ESPN: Knicks Add Cole Aldrich

Former Kansas Jayhawks, and perennial bench-warming big man, Cole Aldrich, will compete for a roster spot with the Knicks. Aldrich has been a quality rebounder and shot-blocker in limited minutes.

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12 thoughts to “ESPN: Knicks Add Cole Aldrich”

  1. chrisk06811:
    great.another thug for jr to smoke weed with.

    Far be it from me to intrude on a one-liner, but Cole Aldrich? A thug?
    You may need to re-think that one.

  2. Nice to see the front office finally listening to us.

    As for him being a weed smoking thug, I thought he was more of a bible thumper. Maybe JR will get religion.

  3. I think the Cole Aldrich experience will be a lot more fun if we just assume he is a weed smoking thug who intimidates the entire locker room

  4. DCrockett17: Huh?
    Far be it from me to intrude on a one-liner, but Cole Aldrich? A thug?
    You may need to re-think that one.

    I know! Just because he’s from Minnesota, sheesh… I mean, golly.

  5. I like that we had days and days of nothing to talk about, we finally get a roundtable post up and then the Knicks go out and actually make a move. :)

  6. Scouts have said that he’s a decent post defender/rebounder/shot blocker. Anyone have his per 36? I do know that he fouls a lot a d I don’t really believe he’s 6’11”..he just doesn’t look it. Maybe he’s just kinda hunched over like STAT used to be. While I would rather have Haddadi’s size..I do like the fact that Aldrich is young. And if we can get him goin, this will prove to be a brilliant and shrewd investment. My problem now is I’m greedy. I now want to keep Aldrich, Murry, Tyler, and Leslie. I like their potential. But one of them has to go if Aldrich makes the roster and I’m not sure who I’m comfortable letting go. Leslie kinda reminds me of Darius Miles with his length and quickness. I see him growing into a nice combo forward off the bench. He just needs to hit the corner 3. I like Murry’s flair and opportunistic defense. Since he can play the 2 or 1 and maybe even the 3 in a pinch. So that kinda makes him a great option at the end of the bench. I think Tyler is very skilled..seems to me like his maturity is a reason why he was drafted late and never really stuck on a roster. So while I’m happy with adding Aldrich in hopes that he or a combination of him and Tyler-Bargnani-STAT-Tyler can lessen the burden on Tyson, sorting out the bottom of the roster is probably gonna be painful for me to watch. I like all of those guys there. Maybe MWP backs up Melo at the 3 and we can stash Leslie in the D League until JR gets back and we see what we have at full strength.

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