Daily Knicks Picks: Media Round-up 7/27/10

  • Scott Cacciola of the Wall Street Journal on Anthony Randolph: Long, Lean, Unlimited. “How about his two violent dunks over the Houston Rockets’ Yao Ming during his rookie season? Or his epic two-handed block on a breakaway by Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant? These are the sorts of plays—flashes of brilliance, really—where Mr. Randolph unfolds his 6-foot-11 frame and hints at what he might be, could be, should be.”
  • And Randolph says there will be no more excuses, writes Tim Bontemps of the NY Post. “‘It’s all on me right now,’ Randolph said yesterday at the Knicks’ Summer Basketball Camp at Pace University-Pleasantville. ‘If I don’t succeed, it’s my fault. It’s not on anybody else. The head coach is gonna give me a chance to show what I can do, and if I don’t capitalize on it, it’s nobody’s fault but mine.'”
  • Lastly in Randolph-related news, the man of the hour is doing a fan giveaway for his autograph. Rules to follow?
  • From STAT TV: A video from Amar’e working at the Nike Skills Academy, with what appear to be cameos by Deron Williams and Andre Iguodala.
  • Pinnaclesports.com posts Amar’e as a +3568 long-shot to win the MVP, trailing favorites Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.
  • Mitch Lawrence from the NY Daily News reports on Chris Paul’s meeting with the Hornets.”I expressed my desire to win and I like what they said about the direction that they want to take the team,” said Paul, who has been unhappy with the lack of additions to his supporting cast in recent seasons. “I have been a Hornet my entire career and I hope to represent the city of New Orleans and state of Louisiana for many years to come.
  • And finally, T-Mac with some insightful commentary on his future in the NBA, from Marc Stein and Chris Broussard. “I think, yeah, if I was the player that I was in a Knicks uniform, I would have no problem coming off the bench.”
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    15 thoughts to “Daily Knicks Picks: Media Round-up 7/27/10”

    1. From the first article I love the “I told him he couldn’t even make the Burger King team” quote.

    2. The addition of a daily links roundup is awesome!! Great read! Keep up the good work! Hope it continues.

    3. Great sources! You did all the research so I don’t have to. Hope to see more posts from you, John!

    4. What’s with the effusive praise by all of these posters who have never posted before, for a post by an author who has never posted on here before. Is that paranoid? Something just seems odd about this…

    5. @7 Methinks someone brought his own fan club. :)

      But honestly — it is a good idea. There’s nothing like a good link roundup to make my day of sports reading more efficient. Hope this continues.

    6. I dunno, I like when one of the regulars posts articles as they pop up, or even better, after digging around. For example, I posted the first article above @#36 in the last thread, and something like the 2nd in #33. Lots of others posted late-breaking articles in the last thread as well. Personally, I like that better, would like to hear what others think.

    7. Great article, massive. I notice that Felton and Rondo are similar in this regard, they are right next to each other in all 3 charts.

    8. @12,

      I found a couple positives out of that article.
      1) David Lee was able to be the best P&R dive man with Duhon passing him the ball, so Amar’e and Felton should be pretty good together.
      2) Duhon was actually useful (in a sense).
      3) Felton and Rondo were pretty close in those categories. Rondo is widely regarded as a top 5 PG in this league, so Felton being close to him in certain aspects is a positive.

      I’m honestly looking for Felton to have a break-out season (18 ppg, 9 apg, 1.5 stls). Not because of these stats, but because I feel he won’t be taking bad shots late in the shot-clock, will be using his speed more often, and will have Amar’e Stoudemire as a teammate.

    9. Oh, and does anybody think Mozgov cracks the starting 5 this year? To me, if he’s a solid rebounder (he looks pretty good on the offensive glass) and shot-blocker, that’s enough to place him into the starting 5.

    10. Not quite as optimistic on Felton, but there is cause for believing that he will be more effective on this team.

      Mozgov did not look like a starter on the videos of him vs. inferior comp at the end of the last thread. I’d be surprised if he more than a back-end rotation player until he develops a bit. Maybe 10 mpg? If he gets more than that, it’s either great news or terrible news, more likely the latter.

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