David Lee Makes the All Star Team!

According to Marc Stein at ESPN.com, Allen Iverson will be missing the All-Star Game this weekend, and David Lee has been named as his replacement.

Kobe Bryant will also be missing the game (replaced by Jason Kidd).

Congratulations to David Lee!

Hat tip to ess-dog for mentioning this news first.

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29 thoughts to “David Lee Makes the All Star Team!”

  1. From Hahn’s article:

    There was a prevailing belief that Stern might first choose Shaquille O’Neal, because of his popularity and the fact that the Cavaliers, who own the league’s best record, only have one representative in the game in LeBron James. But two weeks ago Shaq, himself, said that Lee should have been selected among the reserves. “I feel bad for ‘the Human Double-Double’,” Shaq said of Lee, who is sixth in the NBA with 30 double-doubles in 51 games so far this season. O’Neal added that he didn’t want to take anything away from players such as Atlanta’s Al Horford, who was selected over Lee, but “if anybody should have been given a spot, it was [Lee].”

    Happy for Lee. Nice to see the commissioner recognize him as a top NBA talent, but more importantly, his peers recognize him as a top talent as well (as per Shaq’s comments).

    Translation: It just got a lot harder for us to keep this guy in NY, because LBJ is going to take his sweet time to come to a decision, and while he is doing that, teams will be swooping in trying to lure Lee away with money in hand, instead of waiting on the Knicks.

    I am very afraid.

  2. The Knicks should use this to their advantage. Time to dangle Lee to shed Curry and Jeffries…

    I don’t like typing that, but…

    No one is safe on this team

  3. This is good league image stuff. I’m not sure how that all works, but I do think Walsh has been good in mending our “standing” in the eyes of the league. It can only be a good thing for us to build on. Baby steps out the door…

  4. Woot! Congrats, D!

    The one Knick who has consistently made the team worth watching in recent years.

    I can’t wait to see him on a good team someday. Just hope it’s our good team.

  5. Way to go DL! If there was ever an example of someone who worked his butt off to improve, it’s Lee. And he plays against bigger opponents almost every night.He deserves the recognition.

    Let’s see LeBron throw him an alley oop and then wink as if to say “Knick fans will see a lot of that next year”!

  6. I am extremely happy for #42..I guess the NBA gave me a nice Birthday present by righting a wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love AI-but he is not deserving of even a reserve slot this season. That is why they need to change the voting. I think the fan’s vote should be weighted for the starters-like maybe a 60/40 split with the coaches so the starters will be more fair, and then the players vote for the reserves. That seems fair to me, or at least close to it. I realize that there are far less coaches than players (duh) so they would hafta come up with a formula to make the coaches’ vote make a difference. What we the fans should have a 100% say in is a vote for the skills competition, dunk competition and 3 point competition. I would love that…And yes today is my birthday..what a way to spend it-snowed in with no drank….

  7. Awesome for D. Lee! If anyone’s got ESPN insider, I read a headline saying the Knicks are interested in Luke Ridnour. Any truth to this and if so, what’s the status?

  8. I read the same thing, I think he’d be a good fit b/c of his shooting and the fact that he’s a better penetrator than Duhon-but it’s still a lateral move. Now, if there was a way too throw Jeffries in the deal for say..Kurt Thomas and make the #’s work-then i’d be happy..I think we all would lol

  9. That’s great for Lee. What sucks is even with that as the thread and all the talk here is about imaginary trades. Its worse than having to listen to someone prattle one about “is it gonna” snow “how much do you think we are going to get” … the day before. Is the team really that crappy (dumb question) that imaginary events and hypotheticals are more interesting than reality. Sometime this is like reading 87 Marc Berman articles back to back. Sorry and I will go back to the corner and sit down. And again great job David Lee and I’m glad they made the ASG for the best players rather than the gold watch (Shaq).

  10. Although it may be that he’s in because of Shaq’s stumping for the “Human Double-Double”. Whatever, it’s fine…who knows, maybe a play for Shaq for one year? Might be a good fix. Anyone?

  11. You know, I love Lee.
    But making the All Star team under these circumstances kind of seems like sloppy seconds…
    Lee shouldn’t feel badly for the selection because I believe he earned it, but it’s like the year the Jets scab team made the playoffs.

    I could be convinced otherwise. I suppose I’m reasoning through this out loud.
    But it is something in the back of my mind.
    It’s like Rusty Staub getting selected for the All Star game in 1970 because he was the best player on the worst team in baseball.

    Now, the fact that players from losing teams just about never get selected in the NBA and Lee was selected to replace a fan favorite who clearly didn’t deserve to be on an All Star team this year makes it a bit easier.

    But if Lee didn’t play in New York, the largest media market in the world, would he have been selected? If he were playing in Minnesota, would he have made it. Would anyone know it.

  12. “I could be convinced otherwise”

    Frank O– Lee replaced AI who had absolutely NO business being anywhere near Dallas this weekend. THAT was the asterisk, completely illegitimate. Stern righted a wrong.

  13. Lee is a very deserving All-Star. I am happy he gets to play. It’s also worth saying that, as I understand it, Iverson’s daughter (?) is actually sick. Obviously, we all hope she gets better. Nothing sucks like when your kid is sick. I thought some people (e.g., Tim Legler, who I usually like) went overboard demanding that AI step aside — as if “lifetime achievement” All-Star nods somehow began with him.

    I wasn’t outraged by Lee’s snub in the sense that he is widely recognized as a good player around the league. (In truth, I am more upset about the lack of love for the all-NBA teams.)

    The great thing is that Lee should be excellent in the All-Star format. He’s always open and doesn’t need designated plays to be effective.

  14. Congrats to David Lee!!!

    On another note, for those that want to trade him, I think its much more realistic to do it in the offseason via sign and trade…

  15. I just realized the Knicks are sending 3 guys to All-Star weekend [granted, only Lee is an actual “All-Star,” but still]. That’s gotta be the first time so many Knicks were involved in the festivities since ’94 when we actually had 3 All-Stars [Ewing, Oak, Starks]. This’ll make things much more interesting for me personally, just b/c now I actually have some guys to root for.

  16. Congrats to DLee. He deserved it, and its nice to see one of the good guys in the game get rewarded.

    On the trade front, the chance of the proposed 3 way trade between Wash, NY and Hou is probably nil now. Several articles came out this morning talking about a possible trade of Jamison and Butler for Ray Allen. However, now Ken Berger (CBS Sports) and Marc Stein (ESPN) are both reporting that a Butler for Josh Howard trade “looks like it will go through.”



  17. Gallo scores first 5 points for the Soph team, takes 2 more shots rest of the game and plays 14 minutes total. Started both halves but played 5 minutes in 2nd half and thats it. Im assuming he specifically said he didnt want to play much because of his forearm injury from earlier in the week and he wanted to be sure he was ready for the 3pt contest I hope.

    Of course I cant get mad at the Soph coach since it was after all Patrick Ewing :-)

  18. Real GM headline” “Cavs ask LeBron which trade scenario he prefers” Wow.

    Also, in the Post, all-knowing Berman has concluded, after hearing LeBron say “it’s all about winning” in regard to free agency, that the Knicks are out of luck. I guess he expected LeBron to say “I want to go to a team that loses a lot.”

  19. As far as the slow LeBron negotiations leading to Lee leaving goes, I’d heard that LeBron wants to decide quickly so that he can dedicate himself to the World Championship team.

  20. Gallo only 15 pts in 1st round, doesnt advance to Finals.

    Not a good All-Star weekend for Gallo with the Rook-Soph game and the 3pt contest.

  21. I know I don’t hafta say it..but Vote Nate lol…I wasn’t too crazy about both guys’ last dunks..but Nate’s was better…he was almost looking into the hoop on that dunk..crazy…

  22. Nate’s skill set would be best served if he was on a team that played the Washington Generals day in and day out.

  23. I voted for Nate, he didnt really win it more than his competition lost it by being the worst slam dunk contestants ever.

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