Game 4: Nets 100 Knicks 94

I’m less upset at the sweep of the Knicks than the Nets then I thought I would be. I’ve had plenty of time to prepare for this since the end of the regular season. Most of my dealing with the loss came after game 3, when an 0-3 series meant the end for the Knicks.

That being said, I’m relatively happy with how the last game went. I would have liked to see more of Sweetney or DerMarr, but Lenny gave enough minutes to Frank Williams to keep me going. Williams played well, better than his 11 points, 4 assists, and 5 fouls line in the box score. He played 31 minutes at PG, and allowed Marbury to shift to SG, keeping Shandon Anderson (18 minutes) on the bench. The worst part of his game was his lack of confidence in his shooting. Twice he passed the ball instead of taking the open shot. Other than that, he played solidly, including his man to man defense on Jason Kidd.

Williams showed his temper again, this time shoving Richard Jefferson after a rebound. The replay showed Jefferson pushing Williams with his arm to try to get the rebound. The play didn’t cost the Knicks any points, and the Knicks PG got away with showing his toughness without hurting his team. Unfortunately his days as a Knick are probably numbered, due to the team already having their best player at PG and Isaiah’s willingness to pull his finger on a deal.

Nazr Mohammed was a disappointment. His Achilles heel, personal fouls, kept him on the bench for extended periods of time. If he doesn’t make an attempt to improve his defense in the offseason, and reduce the number of fouls he commits he’ll never be worth anything more than a backup center. Despite having 4 fouls, he put up decent numbers in games 1 and 3. His disappearing act in games 2 & 4 (10 fouls, 7 points, & 9 rebs total) hurt the Knicks. The inconsistency is as maddening as his ying & yang skill set. He’s can be a force on the offensive end. His post up game is solid, and is rebounding is spectacular. On the other end of the court, his defense is atrocious, both as a one on one defender and as a help defender. Right now all he is good for is to come off the bench and provide punch on the offensive end.

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Mike Kurylo

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