Galerie Knickerbloggér: Steve Novak

As a palliative to today’s unveiling (and the questionable artistic choices involved in the creative/design process) of the Knicks’ There’s No Way We’ll Accidentally Be Mistaken for a Forest Creature and Accidentally Get Shot Winter Unis, here’s a drawing I did of Steve Novak for an upcoming piece at The Classical. I think I may have made Steve too purty, but then again, I love him SO DARN MUCH.



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Robert Silverman

Hey, did you know that in addition to banging the keys here and occasionally for the NY Times and at ESPN, Robert is a playwright, an actor and a wand'ring mendicant/gadfly? He also once wrestled a bear...and lost.

17 thoughts to “Galerie Knickerbloggér: Steve Novak”

  1. I don’t know why but I keep seeing a young Tom Hanks when I look at the pic but it really does looks like Novak.

  2. Nice work, Robert. Looks like a cover of a 50’s b-ball novella. Steve has that retro look (beyond being white). He should go all Shump on us and start sporting the shorty-shorts of the Dick McGuire days.

  3. It’ kind almost how talented Robert is, please self-depricate more so we can all feel better about ourselves. Thanks

  4. ruruland: Dirk was unquestioned leader?

    I know what your getting at, but I think its actually true in the sense that most would think of that as Dirk’s team, and that history will remember it that way.

  5. awesome drawing. when i opened it i didn’t read the heading at first. i felt it was a somewhat more conventional (but still so artful) ‘freedarko’ type of thing. then being its for The Classical it makes perfect sense. great job.

    speaking of that. it seem shoals hasn’t written anything on the nba since the finals. has anybody seen anything new?

    anyway. in the last thread people were still talking about how the knicks are still perceived as “laughingstock” even considering their great start. to be honest in context to the last decade or so what should we expect? even in seemingly decent times the team has been somewhat ridiculous. so much drama. so much talent. so much noise. let it work itself out. if this team is for real let them prove it. im not sure how i feel about them. there are still alot of questions and a lot of games to be played. i will say though i was watching the espn nba countdown and wilbon (who hates every ny team or popular east coast team) and simmons (who always makes fun of the knicks and rightfully so) were buying into the team and how they are playing. we will see.

  6. this is to Juany8 from the last thread.

    the fact they are still playing douglas as the backup point is seriously confusing. i watched machado in preseason. while on the defensive end im not sure he has a clue (it seems like he was jumping around and completely lost. but he’s a rookie and they have asik to cover some faults). on the offensive end his shot is questionable (though his senior year at iona he shot great and from what i have seen his form is good. he will be fine). but the guy is a GREAT passer. somewhat sloppy at times with the ball (again he’s a rookie). though he seemingly has amazing court vision. the guys is an nba player. how he didnt get drafted is silly. the rockets arent going anywhere. play him and terrence jones, royce white, and the rest of them. see what you have. i understand they want to compete. though there are some talented players you can give a few minutes to to see what they will do. again, there are many games to be played.

    and yes harden’s turnovers are up. he is also averaging 17 more points a game from last year. what does it all mean?!?! its only a few games. let see what happens. im from NY. please dont overreact like us.

  7. that last paragraph of my post was not at Juany8 but ruru. sorry if juany though i was jabbing him. ruru knows the game. i just felt i needed to counterpoint.

  8. Those jerseys…

    “I feel a great disturbance in the League, as if millions of graphic designers suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

    My profession weeps.

  9. PD, I never liked the McHale signing and am now fully convinced that he just needs to go. As you said this team is going nowhere, all the people predicting playoffs and getting over excited don’t realize that the Rockets need Harden to play like he did his first 2 games just to have a chance to win games. The truth has been that our overall backcourt this year really isn’t much better than last year’s. Martin had a down year because of injuries, but Lowry is just a significantly better player than Lin (and he’s getting paid less) and I still like Dragic over Lin, and he’s certainly outplayed him this year. Courtney Lee is a fine defender and good slasher and shooter, I’d take him over Brewer just for the ability to dribble some and shoot properly, even if Brewer is a better defender. And of course Toney Douglas is worth a couple of losses by himself, he’s the worst NBA player in the league the past 2 years.

    For anyone who hasn’t watched Rockets games, Lin and Harden’s minutes aren’t staggered, so when the Rockets play their bench you have Toney running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, and Carlos Delfino pretending he’s Paul Pierce…. and that’s it. I have to sit there and watch Delfino jack up 3’s off the dribble with a hand in his face. The fact that they’ve been going in and the Rockets aren’t dominating shows how screwed this team is.

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