.

  17. Yeah, me, too. This is pretty hilarious. This ridiculous game of chicken between the two sides is, well, you know, ridiculous. Ah well. I am sure it will not last long.

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