Gallinari to Have Surgery

According to ESPN (via AP):

The Knicks announced Friday that Gallinari will have surgery Tuesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, performed by an orthopedic spine specialist. The procedure, a laminotomy, shaves the bony plate surrounding a nerve root.

The Knicks have also invited a neurosurgeon from Gallinari’s native Italy to observe.

They key word is laminotomy, so here are some links on the procedure:

The term laminotomy is derived from the Latin words lamina (bony plate that covers the posterior arch of the vertebra) and -otomy (act of cutting, incision).

When an intervertebral disc ruptures in the lumbar spine, it puts pressure on one or more nerve roots (often called nerve root compression). This causes pain and other symptoms in the neck, arms, and even legs. In this operation, the surgeon reaches the lumbar spine through a small incision in the low back. After the muscles of the spine are spread, the nerve root is exposed by removing part of the bony covering (lamina), which covers the nerve root. This is called a laminotomy. If necessary a portion of the intervertebral disc is then removed taking the pressure off of the nerve root.

What happens after surgery?
Patients are usually able to get out of bed within a few hours after surgery. However, you will be instructed to move your back only carefully and comfortably. The drain tube is normally taken out the day after surgery. Patients are able to return home when their medical condition is stable.

Most patients leave the hospital the day after surgery. They are usually safe to drive within a week or two. Bending and lifting should be avoided for four to six weeks. People generally get back to light work in two to four weeks and can do heavier work and sports within two to three months. Workers whose jobs involve strenuous manual labor may be counseled to consider a less strenuous job.

Patients usually begin outpatient physical therapy two to three weeks after the date of surgery.

What should I expect as I recover?
Many surgeons prescribe outpatient physical therapy within three weeks after surgery. Physical therapy after lumbar discectomy is generally only needed for six to eight weeks. You should expect full recovery to take up to four months.

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