Curry No All-Star

Newsday is citing sources “with knowledge of the situation” that say Knick center Eddy Curry will not be among those named to the All-Star team.

Curry, currently averaging 19ppg and 7rpg, is enjoying his best season. Orlando center Dwight Howard, averaging 17 and 12, appears a more likely candidate to back up starter Shaquille O’Neal.

Personally, I think Curry makes a decent case for All-Star consideration but the team’s poor record and his own notoriously poor defense are factors likely to count against him.

Newsday and the Post are reporting that David Lee has been named to the sophomore team in the matchup pitting NBA rookies versus second year players.

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71 thoughts to “Curry No All-Star”

  1. I don’t think that Curry is an All-Star. The team record and his defense are not the only factors that count against him. His passing and rebounding are very weak and he is still a turnover machine.

  2. Curry’s defense, rebounding, help defense, is so atrocious it nullifies his offense. He’s a non-factor who should no longer start…
    def not an all-star.
    Start Frye at center, Lee at PF and trade Curry for anyone and a first round pick!!!

  3. too bad Balkman didn’t make the Frosh team.

    Howard is definitely better than Curry right now.

    Also, Ben Wallace has had a more distinguished career, and hasn’t fallen off so much, so he’s ahead of Curry, too, i believe.

  4. yeah, im dissapointed that balkman didnt make the frosh team also.
    The guy doesnt have great numbers or much consistency when it comes to pt; but he always does a great job when hes in.

    I have no problem with D.Lee making it; I do feel for frye. What a dissapointing second year for him.
    But snubs have a way of motivating players; I hope Frye gets his act together and realizes that he has to work on the defensive end also. ditto for e-cty

  5. Curry doesn’t deserve it.

    Shaq making it is, of course, a joke.

    But guys like Okafor deserve it over him too.

    His offense has been terrific but until he turns into an at least average (maybe below-average?) defender he doesn’t belong on the all-star team.

  6. I disagree, I think that since Shaq has missed so much time this season he does not deserve it. Howard deserves to be the starter and Curry his backup. No other Center in the East has nearly as much impact on a game as Curry.

    When Wallace was the all-pro defender he used to be, he went to the all-star game every year with an offensive game just as lacking as Curry’s defensive one.

    So it seems that one way players can make it as long as they are dominant enough at what they do.

  7. Dr. Himpfelhuber Said:
    February 1st, 2007 at 11:09 am

    “…he is still a turnover machine.”

    True, but then again, so is Howard. Curry = 3.45 TO, Howard = 3.63 TO. The difference is Howard does everything else so well, you live with the TOs. :-) He’s definitely the East starter.

    If you (anyone) concede that Shaq doesn’t belong on the AST, then I think Curry has a valid case. Not saying he wins over Okafor and Wallace, but he’s in the running. I would probably vote for Okafor as the best all-around player of the three.

  8. Better, I think so. More important, definatly.

    Don’t get me wrong Okafor is a very good player but he does not truly change games.

    Curry on the other hand changes the way teams defend the Knicks. The double and triple teams he gets every single game make it easier for the rest of the Knick team. He helps get open shots on the perimeter (which would be more valuable if we had consistant outside shooters), he helps Lee get offensive rebounds because teams are out of position trying to double him and he gets opposing bigmen in foul trouble.

    He needs to improve passing out of a double team and at least become an average defender before you can discuss him with Howard, but other than Howard there is not a center in the east that has as much of an impact on the game as Curry.

  9. Curry has a better case for all-star than Balkman has for rookie team. Balkman has been better than Morrison and Gay, but so have several other rookies with a better resume than Balkman. Craig Smith, LaMarcus Aldridge, Alexander Johnson come to mind.

  10. I would argue that Curry’s double and triple teams don’t help the offense that much as he is a terrible passer. It definitely does help Lee though – I’ll agree there.

    Personally I think it’s a no-brainer Okafor, just my opinion.

  11. Yeah, I’d put Shaq, Howard, and Okafor all on there before Curry. I’d be tempted to put Zydrunas there ahead of him, too.

  12. Not to mention Bosh and Jermaine O’Neal, who are PF/Cs. Hell, Dalembert and Alonzo each have PERs barely below Curry’s this year, and Alonzo’s certainly got the edge on him in terms of career value.

  13. For one Okafor is more of a PF than a C. I know Charlotte sometimes goes small with him at Center but he is really a PF. Also I think you are overestimating his importance. I think he is a very solid starter in this league but when I look at him I do not see dominance which is what defines an all-star.

    Bosh is already going and O’neal will probably go as well as PF’s so Curry is not competing for the Center spot vs them. About Shaq, the all-star game is supposed to be about this year and with his injuries he is not even the best center on his team much less the best in the Atlantic.

    If you honestly think that Dalembert, Mourning, or Ilgauskas are more valuable and having a better season than Curry well then you are intitled to your opinion but I think it is just your frustration with the team talking.

  14. Not sure how Curry is more dominant than Okafor. On the offensive end sure. But he’s only averaging about 4 ppg less than Curry on 53% to Curry’s 58%. But Curry’s 7 rpg and awful .55 bpg (Okafor 11.4 and 2.91) don’t exactly represent a dominant center. Okafor also has a higher PER.

    I just don’t see much of a legitimate argument for Curry being better than Okafor unless you go with the true center argument – which I don’t agree with.

  15. The Zo argument is yet another reason why PER is often a highly misleading indicator of quality. Obviously if you played Zo 40 minutes a night on his old legs he’d drop dead and his production would fall off rapidly and even while PER factors in minutes I feel it understates this reality. Also Dalembert looks pretty good, but his points are off garbage buckets. Unlike Curry, you can’t throw the ball into Dalembert and ask him to initiate the offense.

    For a good idea of why PER, especially on someone like Curry doesn’t always do him justice take a look at this ridiculous argument that was being bandied about after the trade:

  16. Not for nothing, but Hollinger has always been quite up front about the fact that there ARE examples of players who, due to condition, cannot play up to the level of their PER (like a Tractor Traylor or Robert Parrish in his later years).

  17. Ok, but who would you leave off? Marion, Nash, Dirk, Amare – you can’t leave any of them off. Maybe Iverson or Boozer or Tony Parker – but then maybe I’d put Gasol or Elton Brand or Ray Allen there instead of Carmelo.

    I forgot about Ben Wallace before, I’d put him over Curry for the All-Star Game too. And my point about Dalembert and Alonzo being just below Curry in PER wasn’t pro-Dalembert/Alonzo – it was anti-Curry. Nobody’s talking about Dalembert for the ASG (and rightly so), and yet Curry’s barely beating him in PER (which only measures offense, right? I’m sure Dalembert and Zo have got Curry beat on the defensive end).

    Why is Dalembert so close to Curry in PER? Well, Curry’s scoring 8 more points per/40, but that’s not as big as it may seem, because Curry’s using nearly 8 more possessions per/40 to score those points. Throw in Dalembert’s severe rebounding edge and the gap between the two shrinks to jusr 0.04 PER so far.

  18. People keep quoting Curry’s points per game. They keep comparing him to players and say well so and so only averages x less points they are not all that different than Curry on offense and that is not true.

    It is how Curry scores those points. Curry creates most of those points himself. He creates them in a way that not very many people in the NBA can.

    If a team went into a Charlotte game and said the game plan is to stop Okafor from scoring. We are going to rotate the entire defense onto Okafor’s side, double or triple him everytime he gets the ball, and pound him with our players every single time down the court. Not only would Okafor see his scoring stats plummet his rebounding and even probably defensive stats would go down as well.

    Curry’s offensive game is much more impressive and important than the 19 ppg he averages. He changes the game everytime he enters the court. Now that he is playing consistantly and his minutes are up his mere presence on the court opens up the NY offense.

    If NY surrounded Curry with consistant jumpshooters NY could easily have an offense in the top 5 in the NBA because of Curry. These don’t even have to be stars just good solid roleplayers.

    When Wallace had game changing defense he was an all-star deservedly so. But right now neither Wallace or Okafor have game changing defensive abilities. Couple that with Okafor’s average or Wallace’s poor offense and you get a good NBA player not an all-star.

    Curry is like the anti-Wallace, when Wallace was in his prime. He has game changing offensive ability and even coupled with his poor defense he deserves to be an all-star. Wallace was just as much of a liability on offense that Curry is on defense.

  19. Curry should be there. Who cares if his defense is bad, it’s not like anybody plays D in the All Star Game anyway. NOBODY should ever be an All Star based on their defensive prowess.

  20. Is there a reason people assume that All Stars are supposed to be the players who played the best in the 1st half of the season (smaller sample size)? As opposed to the better player or other criteria? I have never seen actual definitions coming from league office. I always saw the All Star game as a marketing ploy, a NBA commercial, if you will. In this case, those players the fans want to see (fan vote) and those marketable players (players with personality and flashy games) deserve to be in the game.

    As for Eddy Curry, he seems to me to be a similar type player to Darryl Dawkins, although Chocolate Thunder was better than Eddy. Eddy takes more shots that Dawkins and had fewer TOs and PFs, but DD’s advantage is: Blocks, Assists, Rebounding, Defense, FG%, FT% and flair. It is somewhat close, but Dawkins was better, in my opinion. As for the argument that Curry’s offensive game opens up the offense, helping his teammates: I just don’t see it. The other Knick players are overall worse offensively than they were before they were with Eddy.

  21. Parker over Carmelo is ridiculous. Parker’s good but he’s a compliment to a team built around Tim Duncan whereas Carmelo is the league’s leading scorer and likely the best all-around offensive threat in the league.

  22. The other Knicks are worse offensively than before Curry? When Q-Rich is healthy he’s been looking like an all-star next to Curry, bombing open threes left and right and getting room from his defender, who keeps drifting back to front Curry, to drive to the basket or shoot a jumper. And Steph (again when healthy) is playing the best basketball of his career, period. I don’t see who is hurt by Curry right now. Plus you can’t blame Curry for the fact that we don’t have any reliable shooters who don’t have chronic back problems. Give him even a one-dimensional shooter like Kyle Korver and you’d see just how much he changes the game for his teammates.

  23. he’d have to actually be able to get the ball to said shooters, he hasn’t shown too many signs of being able to do that. I love the strides Curry has made this year, but he’s not an All-Star yet, maybe next year.

  24. If you pick one center I don’t think Howard over Curry is a snub. As for Okafor v. Curry the people commenting may have missed the Bobcat games. Let’s see Okafor had 10 blocks two games ago, Curry shot about 5-13 last game both blowouts. The Knicks only win was on a tip w/ .1 second left in OT or double OT. I realize it’s a team game and Gerald Wallace went off last game but still.

    I never have understood the points made here and by the coach/GM about the Knicks lacking shooters? What exactly is Jamal in the NBA for if not jump shooting and getting to the basket when behind by a lot and the other team is in the “no fouls” defense? What else does Nate do other tahan knock down a few jumpers and get called for fouls? What other above average skill does Frye have? Q has one or two great games and then many silent ones, whether that is because of the back I don’t know. Do people want a Kapono/Matt Carroll stereotypical white guy spot up shooter? They had spot up shooters in Kurt Thomas and Michael Doleac and I guess Van Horn and Tim Thomas but dispatched them to get more “athletic.” All that talk is is the coach/GMs way of diverting attention from the scene of the crime, just like the talk of injuries or lack of playing time together.

  25. anyone read the artice in the NYTimes today regarding the Ariza trade and how it forced our hand into other acquistions(francis, Jeffries)?

    It says he was more of a player than Jeffries who has been a bust like Francis(who has prevented us from making any moves).

  26. mase – haven’t read it but it sounds exactly right – that was to me the worst trade isiah made, it just made zero sense whatsoever.

    And I was going to say exactly what Jon Abbey said. Curry can get double and triple teamed all he wants but the fact is he averages .7 assists per game. Hell – Okafor averages 1.2.

    I think Curry has the potential to take this offense to the next level. But until he becomes a better passer I think he’s nothing more than a very good offensive player and an awful awful defensive player.

    And yes I understand that he doesn’t have to be the one making the pass to get the assist to get people open looks. But if he wants to be an All-Star then he better either do that or start blocking a couple shots here and there.

  27. It really was a terrible trade, I hadn’t fully realized it. The article goes on to say we were forced to take Balkman and pass on Marcus Williams because we had too many PG’s…that’s crazy because Ariza is essentially a combination of Jeffries and Balkman….Isiah you dont make any sense!

  28. Re: Jamal as as shooter, he can be when he plays within his game and takes mid-range jumpers. But to maximize Curry he needs to work on a catch-and-shoot and get better at moving without the ball (something he is improving at).

    I thought dumping Van Horn and Doleac were both bad moves at the time because the pick and pop worked so well with Steph. Now we have no one who can do it except for Frye and he’s still lacking in confidence and consistency.

  29. Ben – couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Curry. He is an offensive game changer. And, as you pointed out, one-dimensional players go to the ASG all the time (e.g. Ben Wallace). That said, Howard going to the ASG is no snub on Curry. Howard has the ability to change a game on both ends.


    Yes, you are correct, the Knicks do have jump shooters – Jamal, Nate, Frye, Q. The problem is, they do not have “consistent” jump shooters. Jamal and Nate are consistently going 1-5 to start a game. Their final stats usually improve, but often the Knicks are in a hole by that point. Q has been injured on and off all season. Frye has not come close to replicating his rookie season. The Knicks need a jump shooter that can put fear in the opposing team, so that they cannot afford to double Eddy. All things considered, Eddy does need to develop some better passing skills however.

    I keep hearing how deep the draft will be. Does anyone have any suggestions of who the Knicks could pick up to provide a consistent outside threat to take pressure off of Curry?

  30. Good point. For all the “Marbury and Van Horn hate each other” they seemed to be playing their best ball together and we started clicking. And Tim Thomas just was Tim Thomas.

    Doleac was lethal with Steph on the pick and roll.

    I think if we wanted to let Steph and Frye run it more they would be great at it…Frye has more range than Doleac so it should work…just doesn’t seem like that’s where Isiah wants the offense to go – which is a mistake to me.

  31. This is change of subject but this struck me as significant in the Newark Star-Ledger:

    “Notes: According to NBA News, David Lee’s streak of seven consecutive games with at least a dozen rebounds off the bench is the longest since two of the all-time great rebounders did it. Dennis Rodman in 1993-94 and Paul Silas in 1975-76 had nine-game streaks of that type.”

    Lee’s starting to hit literally historic levels of rebounding greatness in his second season – why are we not starting him again?

  32. If memory serves, the Knicks were on a five game win streak right before Van Horn was traded. After we got Tim Thomas, another streak began the other way.

  33. “I keep hearing how deep the draft will be. Does anyone have any suggestions of who the Knicks could pick up to provide a consistent outside threat to take pressure off of Curry? ”

    what pressure on Curry are you talking about,
    you mean double teams?
    he can’t pass very well, especially to warrant having another role player/sharp shooter.

  34. TDM – I definatly agree that Howard deserves to go more than Curry. Also with Shaq as the starter there is no place for Curry so it was not really a snub. I was just saying that Curry deserves to go more than any center not named Howard.

    Also about the jumpshooting. We have two good consistant outside shooters this year; Marbury and Q and both are hurt and have been hurt at different moments throughout the season. Just look at how good Q’s outside shot has looked this year and he is not even a great shoot just a good one. It the Knicks had a 40% or better 3pt shooter to really punish defenses the whole Knick offense would look so much better.

    Jamal and Robinson are not catch and shoot shooters so they do not really benifit from the open looks Curry creates. Both of them feel the need to dribble the ball every time they touch it and that gives the defense a chance to recover.

  35. Mase

    I was talking about double team pressure. If we had a consistent outside shooter (someone that is not injury prone, and can knock down 40% behind the arc), Curry’s passing would not be such a glaring weakness. Because he is double-teamed, he finds himself in situations where he needs to pass more often. If we had someone to take the double team pressure off of Curry, his turnovers would likely decrease. Furthermore, passing is not like blocking shots, you can teach passing.

    Q has shot well this year. He has resembled the player he was in PHX. In fact, you can argue that he’s playing better ball this year than he did in PHX. However, he has been injured for a good number of games. Marbury – potentially playing the best ball of his career – has also been injury prone ever since being checked by Wally. Jamal and Nate are simply not consistent enough.

  36. TDM,
    Passing is not a glaring weakness when you compare it to his absence in the middle defensively, in my opinion…The last couple of games I’ve gotten fed up watching the opposition prance down the middle unchecked and watching failed defensive rotations in clutch situations but to his credit that could be bad coaching.

  37. I agree. The Laker game was a perfect example. Jeffries had a good game overall but on a few occassions, he blew the rotation. Frye too.

  38. If Curry would get those elbows up and start swinging them around (ala Ewing), he’d have an easier time passing out of the double and triple teams. He might have to crack a few opposing players, but only enough to get a reputation.

  39. “that was to me the worst trade isiah made, it just made zero sense whatsoever.”

    it was the worst made while Isiah was GM, but it was Larry Brown’s baby, easily the most lasting impact of his brief reign of total unprofessionalism. Francis’ contract is just more money down the tubes for Dolan, but it’s true that we’d likely have Ariza and Marcus Williams (or Rondo) instead of Balkman now if it wasn’t for that. Ariza was starting to play amazing before he got hurt this year also, his loss was a big reason why Orlando dropped 8 out of 9 recently. he’s still only 21 too, much appreciated, Larry.

    without looking anything up, it was my impression that Q’s good games didn’t tend to overlap with Curry’s very much? they certainly don’t play a two man game as much as they should…

  40. “it was the worst made while Isiah was GM, but it was Larry Brown?s baby, easily the most lasting impact of his brief reign of total unprofessionalism.”

    But In the end Isiah got promoted and LB was the fall guy.

  41. he wasn’t the “fall guy”, he got fired for doing one of the worst jobs any coach in history has ever done. it wasn’t like the composition of the roster was a surprise to him, he knew the players he’d be coaching when he signed, but he still acted like a little kid throwing a tantrum all year about it.

    and Isiah didn’t get promoted, he got an additional job added to his responsibilities with I believe no increase in salary.

    what’s really funny/sad/pitiful/heartbreaking/name your own word at this point is that right now, we need a coach to teach the players we have to help improve their individual deficiencies as well as build team chemistry, and on paper Larry Brown would be a perfect fit. sadly, in real life, he was just awful.

  42. to his credit, every place LB coached he started the first season off with a terrible record….They knew that so why’d they hire him?

    Most people I’ve talked to would’ve preferred to see Isiah go and LB stay under a new GM, the lesser of 2 evils scenario.

  43. As long as we’re in a Curry all-star thread:

    I think it’s cool that Marbury is getting so caught up in Curry’s all-star campaign and has been so enthusiastic about giving up his top gun role in the offense…

    …but it seems to me that accusing the NBA of rigging votes just to keep Curry out of the all-star game is less than classy behavior. They put Number 1 pick, sportswriter-worshipped, Dwight Howard ahead of him from a (barely) winning team, it’s not like that year that Jamaal Magloire went to the all-star game. If Jeff Foster or someone got picked ahead of Curry then I’d have to start thinking conspiracy.

  44. “to his credit, every place LB coached he started the first season off with a terrible record?.They knew that so why?d they hire him?”

    mase, the guy DID NOT TRY while he was here. the first job of a coach is to pick a rotation and more or less stick with it, he didn’t manage to do that all season, he didn’t even seem to have any interest in doing that. and what about starting guys in their hometowns? what kind of bush league crap was that?

    “Most people I?ve talked to would?ve preferred to see Isiah go and LB stay under a new GM, the lesser of 2 evils scenario.”

    can’t agree with that, sorry.

  45. “I think it?s cool that Marbury is getting so caught up in Curry?s all-star campaign and has been so enthusiastic about giving up his top gun role in the offense?”

    I think it’d be cool if Marbury focused on playing basketball a little more. am I the only one who has a problem with him wearing $15 sneakers when he’s getting paid $20 million or whatever? it’s a great thing that he’s doing for poor kids, but I have to believe it quite possibly is part of the reason he’s having leg problems now. and what about this talk show? keep it to the offseason, dude, a little more focus on being the best player you can be, including state of the art sneakers, would be much appreciated.

  46. Can’t say I care how much the sneakers he wears costs. It was a great thing he did and I’m really not going to put his leg problems on the sneakers – he’s getting older, he’s been banged up, it’s something he’ll have to live with.

    And I definitely wanted Isiah gone. I would’ve kept Larry Brown. And trust me, I was at the front of the pack saying LB was sabotaging the team. But I trust him a lot more than I did/do Isiah.

    Funny how every debate ends up back at Isiah/LB though.

  47. Almost everybody would prefer LB over Isiah and don’t buy into the argument he was sabotaging,
    The guy wanted to win!

  48. yeah, that’s why he insisted on playing bozos like Maurice Taylor over David Lee. he wanted to be GM/coach more than he cared about anything else, he spent the whole year trying to grab more power instead of doing his job. if he’d stuck to coaching and making the best of the situation he agreed to, we’d have Ariza, Williams/Rondo, and probably Jackie Butler and Udoka instead of Francis, Balkman, Jeffries and Cato (which is actually what that superficial NY Times piece should have said).

  49. well, joke all you want, but with the changes in the roster as noted above, our hero would have assembled a nice roster in his time here. it’s then up to the coach (ahem) to develop them into a winning combination.

    it’s really beyond me how any Knicks fan can defend Brown after what he did to screw over this franchise last year, but to each their own, I guess. but there’s a reason he got his butt kicked in the arbitration suit even though he had an ironclad contract: because his conduct last year was totally unprofessional, pretty much right from opening night.

  50. jon,
    your boy Isiah is starting Jerome James against Dwight..Talk about sabotage, is he coaching for the opposition?

  51. just to be clear, I’m not defending Isiah as a coach, he’s below average with his only real strength being a good knowledge of the pros and cons of the guys on his roster. I will defend his job as GM, with a few exceptions (and by far the biggest, the Francis/Ariza thing, is on Lovable Larry in my book).

    I thought the James thing tonight was a bit crazy too, but it seems to be working so far (early second quarter).

  52. What bothers me about Curry as an all-star (and as a player) is his total inability to hit a shot from more than about 5 feet away. I know he’s still young, but I would love to see him develop a touch from the field to keep defenses honest. At this point everyone knows that he scores by bulling his way to the hoop (which he does very well). A jumper would add an extra element to his offensive game and would elevate him to the next level in my book.

  53. Yeah, Larry Brown is a Hall of Fame coach, but he was just awful for the Knicks.

    A total disgrace.

  54. Curry was unstoppable tonight. By the end of the game, D. Howard was cowering on the other side of the court leaving Milicic to defend Curry alone. Curry fought through double teams time and time again, scoring with ease. He even managed to pass the ball out on a few occassions. The passes weren’t pretty, but they were effective. Anyone catch Curry’s behind the back pass to Lee for an easy layup?

    And what’s up with J. James getting two blocks? Still too many turnovers, but a great game overall.

  55. what a strange game that was, dreadful refereeing both ways all game, James starting, Jamal not even looking to shoot the whole game. we’ll take it, Clippers up next, Marbury gets another few days off to rest.

    how about this stat for our enigmatic boys…

    the top six teams in the East are Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Washington, Orlando and Indiana. NY has won 4 out of their last 5 against that group.

    the bottom five in the East are Atlanta, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Philly and Boston. NY has lost their last 3 to this group.

  56. Isiah made a gamble tonight starting James and it worked. He wanted Curry to look good tonight to send a message to the league for Howard’s all star selection over Curry. If Curry picked up a couple of fouls guarding Howard in the 1st, Curry would have lost confidence. Instead James gave a few good minutes and gave Curry a chance to dominate. I hope that his play tonight will stick with him for motivation and confidence as the year goes on.

  57. JZ – I do not agree about Curry needing a jumper. He is much more valuable scoring downlow. My worry would be that if he developed a good 10-15 ft jumper is he would start to rely on it too much rather than work down low. It’s what happend to Randolph and Brand both less of the low post scorers they were eary in their careers. Shaq never developed a 10 footer and I do not think his career could have gone much better.

  58. And their one loss in that span, Jon, was the one-pointer to Washington!

    While they needed a miracle tip-in to beat Charlotte!

    Yeah, it is really weird.

  59. I know, I meant to put that in, Brian, crazy.

    Isiah says in today’s Post he’s planning on sticking with last night’s lineup through the All-Star break at least, which means four more games. I like Frye coming off the bench, but this is going to impact Lee the most, so I guess we’ll see.

    we’ve got to split those next four (Clippers at home, Utah/Lakers/GS on the road) to have even a prayer of making a run at the 8th spot. to get in, we’re going to have to finish ahead of two of Indiana/Orlando/Toronto/NJ/Miami, I’d say a minimum of 40 wins are necessary at this point (which means a 19-14 finish) and even that might not be enough.

    every win makes it a little less likely we gave the Bulls Oden or Durant, though, so that’s certainly worth cheering hard for.

  60. Anyone concerned about Isaiah making a trade for Gasol? I haven’t heard any rumors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Memphis offered him for Lee in a package. I don’t know what to think about this.

  61. one of many reasons that’s not happening is it’d be too hard to get the salaries to match up.

  62. Even with our recent travails, the total collapse of Boston, Philly, and Atlanta now puts us at the 9th pick if the draft were today, and Chicago’s at the 22nd.

    I mean, yeah, it’s not good, but it’s hard to get that worked up over it when all the focus will be on the top 2 – 5 picks. Knowing Isiah we should be able to find something high quality with our pick or trade it up (maybe with Nate?) to get someone handy.

  63. “we dont have enough to get Gasol”

    why would we want him? Curry’s at least as good of a post scorer, and Gasol doesn’t play D either. he’s a way better rebounder, but Lee takes care of that nicely. playing Curry and Gasol together doesn’t seem to make too much sense either.

    “Even with our recent travails, the total collapse of Boston, Philly, and Atlanta now puts us at the 9th pick if the draft were today, and Chicago?s at the 22nd.”

    of course, with the lottery, that #9 pick could be top 3.

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