Could Eddy Curry Cost the Knicks Kobe Bryant?

It’s as official as unofficial gets. According to news services, Kobe Bryant has met with Lakers owner Jerry Buss and re-iterated his desire to be traded. According to ESPNNEWS, Kobe is willing to go to 1 of 3 different teams: Phoenix, Chicago, or New York. Of course it makes sense that the Lakers would refuse to trade Kobe to Phoenix, a Western Conference rival, so essentially it would be a 2 team race.

There’s a lot of speculation concerning possible Kobe deals. Chris Sheridan wrote that New York is a possible front runner, offering Jamal Crawford, David Lee, Channing Frye, Nate Robinson, Randolph Morris, Renaldo Balkman, and a pair of picks (’08 & ’10). Funny thing is, according to ESPN’s own’ trade checker, that deal isn’t possible, since the Knicks would be about $1.5M short with not enough small salaries to match. Even if they did a sign & trade (Cato?) to make the deal cap-frienldy, it would leave the Knicks with a roster similar to Kobe’s current team; one severely devoid of talent. New York’s depth chart would look something like:

PG: Marbury/Collins
SG: Kobe/Francis
SF: Richardson/Jeffries
PF: M.Rose/Jerome James
C: Curry/James/Cato?

The power forward depth chart would be a ghastly Malik Rose/Jerome James combo. The inevitable injury to Quentin Richardson would mean major playing time for both Jared Jeffries and Mardy Collins. New York wouldn’t have a draft pick to shore up their needs until the next Republican president. Glued to the bench for 35 minutes a game, Steve Francis would probably have his third career “in-season vacation”, and trading him would only leave a hole at reserve shooting guard. Isiah Thomas would only be left with the mid-level exception to build the team, and his previous acquisitions of Vin Baker, Jerome James, and Jared Jeffries wouldn’t instill me with confidence that he could acquire enough spare parts to build around Kobe.

Chad Ford imagines an interesting scenario: a 3-way deal concerning Los Angeles, Washington, and Chicago. The Bulls would send Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, P.J. Brown to make the salaries match, and this year’s #9 pick. The Wizards would send their disgruntled superstar (Arenas) to the Lakers, and receive the Bulls’ young players. Meanwhile Chicago would net Kobe with enough of a team remaining to be highly competitive. This would be a more palatable deal for Los Angeles, who get a star in Arenas in return. Even if Washington isn’t interested in moving Arenas, Chicago can offer this deal to Los Angeles directly. Either Arenas or the Bulls package would give Los Angeles bigger name recognition and more talent than the one Sheridan proposed above

From a Knick perspective, what’s most curious about Ford’s proposal are the Chicago players involved. Chicago received Tyrus Thomas and the #9 pick from New York in the Eddy Curry trade. So with the rival Bulls in a much better position to get one of the premiere talents in the NBA, I can’t help to wonder if the Knicks would be in a better position to get Kobe had they not made the Eddy Curry trade? In this alternative world New York could send David Lee, who would fit Gordon’s role as young possible All Star, and Steve Francis who would not only match Kobe’ salary, but would be a useful replacement. An offer of David Lee, Tyrus Thomas, the #9 pick, and Steve Francis is just as good if not better than Ford’s trade. In this scenario, the Bulls wouldn’t have Thomas or the #9 pick to compete against New York’s offer, and instead Chicago would be the lesser player in this negotiation. New York could still increase the offer by including youngsters Balkman, Robinson, and/or Collins. In such a trade, New York’s depth chart would look like:

PG: Marbury/(Robinson/Collins)
SG: Kobe/Francis/Crawford/(Robinson)
SF: Richardson/(Balkman)/Jeffries
PF: M.Rose/(Balkman)
C: Frye/James/Cato?

Assuming that the Knicks don’t have to sweeten the pot with their young trio, the franchise would have better depth and more assets to trade than in Sheridan’s scenario. Crawford and Francis would both be expendable, and could be used to upgrade the F/C positions. Even Balkman, Collins, or Robinson could be moved to fit the team around Kobe’s needs. New York would finally have the marquee player they’ve sought since Ewing was traded. But most importantly, the Knicks would have a powerhouse team to end their 6 year declinasty.

Of course this is just speculation. The Wizards may wish to reconcile with Arenas. The Bulls might be forced to make a stronger offer containing Deng. A third team like the Pacers or Timberwolves might try to acquire Kobe. Or Kobe might rescind his trade demand and stay put. But if, or I should say, IF Kobe does get traded to Chicago for a package that included the fruit of the Eddy Curry trade, I’d spend a lot of time wondering if Eddy Curry cost the Knicks Kobe Bryant.

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Mike Kurylo

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64 thoughts to “Could Eddy Curry Cost the Knicks Kobe Bryant?”

  1. I don’t see how NY is even being considered by Bryant. He wants to win and is frustrated with an incompetent front office…so he is going to leave that situation to come to NY?

  2. I can’t imagine NY would send 5 players for one – M. Rose would almost certainly be used to cover the salary gap. Either Lee, Frye, or Balkman would still be around to cover 4 spot.

  3. Wow you really will go to any reach you can to try and belittle Curry.
    Kobe probably does not want to be a Knick if Curry is not here.
    How are the Knicks minus Curry and Dlee any better than the Laker team he is on with Odom and Bynum?

  4. Arenas isn’t unhappy in Wash. Opting out is a business move. Lakers aren’t taking a couple of role players for Kobe. Unless he demands he wants to be traded ONLY to NY, he’s not coming. Even then, Marbury would have to be included.

  5. KB, great post. I wouldn’t do the Sheridan trade, however. The Knicks would be losing most of their promising, young talent for one superstar. If Bryant went down with an injury, where would that leave the team? With the amount of minutes he’d have to put up in NY, that certainly would be a possibility.

    Is there any chance LA would be interested in Jeffries in lieu of Lee, Balkman and Morris? JCraw, Frye, Robinson and Jeffries for Bryant. The Knicks could also throw in this year’s pick. That seems to get the trade through, and leaves the Knicks with some players to build around Kobe. Jeffries could provide some security for LA in case Walton or Odom get injured again.

    The rotation:

    PG: Marbury/Collins
    SG: Kobe/Francis
    SF: Balkman/Richardson
    PF: Lee/Balkman/Rose
    C: Curry/James/Morris

    I hadn’t heard about Arenas being disgruntled in Washington. I know they would be hesitant to trade him to another team in the east, but do you think the Knicks would have a better shot at getting him instead of Bryant? Just a thought.

  6. Yeah, Arenas isn’t being traded. I read Ford’s article, I usually like what he does but here he does what a lot of sports writers do when proposing trades: rip off the small market team. Wizards get hosed in both of those deals. Give up Arenas (for no real reason, as adam said) and get a fraction of his value? Beyond strange. He doesn’t even try to defend it from the Wizards perspective.

    I actually liked what he started off writing, that the Lakers would want to get a star in return. So why not a straight Lakers/Wizards deal? Wizards get the better player and the Lakers get a guy who can still put fans in the seat. Win-win. Arenas gets the money he wants, Kobe gets to go play with a decent team (for eastern conference at least) and play with his friend Caron Butler.

  7. TDM: The Knicks could offer that, but if you were a GM, who would you rather have to build a team around (Bynum):
    Crawford, Frye, Robinson, Jeffries, and the #23
    Gordon, Tyrus, PJ Brown and the #9 pick?

    Personnaly, I think Gordon and Tyrus are better than *any* of those Knicks. The ship be sinking out in LA without Kobe, so you’d want a maximum long term return on the deal. I don’t think they’ll care for many win now players.

    Any other year, and that *might* do it, but with Chicago so deep, the Knicks have steep competition. I think they need to offer at least Lee, and very likely 2 of Frye, Robinson, Balkman, and Collins, to compete against Chicago.

  8. I guess im the only one on here that actually watches and knows basketball. First off when i a player demands a trade is value for that team goes down. So in this case Isiah should only offer Francis, Frye and Crawford. Thats it, take it or leave it. The lakers get crawford a good outside shooter, frye a potential great shooting center/pf and francis a player who wants to leave the knicks and potential 20pt scorer. Why the heck would we offer up half our team to get Kobe now. If he really wants to play as a knick we can wait til 2009. The only move we need is to get rasheed wallace for a year and draft a shooter.


  10. Why should the Lakers care if Kobe “demands” to be traded? Why trade him unless they get a good offer (which the Sheridan offer is – so good for the Lakers that even Isaiah would pass it up)?

  11. KB: You are correct with Ben Gordon. Its still too soon to call Tyrus. At times he has looked like another head case with some talent. He could end up like Rasheed or Artest, where you overlook his problems because of his talent, but that’s still a gamble. PJ Brown is long in the tooth, but a solid veteran. I don’t see much difference between the 9th and the 23rd pick in this draft.

    If the Knicks could get another team involved, like Seattle, then a package of Crawford, Frye, Robinson, Jeffries, and the #23 could do it. Seattle would get the Knicks players, NY would get Bryant, and the Lakers would get Ray Allen. Or if Seattle could do a sign and trade with Rashard Lewis, and throw in Earl Watson.

    That would give the Lakers either a replacement for Bryant in Allen, or the point guard they need with Lewis at the 3. Seattle would get some help at need positions. Additionally, JCraw and Nate are both Seattle guys. Seattle could use to pick to try and grab someone like Aaron Gray for a true center.

  12. “Why should the Lakers care if Kobe ?demands? to be traded? Why trade him unless they get a good offer (which the Sheridan offer is – so good for the Lakers that even Isaiah would pass it up)?”

    same situation as McGrady, a disgruntled superstar with a year or two left before he could opt out forced a lopsided deal.

  13. The big upside for any East team landing Kobe is that the East is so weak that a true superstar could lead his team to the finals. Look at Cleveland, they were Lebron and a bunch of “other guys”. If the Knicks got Kobe to team with Curry they would be a Eastern Contender. That may mean they get there and get swept by a western team but it sure beats the lottery.

  14. “That would give the Lakers either a replacement for Bryant in Allen, or the point guard they need with Lewis at the 3. Seattle would get some help at need positions. Additionally, JCraw and Nate are both Seattle guys. Seattle could use to pick to try and grab someone like Aaron Gray for a true center.”

    First off, Seattle has used its last 3 First Round picks on a Center and I don’t see them spending it on another. Jamal seems to me like a player they Lakers would love to have because of his ability to handle the ball and score. If they added Randolph Morris, this year’s and the ’09 pick (top 5 protected), Frye, and Balkman, thats 2 starters and one rock solid player plus 3 young players. Thats more than the Heat gave for Shaq. I think it really could happen, which would leave us with:

    Kobe/ Steve Francis
    Q/ Jared Jefferies
    David Lee/ Jerome James
    Curry/ Cato/ Jerome James

    We would be seriously lacking on the bench, but we can sign a big man with the the mid-level exception for a two year deal, and take somebody in the draft and clog those holes somewhat. That would be a 50 win team.

  15. Jon,
    Do you remember the details of the McGrady situation? Was he even traded, or did he just leave as a FA?
    Either way – Kobe has two full years to go – unless he’s going to sit out the whole time, I don’t see why there’s all that much pressure on the Lakers. If they really want to trade him, they can wait until they get a reasonable offer – most of the ones we’re discussing here, or that Chad Ford threw out, are actually decent or even good for LA.
    And hey – it’s not like they’re great now. It’s not hard to imagine a trade making them better even in the short term.

  16. FWIW: Here is what I have for Tyrus’ most comparable:

    Shawn Kemp
    Tyson Chandler
    Kendrick Perkins
    Jackie Butler
    Amare Stoudemire
    Nene Hilario
    Josh Smith
    Al Jefferson
    Gerald Wallace
    Samuel Dalembert

    Not a bad list, but then they aren’t very comparable, since there aren’t many 20 year olds in league history.

  17. The only way the Knicks get better and actually compete for a championship (which SHOULD be the goal of an NBA team) is if Dolan sells the team. Only then will Zeke get booted (apparently) and a real GM get brought in to run the team. All other discussions are futile.

    Think about it – Isiah has gone through probably 6 different business plans. Coaches – he’s fired 4 of them. Players – he’s dumped guys unceremoniously (Shandon Anderson), he’s dumped guys ceremoniously (Jalen Rose). He’s traded for long term contracts (Francis), he’s traded for short term contracts (actually, he hasn’t). He signed players to untradeable contracts (Crawford – although in reality, no one is UNtradeable). He signed mediocre at best talent to rich, long term deals (Curry, Big Snacks, Jeffries). He’s decided to build through the draft (Lee, Frye), then he decided to trade young talent away (the picks for Curry). He put the franchise in the hands of guys who completely flamed out in their last places of employment (Curry, Marbury). And now, at the end of all of his running in place, not surprisingly we are back where we were 4 years ago – a mediocre team going nowhere, with nothing but albatross contracts on the books for years to come, and maybe a few nuggets of talent. Congrats Zeke – you’ve done the impossible – I am actually pining for the talents of Scott Layden.

  18. Here’s who Tyrus Thomas is comparable to:
    Kenny Walker.

    No seriously, until he develops some game beyond just jumping, I’m not impressed. Yes, his upside is tremendous. But he has alot of learning to do to take advantage of it… he’s a long way from Dwight Howard, a comparable leaper with size.

    And what kind of comparison list has Amare Stoudemire next to Jackie Butler?!? Is there some explanation to what that list really means? Because the styles of all the players listed are very diverse….

  19. I’ve never understand what’s in Kobe’mind.
    I thaught he was interested in driving a team to the title by himself.

    The Knicks should rather try to eject Francis from the roster

  20. “Here?s who Tyrus Thomas is comparable to:
    Kenny Walker.”

    Kenny Walker was a 4 year starter at Kentucky, while Thomas left after his first year at LSU. Let’s wait until Thomas can legally have a beer before we trash his NBA career. If his per-minute stats hold, Thomas can get along in this league with just his shot blocking (3.1 blk/40) and rebounding (11.1 REB/40).

  21. Mike K.,

    I love how everyone uses per 40 min stats so carelessly.
    Do you know what Tyrus Thomas’ fouls per 40 are ?


    case closed.

    Please use your stats more intelligently.

  22. FYI

    Renaldo Balkman’s Per 40 stats

    Rebounds: 14.7/40
    Blocks: 2.15/40
    Steals: 2.4/40
    FG%: 50%

    Fouls: 6.6/40

    now do we all agree that per 40 min stats are misleading ?

    i think so.

  23. oopsie. i used per 48 stats for the two posts above

    so in fairness, tyrus’ block stat is 3.8

  24. Excellent article!
    The Eddy Curry trade definately has hampered the future. Isiah with his ‘win-now/rebuilding’ schizophrenic approach will cost us Kobe!

  25. Hey Sunil, what kind of studies have you done on players with high personal fouls?

    “It?s pretty clear what is happening here. Low minute players who get more playing time see a decline in the number of fouls per minute. Additionally, the higher the foul rate, the bigger the improvement when give those extra minutes.”

    Again the guy is 20 years old & played in less than 15 minutes a game. Let’s wait till he’s a ripe old age of oh 24 before we decide he’s a wash.

    And no per 40 minute stats aren’t misleading, just misunderstood. I’ll refer you to this link, which will refer you to some good stuff on per minute stats.

  26. Jamal Crawford, Channing Frye, Nate Robinson, Randolph Morris, Renaldo Balkman
    Malik Rose, 2007 Draft #23 Pick, and Cash


    Kobe Bryant, Kwame Brown
    Rather than try to match the other teams in value, why don’t we try to take Kwame Brown from the Lakers and give him the Maurice Taylor treatment (drop him). We could also instead take off Malik Rose and recieve Vlad Radmonovic if they want to unload that contract and the salaries would still work out. The issue is then we are giving up 4 young players with upside.

  27. I totally agree with Kurt. Francis, Crawford and Frye for Kobe. Why dismantle your whole team for this primadonna? I don’t believe Francis is washed up as evident in his play the last few weeks of the season. He is just in a bad situation. Essentially, the Bulls would be giving up the same thing. A shooter, a big man and the #9 pick which would translate into a point guard.

  28. NY keep dreamin, there is no way in hell our Lakers will trade the best player in the game for some busts and young players that havent shown all that much yet!!! They’ll want 2 very good players(1 current star and 1 soon to be star) and some draft picks. You aint got it,period!

  29. first of all whoever compared tyrus thomas to rasheed or artest obviously doesnt watch basketball. no one is as bad as those two and tyrus thomas has never done anything to deserve that being said about him. overall the three teams that have so far been listed the only one worth talking about is the bulls the lakers wont trade kobe to the suns because there in the west. kobe wouldnt go to the knicks because he wants to win nba titles not conference titles. even if the bulls traded there ninth pick, luol deng, and ben gordon they would still throw out a better starting five like say wallace, tyrus, nocioni, hinrich, and bryant. not to mention the bulls might be able to pull off that trade without giving up deng. that would be a team that could contend for the whole thing not just win a couple of series in the east trying to mimic this years cavaliers. oh yeah one more thing will you knick fans stop talking about curry and kobe like its the next shaq and kobe. i watched him in chicago for three or four years hes the same player now that he was then. more interested in eating a couple of big macs then being a superstar athlete. hes been a dissapointment from day one. he cant rebound, and he will never average more than eighteen points or so a game.

  30. “first of all whoever compared tyrus thomas to rasheed or artest obviously doesnt watch basketball. no one is as bad as those two…”

    There you have it. Rasheed Wallace and Ron Artest, the two worst players in NBA history.

    McKinley Singleton > both of them combined.

  31. I am from the DC area so I’m not up on the Knicks as much as you guys but from my perspective down here, I’d give up who ever to get Kobe. I would definently put Steve Francis in on the trade soi the Lakeers would have a replacement shooting guard to replace Kobe and the Knicks wouldn’t have an ex-franchise starter sitting on the Beanch behind a minutes hog like Kobe. Get a youn, week, defenensive minded backup for Kobe ant shooting Guard. Keeping Marbury would be good to gve Kobe a nice run and gunner that he has never had and if you still get to keep Crawford or Richardson at the small forward, you;’d have a nice big three scoring threat with? good Curry at center for a fourth. I’d hate to hve to gurd tephon and Kobe coming down on the break with Crawford / Richardson posted on the trhee point arc and Curry waiting down low for the alley opp or the rebound, follow dunk…

  32. Getting rid of Lee and Curry and having kobe on the team does not help us. If we want to win championships we need to have a full team, not get rid of some great players to get an allstar

  33. Why does everyone keep proposing trades where the Lakers get more power forwards for Kobe? The only guy on the team who is any good if they trade Kobe is Odom. What kind of lineup would Odom, Frye, Lee, Balkman and Walton at the 3? Can anyone here shoot this thing? Smush Parker?

    If you’re the Lakers you can get a bunch of role players and first round picks anywhere. Teams need to offer either expiring contracts or stars for Kobe. If I’m Kupchak, I look more favorably on what the Nets can offer than the Knicks. Vince Carter, Marcus Williams and two draft picks will do more teamed up with Lamar Odom than the Knicks can offer.

  34. Please, God, we’re a good city and we’ve been through a lot… like Charles Smith. Just give us Kobe.

    Regarding the young Mr. Bryant wanting to win championships- what could possibly satisfy a colossal ego more than being THE guy who gave New York the trophy? I think the trade should be (to add to the other kurt): Francis, Frye, Crawford, and eternal glory… take it or go win a chamionship with a city that already has a hero whose shadow is inescapable. In Chicago, Kobe will just be 24 and nothing more.

  35. This lineup proposed first
    PG: Marbury/Collins
    SG: Kobe/Francis
    SF: Richardson/Jeffries
    PF: M.Rose/Jerome James
    C: Curry/James/Cato?

    is much better then the second lineup proposed, so I thinki the Curry question is moot. If that first lineup is truly a potential, then as a knick fan I would be pretty damn happy. though we would be thin on the bench, who can argue with a trio of marbury, kobe, and curry? Curry is on his way to becoming the best bigman behind Yao and Dwight Howard, Kobe is the singluar most powerful talent in the league (IN HIS PEAK!) and Steph showed signs last year of becoming a saavy veteran pointguard who plays stout defense and fits in with the team concept. Everybody says Kobe needs a point guard to take ball-handling pressure off of him (that would be Steph), and/or a bigman to draw double teams down low (Curry). Also, the knicks most glaring need is that of perimeter shooter/slasher who can score off curry doubleteams (can someone say KOBE). though we would be thin with that lineup, that trio could potentially be UNSTOPPABLE!

  36. Here’s how to get Kobe:
    Trade to Denver: Malik Rose, Channing Fry and your 2007 number one pick for Marcus Camby

    Trade to LA: Marcus Camby, Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson

  37. to add, obviously unstoppable would refer to th eoffensive end as curry can’t defend or rebound a lick, and malik rose is well…malik rose…but noentheless that would be a solid enough trio that if we could pick up a rugged rebounder/defender like a dale davis (only younger obviously) who would be willing to do the dirty work for Curry…if only we could keep Lee in a trade… Who knows, this might be too optimistic, but francis used to be an elite player in this league, and there’s nothign to prove that with a winning atmosphere around him he couldn’t come in off the bench as back pg or sg and give some productive minutes. regardless of how thin the team would be, there would be a solid enough core that we would only need two or threee more role players to fill it out. one way or another, if there is any chance at all that the knicks can snag Kobe (though i doubt there is), they should do it. Kobe is clearly the most potent offensive force since Jordan ( if not more so) and we can’t pass up the opportunity to bring a name like that to NY.

  38. The Lakers are in a very bad situation here…

    They are more dysfunctional than The Knicks it appears.

    They can do two things: Trade Bynum for an A-list player or Kiss Kobe goodbye. If the A-lister they get is a bust, Kobe opts out and they get nothing for him.

    I live in LA and they are pretty much resigning themselves to life without Kobe. He has a no-trade which he told Dan Patrick a few weeks ago he would wave (effectively paving his way to the Hawks for Joe Johnson and prospects). Until he actually waves his no-trade, he can force a deal to the team of his choice.

    I agree with KurtII. Kobe wants to be loved. He will not replace Jordan in the memories of Chicago fans.

    He could easily replace Starks in the memories of Knick fans.

    A distinct possibility…

  39. Why the hell would the Lakers trade on of the most explosive players and probably the best player in the league for a bunch of garbage players like Craford, Frye, Jeffries and Robinson. Come on people from New York, you guys are making me wonder that everyone in this state is just as “smart” is Isiah Thomas. No way, no how, nill, nope, no chance in hell will the Lakers do that to their franchize. Why would the Lakers want this New York garbage that cannot win together with the Knicks? Also, just imagine the drop in tickets sales at the Saples. Trust me, Buss is not as Dumb as Isiah and the whole New York Knicks organization to make such a move. Therefore, you could forget about being a competitor for a lonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg time, and just let the Cavs and Bulls take over the Eastern Coference.

  40. The only players worth any return on the Knicks roster are David Lee (will earn the NBA rebound title in a couple years) and Balkman (low salary, has not exploded like Lee yet to command a better market value). Denver wouldn’t trade Camby for Malik Rose, Frye (big step back in his second year, questionable toughness) and a late first round pick. Camby is one of the top 5 centers in the West. Likewise, the rest of the skilled Knicks have contracts too large to move (Marbury, Crawford, Francis).

    The “NY trade for Kobe talk” seems to be a way for Kobe to increase his trade value, like Charles Barkley did back when he wanted out of the Suns in the late 1990’s.

  41. The Lakers’ salary future looks good. Kobe and Vlad Rad are their only significant long term pacts. Kwame is expiring. Lamar is up in ’09. At which point, they will be able to go all in for the premiere crop of free agents, which I think could include LeBron, Garnett, Arenas, and ironically Eddie Curry, if he opts out.

    For this reason, a package of young prospects would be palatable to the Lakers, IF he insists on being traded (again, he has all the power– he can veto any trade, he can criticize his bosses to no end (as we are seeing)).

    And I’m not saying it’s right, but to Yo Listen Up and others who say “no way the Lakers trade Kobe for junk”, there is a significant interest for the league to have New York competive in the playoffs. Look at the TV ratings for the finals. The Comish does, and he knows that as NY goes, so goes the league.

    Every team benefits economically by having Kobe in NY. Their team will make more money when the Knicks come to town. Their TV ratings will go up when their team plays the Knicks. If the Knicks are in the playoffs, the games are primetime. That is just the way it is.

    The NBA has its ways of making NY relevent…


  43. Pssst… the Lakers LOVE Jerome James! That’s right! Jerome James straight up for Kobe! It can happen!
    (No more ridiculous than any other trade already mentioned)

  44. The problem with all of your responses is that they all make SENSE and have RATIONAL points. Can you name the last rational move Isiah has made? No, the deal proposed above does not explain how the team could survive with a power forward platoon of Jerome James and Malik Rose, and yes, they will lose major assets in youngsters and high draft picks for a superstar with 3/4 prime years left who has proven he has to be a Robin to someone else’s Batman (put your hand down, Steph). And that is exactly why I can envision that kind of deal being done. The Knicks’ front office is COMPLETELY lacking of any competent and forward-thinking leadership, and will do anything to keep their spot on the back page of the Post, especially with the Nets just two years from their arrival in Brooklyn.

  45. You Knicks fans crack me up. It reminds me of fantasy sports where one owner keeps “upping” his offer for an elite talent by piling on other mediocre parts. Like “sweetening” the offer for LT by adding on Kevin Brown. Who cares. The Lakers will get at least one star, maybe two. Hell, the Warriors would pony up Baron and JRich just to get the conversation started. Yeah, yeah, Western conference, blah, blah, blah. If the lakers can get a better deal with a true star attraction they do it because they need to keep selling out those $5,000 courtside seats. Marbury, Francis…who wants either one. Frye, Robinson, Crawford…throw ins that may amount to something someday. Get a grip Knicks fans. It ain’t gonna happen.


    Who cares. Kobe is still young. We have been patient for too long. Our youth players suck except for David Lee and he is no Patrick Ewing. If you were the biggest Knick fan there is, you would blow this whole team up.

  47. I love how throughout all of this, it’s been forgotten that vince carter will be a free agent as well and isiah has mentioned that he will go after carter.

    honestly, this franchise has reached a point where there are too many bad contracts and not enough talent to make any real trades. our most talented player (marbury) cannot win games but is one of the highest paid players in the nba. what we need to do is just suck it up for another two years and all their contracts will be off the books and then we’ll be able to start over for real. id love to see the knicks pull a trade that catapults us to the top, but it’s not happening. kobe is not going to save basketball in new york. getting a competent, business savvy GM like colangelo and giving him time to work with the roster will be much better for the future of the franchise than throwing ourselves into the middle of every possible trade rumor when no one wants what we have to offer.

  48. So, Francis CAN be used in a trade for Kobe if they have Tyrus Thomas, and he CAN’T if they don’t? It is ridiculous to assume a 5/6 for 1 trade would be needed. How is Francis, Lee, Crawford and parts not an option?

  49. I love the Knicks and I love Isiah Thomas. I always hated Eddy Curry, and I thought we would be stuck with him for life. But now, our team is full of good, young players. And we have another draft pick coming! I’m going to miss not getting your draft pick next year.

  50. if we can get kobe, we have to try. he is the best player in the nba, and we’ve NEVER had such a talent dawn our jersey. however, we’re probably 2 players shy of making it happen. i don’t think he wants to play on a completely gutted team, when he can either stay in la and galvanize his legacy, or go to the bulls and dominate the east for the forseeable future. I know he wants to play here, but we just don’t have enough talent in the end. KB may very well be the greatest player ever, and we were so damn flipping close…. the bulls getting our #9 pick certainly subtracts another chip we so desperately could have used… damn shame.

  51. Maybe the Knicks should set their sights a bit lower and do everything in their power to get Rashad Lewis. I think his game would compliment Curry’s low post game. This is truly what the Knicks r missing a scoring small forward. Q’s back is ripped up trying to post up and defend bigger stronger sf. Move him back to the 2spot so he can torture the smaller 2’s. Maybe work a trade with the cavs sending Francis and Frye and getting Gooden and a bad contract maybe Donyell Marshall.

  52. Al you Isaiah haters need t take a reality trip. Kevin Mchale/Danny Ainge/ and yes Chis Mullin – before Larry the dodo Bird dropped two fo Indiana’s better players in is lap to save Mullins job.

    You never hear a word about these incompetent GMS- especially the ex-celtics who have had and are squandering way more than Isiah EVER did. Obviously -so called knicks fans don’t look at other teams or stay abreast of current events- they would rather bash Isiah than think, do some research or give someone who is not a majority demographic -some CREDIT.

    Remember Allan Houston (still being paid), Keith Van Horne, McDyess (injured thru out), Shannon Anderson,Wesley, Charlie Ward , Howard Eisley- what world are you people living in ?? Scott (my dad ws a GM is how I got my job) Laydenleft the knickswith 4 players extending salary cap hell till THIS year and we had 6 yes 6!!! power forwards on the roter at the time incldingMalik Rose.
    And ddy Curry is etterMacieje Lame, Michael Swetey combined.

    This is what he hs done since then:

    And remember JalenRose wa due to Larry (Why doesn’t ANYONE wanna hire no more) Brown’s genius.

  53. I really don’t think that the Knicks need Kobe.
    This team is talented enough, but needs defensive players
    Look at Curry, he can’t guard anybody.
    Jerome James wasn’t good even in my country, France !!!
    Malik rose shoule be retired since at least 2 years.
    Why don’t trying to get Jermaine O’Neal instead of Kobeto play aside Curry ?

  54. If the Knicks do pursue Rashad Lewis they better hope Lenny Wilkins truly has been stripped of his executive power, because he will hold Isiah hostage in trying to make a trade. He probably will ask for Crawford who will be Allen’s successor, Frye, Balkman and our first round pick.

  55. 4-team trade between lakers, kings, nuggets, and pacers…

    1)lakers get artest, camby, and jermaine..

    2)kings get bynum, cash, and both draft picks

    3)nuggets get troy murphy, tinsley and 1st round draft pick from pacers

    4)pacers get odom, kwame, radmonovic..

    sound like a good trade…let me know what u guys think

  56. starting lineup for lakers if trade above will be done…


    this will be a very intimidating team….lakers will become an instant contender for the championship with this deal happening
    (very unlikely)….let me know wat u guys think

  57. I’d have to say the Nuggets would NEVER make that trade for two inferior talents…unless Kevin McHale takes over for Denver. Then you would see Murphy and Tinsley for Melo and AI.

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