Congratulations to Nate Robinson, Two-Time NBA Slam Dunk Champion!

And unlike his first victory, which was marred a bit by how many times it took to complete, this one left no doubt as it was voted upon by the harshest critics imaginable – the fans!

And with 52% of the vote, Nate “Lex Luthor” Robinson defeated Dwight “Superman” Howard!

Shoulda done a different last dunk, Dwight!!

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9 thoughts to “Congratulations to Nate Robinson, Two-Time NBA Slam Dunk Champion!”

  1. nate is a freak of nature, but who would you rather have on your team?

    in fact, if you were building a team and could any choose any player in the league, who would you choose before Dwight?
    …my list is really short

  2. I’d take Lebron #1, but yeah, Dwight Howard would probably be my #2 pick. Chris Paul probably third.

  3. I think Paul might be better than Howard right this second, but if I was building a team, I think I’d rather have Howard long term than Paul, as I imagine Howard will age a bit better.

  4. Both Paul and Howard are definite first ballot hall of famers, barring injury.

    Right now, the Magic have the second best defense in the league, with Rashard Lewis as their starting power forward, and Hedo Turkoglu as a primary perimeter defender. Howard has to be by far the leading candidate for DPOY. Plus, leading rebounder in the league and scoring a very efficient 20 points per game this year with the highest usage rate of his career and the lowest turnover rate. And he really is still growing as a player.

    It will be interesting to see. i would bet that more than half the championships in the next ten years will be won by a team with one of those three players.

  5. Did any of you guys read the NY Times Magazine article on Shane Battier…I know this is a a stat-centric site…interesting article, points out that Houston is using a whole different set of stats that aren’t typically available to evaluate talent…and that Battier shines in these more arcane stats (ability to create turn-overs, push shooters like Kobe to their worst percentage areas, etc). Just curious what you thought of it if you saw it….would think if those stats get used by more clubs, it’s a whole new feast for Knickerblogger….

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