Draft Lottery Open Thread

Just 10 minutes away…

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131 thoughts to “Draft Lottery Open Thread”

  1. I should have dropped a gift basket at Stern’s house…he lives a few miles from my parents.

    Come on Stern, Daddy needs a new point guard!!

  2. We have a 16.9% chance of getting the first or second pick, which is worse than your odds with a small pair against pocket aces…

    But you know what, I feel good about this….

  3. Someone please post the order!!! I don’t have espn…
    My wife’s grandma’s name is Rose – coincidence?

  4. Someone please post the order!!! I don’t have espn…
    My wife’s grandma’s name is Rose.
    And she’s from NYC.


  5. this is the season, right here. I made fun of my friend the Cavs fan for rooting for them to tank for an entire season on the statistically small chance they could get LeBron. but he did and they did.

    Dolan doesn’t deserve Rose, but we do. make it happen.

  6. “knick 3 game winning streak at end of season killing us here.”

    the Smiling Weasel’s last fuck you to the fans…

  7. Did anyone see the Doris Burke interview with Stern? When she asked him about OJ Mayo getting paid he basically told her that’s the NCAA’s problem not mine (paraphrase). It was funny. I don’t think she was expecting that.

  8. in real life it’s been decided already, you know, underground with other representatives from each team. BUT WE DON’T KNOW YET.

  9. Fred Hoiberg is in the house. I was at Mizzou when Hoiberg was da mayor of Ames, Iowa (Iowa State). It’s hard to explain how popular he was.

  10. You know what, FUCK the Bulls. For once, I’d like MY dysfunctional franchise to get a decent goddamn pick.

  11. This is the worst possible thing to happen. The dreaded bulls move up, and we get screwed again!

  12. “d’antoni REALLY regrets passing up that Bulls job”

    heh, you know he was thinking that while he was sitting there. “what the fuck is wrong with me?”

  13. We knew the Bulls would be Top 3 because they were jumped in the draft order. If you’re at the back of the lottery and your name doesn’t get called in order .. you’re in the top 3 (the only slots that get picked at random).

    If the Knicks weren’t there at 6, we would have known they’d be 1, 2, or 3.

    But no.

  14. jon abbey : “top six will be a quality player, though.”

    yeah, like Channing Frye or Michael Sweetney – can’t wait

  15. Or if the Bulls get Derrick Rose? They can kick Hinrich to the curb… they’ll be instantly so much better… damn.

  16. Well, I have to say, I’m glad the Heat didn’t get #1… but they benefit either way.

  17. 1.7% chance for the Bulls.
    Like that franchise hasn’t had enough luck over the years.

  18. How about Beasley providing some low post scoring for a team that desperately needs it?

    Although I guess they have to go with Rose since he is from Chicago…


  19. “bayless, gordon, lopez?”

    Do we want any of those guys? I’m so depressed.

  20. Also at #6 Lopez, Mayo and Bayless will be gone so we have to look at the third tier.

  21. “Damn, is there any way we can blame Isiah?”

    yep – the three game win streak

  22. Rose is from Chi-town. That pick is a lock. You can write big stories about the hometown kid. We can still get quality from our pick fellas and who knows we may get an extra pick from Philly if Zach goes south. Hopefully Bayless is still on the board or its going to get interesting. Jeez….there must be a miracle waiting for us somewhere.

  23. “Damn, is there any way we can blame Isiah?”

    yes, that 3 game winning streak was ruinous

  24. Ben R has a decent idea, altho I think they’ll exhaust their options on trading ford, before trying to move calderon.

    On the bright side… Don’t sleep on anthony randolph… Less a sure thing than the top 2 picks but the sky really is the limit with him.

  25. Seattle got hosed, but at least they got green and durant last year.

    I think the knicks best bet is to trade out. This could be a blessing in disguise. If the pick were one spot higher, I’d advocate keeping it but I really do not want Gordon.

  26. o my fucking god, this is a fuckng disgrace to professional sports, every fucking team in the league is light years ahead of us, and were picking sixth are you kidding me. UGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!………………wll to look at the bright side, this is not a top heavy draft, no real MVP at the top, but its very very deep so this may not be the worst plae to pick, i say go Eric Gordon or Jerryd Baylesss, ugggggh but jeez cmon the league could at least give us the top pick we r with out a doubt in the worst shape of any team of professional sports history.

  27. that is the problem with this lottery you cant have 14 teams able to get the number 1 pick, its ridiculous, that the bulls will get a top pic….how but randolph, lee, our pick to chicago for hughes, their pick and a filler

  28. heat and bulls were both contenders a year and a half ago, now they have the top 2

  29. “how but randolph, lee, our pick to chicago for hughes, their pick and a filler”

    sure…. except that their is no chance in hell that the Bulls would do that

  30. Caleb – I would agree about Toronto but they seem to really like Ford and he played just as much as Calderon in the playoffs. So what I am wondering is if they want to give away Ford and keep Calderon or keep Ford and a #6 pick. So the question for Toronto is what’s better Ford and the #6 or Calderon and if their lucky an expiring for Ford.

  31. trade it or pick love. I read his foot speed is improving under some intense training.

    I was hoping we would move up a slot or two…oh well.

  32. I got no love for Love. A decent role player at best. Either trade down or take the Italian and get him in the weight room. He won’t be any help next year but screw it, we’re going to be in the lottery next year anyway. Knicks in 2011!

  33. If the Knicks are not going to package the pick with an anchor, I’d say trade down a few and pick Westbrook.

  34. love, r u serius he shud go no earlier than mid teens, i say gallanari, gordon or mayo

  35. another good option is to trade for one of the memphis point guards conley or lowry.

  36. Forget Mayo. He’s not falling to 6. Gordon is a turnover machine. Gallinari sounds like a project, not to mention there is the Fran Vasquez issue:

    “I’m under contract for two more years with Olimpia Milano”, Gallinari says, “but I have a clause that allows me to get out for free this year if want to leave for the NBA”.

    What if he doesn’t want to play for the Knicks? We’re screwed.

    I say try to dump an anchor and trade out.

  37. Randolph, westbrook nice options. Has anyone actually seen gallinari play?

    Lopez or bayless could slide but I’ not sure I like them better.

    Would nets swap both their picks for #6?

    Would cleveland or philly swap picks in exchange for taking randolph’s deal? (They’d need to throw in a next year pick, maybe, and obviously salaries to match..

  38. I think at 6, Kevin Love is by far the best pick. In a D’Antoni system, he could generate a lot of fast breaks with his phenomenal outlet passing. Him and D. Lee would be ferocious on the boards, unlike the tandem of Curry/Randolph. Love even has pretty good shooting range for a big man, which D’Antoni is bound to like.

    I would also love to trade the pick to Toronto for Calderon, but we would have to add another player and I don’t know who it’d be.

  39. I guess I could have used Milos Vujanic or Frederic Weis as examples of Euro trouble instead of Vasquez, however the point is still valid.

  40. the #6 and jeffries for calderon and brezec? i think that would work, but we’d have to resign calderon. espn’s trade machine won’t let me trade calderon till the end of the playoffs

  41. Is D’Antoni acting GM or is Walsh in charge of personnel? I thought it was Walsh. If so, I’m not sold on Gallinari particularly given uncertainty about his willingness to play.

    Frankly, I think the Knicks should strongly consider a move down (or draft and trade). Unless a guy is gonna make a real impact I’d rather see the team pick up another back up who could give us some future flexibility. We have enough young developmental talents (e.g. Chandler, Balkman) along with emerging talent like Lee and Robinson.

    If the Knicks stay at #6 one player I’d stay away from at #6 (or altogether) is Eric Gordon. I don’t like his game at all. I just don’t think it translates to the NBA (reminds me of DeJuan Wagner).

  42. If we draft a forward maybe trade Lee and Collins for Calderon and a pick?

  43. I dont think being at 6 is that bad.. clearly there is some level of dissapointment, we did have a fair shot at a good pick. Lots of options for at 6. We can trade down, im sure some team will like a player that fell out of the top 5.
    Rose,Beaz,Mayo,Lopez,Bayless are probably all gone.
    Some mocks already have us taking Danilo Gallinari, 6-9 swingman who shoots the 3pter exactly like Bargnani with very nice ball handling skills, fluid and atheletic.
    I can also see us taking Love- his outlet passes ignites a ton of breaks and is a good passer in the half court set. The only red flag about love is that in his scouting report teams were told to run more against love, he’ll get tired quickly.
    Westbrook and Joe Alexander are two darkhorses. Westbrook can flat out defend and is explosive on the break. Alexander can do just about evertthing on the offensive end and is an underated defender. Some say he reminds them too much of Keith van Horn but others say he can be better.

  44. “phenomenal outlet passing”

    Seriously, how bad must the dude be for this to be always be among one of his strengths?

    Oh, since I haven’t seen the list yet.

    1 Chicago Bulls
    2 Miami Heat
    3 Minnesota Timberwolves
    4 Seattle SuperSonics
    5 Memphis Grizzlies
    6 New York Knicks
    7 Los Angeles Clippers
    8 Milwaukee Bucks
    9 Charlotte Bobcats
    10 New Jersey Nets
    11 Indiana Pacers
    12 Sacramento Kings
    13 Portland Trail Blazers
    14 Golden State Warriors

  45. Gallinari’s too young (and unproven) and frankly, the comparison to Bargnani is not helping matters. if we don’t trade the pick for an established player, i say we trade down for Augustin

  46. trade the 6 for and curry for a pg. Target Toronto (ford,calderon) and memphis (conley, lowry and crittendon). Personally I would keep Zach 20/10 over Curry no D, no rebounds.

    Otherwise I like love.

  47. Gallinari is nothing LIKE Bargnani, their shooting motion are similar. Bargnani is a stiff, Gallinari is a good ball handler, good look at some of the youtube stuff, the kid has a decent game, maybe at 6 it is a little high but there isnt anyone else im in love with either.

  48. @villainx

    The whole outlet passing thing gets mentioned a lot because it makes him unique. It’s really the only flashy part of his game; he’s just very fundamental and efficient. It might not sound like a lot, but it does generate easy buckets. If you’re skeptical about his size and athleticism, I definitely feel you on that, though.

    Anyway, Dave Berri, who is pretty tight w/ Mike K, thinks he’s more talented than a lot of so-called lottery stars (Mayo, Gordon, Bayless, etc), for whatever that’s worth.


  49. What about DeAndre Jordan? He’s a project, but right now we’re not playing to win and he’d fit well with D’antoni as a running, finishing big ala Stoudemire. I don’t really like anyone else much unless Mayo drops to us and have no idea if the Italian dude is any good though he sounds like he’d fit the run and gun as well.

  50. “knick 3 game winning streak at end of season killing us here.”

    the Smiling Weasel’s last fuck you to the fans…

    How do you blame a guy for wins and losses? Plus it made no difference since the bulls won it with 1.7% chance to get the top slot.

    6th pick….take the best player, I dont care about position.

  51. after the Weis pick, i’ve admittedly soured against any euro big. plus, outside of Dirk, there haven’t really been any perennial all-star euro bigs in awhile. sure a number have been good contributers and even 1-2 time all-stars, but none of them have been game-changers. and unless we can draft one (which i realize is a crapshoot), i’d rather stick w/ a home-grown guy

  52. “outside of Dirk, there haven’t really been any perennial all-star euro bigs in awhile.”

    I’d disagree with that statement.

  53. “I’d disagree with that statement.”

    that’s my bad. completely forgot about Gasol b/c of the Grizzlies and i haven’t been able to watch the Lakers games b/c of the timing.

  54. I was at Lincoln Center watching a concert while following the draft on my blackberry.

    Might I add a “fuck”?

  55. Knicks should possibly consider trading their draft pick for Jeff Van Gundy. They need a coach, and he could be there guy.

  56. I agree with the above post about trading down for Jeff, I just don’t know if his ankles are in the shape they were in when he was coaching. We might want to consider someone more along the lines of Bob Salvador, with a better set of ankles. Just a thought.

  57. Gallinari is a good ball handler and shooter. Alot more creative off the dribble than most Euro’s. 6 for him is a bit of reach but in a Dantoni system playing the PF I’m a little intrigued.

    Also with Dantoni being former teamates Gallinari’s dad you have to think Mike would get him to come over.

    Love strikes me as a tweener, to small to play center to slow for PF. He is skilled though….and again in Dantoni system…

    There is just no home run option out there.

  58. No surprise…Knicks get the #6…as in 6 feet under. Since #1 and #2 eluded them, time for some creativity. TRADE-TRADE-TRADE
    Bulls draft homeboy Rose, Knicks offer Curry and Crawford for BEN GORDON….NY homeboy/polific shooter/scorer. Hell…even throw in Keith Van Horn’s contract into the mix….everybody else is !

  59. Kevin Love=Sean May

    The best bet for The Knicks is to trade this pick, or draft that 7 footer Jordan.Reading the short bio on him from espn.com, he reminds me a lot of Amare.”Explosive leaping ability and great speed getting up and down the floor”.That sounds like a young Amare to me.

  60. While I’m tempted by any seven footer touted as “atheletic,” Jordan is a very risky move at #6. Quite a reach for him, I think.

  61. In the category of athletic 7-footers, Anthony Randolph’s per-minute numbers are similar to Jordan — more scoring (though less efficient), less rebounding, slightly more blocks, many more steals, much better in the assist/TO department… plus, Randolph did it playing almost twice as many minutes a game, and he’s still just 18 — a full year younger, which is pretty big at this stage of development.

    He’s more a forward, whereas Jordan is more a center.

    Both are raw and somewhat risky picks, but to my mind Randolph is a much better prospect — as much potential as anyone in the draft, outside the top 2.



  62. The way i see it, we have an easy choice right here. we pick gallinari, trade for a pick around 11, and pick augustine. right there and we are set. for augustine i’d try next years second round and balkman maybe?

    1.augustine (nate)
    2.jamal (nate)
    3.chandler (galinarri)
    4.lee (galinnari)
    5.curry (Z. randolf)

    that team isnt half bad. i’d say they could finish about 33wins next year, and because they are ALL young, we could improve alot. go up to .500 the next year hopefully.

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