Game 3: The Sixers

After the Knicks first loss, a hard fought battle on the road against one of the NBA’s best team, came their second loss, an effortless embarrassment on their home court. New York needs to do one simple thing tonight: outscore their opponent. No it isn’t a “must-win” game, but it’s a “they-should-really-win-this” game. The Sixers have been on a steady decline since their 2001 Finals appearance, winning only 33 games last season. Philly represents the Knicks’ easiest challenge to date.

What am I going to watch for in tonight’s game? First is if Nazr Mohammed & Tim Thomas decide to start their season. Neither has made any impact so far, and I’m sure both of them are tired of reading the name Keith Van Horn in the papers. Next thing is if the Knicks are challenging the Sixers’ shots. Their opponents eFG% has been through the roof in the first two games, and I wonder if this is going to be a season long trend or if it’s just an early aberration. As always I’m going to see how much Sweetney & Ariza play. Sweetney hurt his thumb in the Boston game, but I’m more curious how the Knicks’ future continue their development. Finally I’ll wonder if this is the day Lenny Wilkens takes my idea & institutes a trap/press defense.

On another note, there’s been some good blogging going on early on in the year. These Days tops my list, and not just because Shaddax approved of my trap/press idea for the Knicks. If you like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, boxing, or great writing you’ll like his site. Bulls Blog is getting press from the mainstream, which means now is your time to request Matt to write an article about the Bulls on your fantasy team. (Thanks Matt!) Keeping it real for the influx of ex-Americans who can’t tolerate “4 more years” is Scott of Raptorblog, while Jeff is hoping the Celts will make it three championship teams in one year in Beantown. If you have a fantasy team, you might want to check out Gimme the Rock, or maybe Aaron Gleeman (the most famous blogger in the world), if Blogger doesn’t conspire to keep his blog NBA free.

Check them out, as well as the links along the side of the page. There’s lots of great writers out there. Just come back tomorrow, hopefully for a recap of a Knicks win.

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Mike Kurylo

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