Cetics 107 – Knicks 105 (OT)

Setting: The Locker Room in Madison Sq. Garden. Knicks players are in varying state of undress, some answering reporters’ questions, others are conversing amongst themselves, while Darko Milicic, completely nude, is slathering himself from head to toe with a mysterious lotion (a la Tim Hardaway – http://deadspin.com/237626/because-this-had-to-end-with-tim-hardaway-being-nude-on-youtube) that he supposedly has shipped in from the Serbian hinterlands. He claims it makes him, “More aerodynamic” for SSOL. In the corner, Nate Robinson is talking with Will Ferrell.

NATE: Yo Ricky Bobby? Why didn’t I play in the 4th? I was doing good! I don’t give you five during the game I shot at the right basket like coach told me to.

FERRELL: First of all, my name isn’t Ricky Bobby. That’s a character it’s not real.

NATE: I know that, Ricky Bobby. I did good, though. I blocked that other guy. The guy on the green team. He was going for a lay-up but I ran real fast and jumped real high and then I blocked it. Did you see that? Did you see it when I did that? Didja?

FERRELL: Yeah, I did. The problem is, when you we’re doing that pose to crowd, the Celtics got the rebound and scored anyway. And I’m not Ricky…

Nate starts posing again

NATE (screaming) Ahhhhhhhhhh!! Yeah. When I do that and block a shot. I do this Argghhhhaaaaaaza!

FERRELL: Please don’t do that.

NATE: Ok, Ron Burgundy. I do whateva you says. But the green guy was like, “Oh dip! Oh dip!” when I blocked him

FERRELL: Ron Burgundy is from another movie. And it’s still not my name. Wait, green guy? Nate, do you know who the opposing team was today?

NATE: (Laughing) Of course I do, Chazz Michael Michaels! You so crazy! You make me hella laff allatime!

FERRELL: You’re aware you lost, right?

NATE: Wha? No way. How could we lose when I hit those shots and blocked the green man and went waaaaaaaa (poses again)

FERRELL: Stop that. Stop that right now. You know the difference between fiction and reality. Stop or I will punch you so hard…I…I…(stammering)…God! I’m too filled with rage to come up with one of my trademark zany improvisations!

NATE: Why you mad, Jackie Moon?


I kid, but dollars to donuts some hack studio exec. is reading the treatment for Ferrell/Nate buddy flick where they’re, I dunno, wackily incompetent IRS auditors who by dint of luck stumble upon a huge gov’t corruption scam and save the day. Kirsten Dunst co-stars.

Tough loss. The Nix played really well in stretches and but for a unfriendly bounce on Harrington’s shot at the end of the 4th, could have won it. The real turning point though came at the start of the period, when Boston’s unholy trio were on the bench and for four consecutive trips down the floor, they failed to extend a 5 point lead. Killer. And why Eddy Curry played so much in the 4th is beyond me. Even before he whacked Rondo upside the head, he was a detriment on the court. Considering DLee was having a bounce-back game, it was inexcusable. Seriously, Coach. What were you thinking? I get benching Nate (again) after the showboating (see above) but he was having his best game of the year. Does Duhon have compromising photos of you in a skimpy policewoman outfit wielding an eggbeater and a warm squash? Please play the Douglas/Hughes backcourt more. Larry’s shown the same ability to hit Lee on the pick and roll (C-Du’s only real asset at this point) and Douglas needs pt. Same thing for not playing Gallo. I get sitting him most of the 4th b/c you don’t like him guarding Pierce (Note – I loathe Paul Pierce. I mean really hate. Maybe it’s the way he always gets the calls on his slow-mo forays into the paint but I just straight up despise that mofo), but Pierce was torching anyone else you put on him as well. Why not see if Gallinari can make Pierce work on D — something Larry Hughes & Wilson Chandler certainly weren’t doing.

W/a nasty road trip coming up, a win could’ve really been the springboard they’ve lacked. Alas, ‘twas not to be. Go west, young men.

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29 thoughts to “Cetics 107 – Knicks 105 (OT)”

  1. Btw, the Spurs play the Bucks tomorrow, so you can watch Jennings take on Blair in a matchup of D’oh! vs. D’oh!

  2. To be honest Blair hasnt exactly been on fire lately. He hasnt played double digit minutes in the past 3 games in fact.

  3. The most exciting Knick game of the year (other games this season have been only been exciting in the respect that Lebron was in MSG, the return of Curry’s shadow) – it actually had glimpses of last year’s team, which came out to compete against top teams.

    With a very tough West-coast trip ahead, I hope they can keep this tenacity (which they recently found and were unable to maintain last year against mediocre teams) and actually sneak a win or 2. Sac has been playing well, but it would be nice to win there and perhaps steal one in Pheonix for their coach. But this is what I don’t gamble, b/c even I know it’s not likely :(

  4. It’s funny, the Knick loss and my fantasy football loss really made yesterday pretty darn miserable.

    I’m still feeling pretty bitter.

  5. Since there’s not much to talk about as we await the LA debacle (and the beginning of a brutal stretch of games), what’s the forum’s consensus on the T-Mac situation? According to Hahn, the only we could make it work with Curry included would be to give them one of our expiring contracts (Hughes, e.g.) and a youngster like Chandler. As much as I don’t want to give up on Wilson, the idea of getting so far under the cap that we can pick up TWO max FA’s is really appealing. Then we get rid of the notion that no star will come to this team because of the roster. I would vote yes on that scenario, but I’m sure there are those that would disagree.

  6. I can’t imagine there isn’t anyone on here who wouldn’t trade one of the young guns (with the possible exception of the Rooster) for TMac, if we made room for two max offers. Can you imagine telling LeBron, yeah, so Flash is in if you are…and vice-versa? I mean, KG and Ray to the Celtics was big, but that would be bigger. I don’t care who our bigs are, we’re a serious, serious team with both of them on the roster.

    Of course, we could still use a quality big (and that’s besides keeping Lee, which at this point I’d imagine we could). So I’d advocate Wil, Jeffries, and Larry Hughes for TMac. Salaries work, and we get cap relief, and we keep Curry — who could actually be useful if we had Flash and the King preventing defenses from collapsing on him. Not to mention I was infinitely more encouraged by seeing him rebound a bit and play some D in the last few games; we know the offense is there (if not the passing), but if he can D, good Lord, we are golden!

    Would Houston do it? Possibly. TMac isn’t in their plans, so that’s no loss. Larry’s contract expires, so that’s no burden, and he provides some depth for the playoffs. (Yes, I think the Rockets are going to the playoffs, which would have to be a big story this year….) The negative is Jeffries, and his salary for next year. but again, he’s a decent complementary player on a decent team. Which the Knicks are not.

    I don’t think Jeffries would be the issue. The issue would be whether another team would want to make the same kind of trade and would have a better piece to offer than Wil.

  7. i would complete this trade for T-Mac in a sec…Curry, Harrington and Chandler..Maybe Daryl Morey would even throw us a second rounder for this years draft

  8. On that Curry trade for T-Mac…

    I think you need to get a third team involved. I dont see the Rockets taking Curry with Ming coming back next year. Curry isnt exactly great insurance at center.

    Each of the Knicks last 3 coaches have had some inexplicable loyalty to an ineffective starter.

    Brown had Antonio Davis
    Thomas had Richardson
    D’Antoni has Duhon.

    Each of the players was one of the worst starters in the NBA in the year the coach stuck with them. What is up with that?

  9. Watching the replay of the Knicks celtics game and I am encouraged by the minutes Curry gave in the third. I think he can really be helpful once he gets his game wind. We just need more prduction from the PG. I doubt D is going to pull Duhon, so we have to just hope he improves.

  10. The only question would be how long Walsh would wait to say yes if Morey offered that deal (Chandler, Hughes and Curry for T-Mac).

    That said, that’s because Morey would never offer that deal (or agree to that deal).

  11. How big is T-mac’s contract? Wouldn’t the Rockets want that cap space to sign free agents as much as the Knicks? Why would they waste it on Curry?

  12. Yeah – for a GM who’s got a system that values Shane Battier so highly, I can’t see a Curry package netting T-Mac.

    The one caveat’d be if Houston is desperate for Mobley’s sweet, sweet insurance-covered contract, b/c they’re in the toilet, financially. In terms of real dollars, T-Mac’s $23mill = Curry’s $22mil (over 2 yrs.) + Mobley’s insurance covered $9mil. If they get a young player (Chandler) on top of that, I’d could see Houston seeing the deal ias a net gain.

    If you substitute Jeffries/Duhon for Curry, they actually come out with a net gain on the books.

    In the latter scenario, I’d ask for Joey Dorsey back. He’s an underzied Reggie Evans-type who’s buried on the Rockets’ bench.

    But honestly, if Houston is ready to dump T-Mac, they’re gonna get 60 cents on the dollar, whether it’s from the Nix or someone else

  13. So the Rockets would essentially make the difference between 9 million and Chandler’s salary?

    That’s a more interesting proposition since I doubt Morey places value on trading for any of the young Knick players. No stat guy likes Chandler. And he plucked Budinger from the second round to be his Gallinari.

    I would think that Morey would much prefer to spend dough on a free agent and get the rebuilding process started.

  14. I don’t think Morey would sacrifice cap space for Curry. Which is why we offer (if T-Mac is healthy) Hughes, JJ(considerably less cost than Curry) and Mobley. Look, T-Mac is about to become a pain in the ass for Houston b/c they’d rather collect insurance money, so we don’t hafta send talent. If we can offer them enuf cap relief..they’d be thrilled. This way, if Chandler and Curry keep improving, we can package them to a team who needs low post scoring (Charlotte? Detroit?) and maybe even steal a draft pick. But only if T-Mac is healthy. If we trade for him to pull another “Mobley”, it wouldn’t do us any good today-and we need to look at least halfway competitive for the top free agents to want to sign. Remember Orlando the year before they grabbed T-Mac & Grant Hill?

  15. Yeah, I can see Morey taking Jeffries if it means he both A. Gets Mobley and B. Gets rid of T-Mac.

    That trade is not only feasible, but I think quite realistic. Would Hughes even be necessary for that deal to work?

  16. ess-dog–

    the Rockets are too close to the cap this summer to offer a max contract and if they re-sign Scola won’t really have any cap space to work with, so TMac’s $22.5 million doesn’t really help them sign free agents the way it helps us. Therefore McGrady is more valuable to other teams than he is to the Rockets (unless they want him to actually play, should he return healthy). If Morey can turn McGrady into useful pieces he probably should.

    The question then becomes: can the Rockets get a better package for McGrady than the Knicks can offer? As we learned last year with the Marbury and Iverson contracts, it’s really hard to match up the gargantuan contracts of the league in a trade. McGrady is really the only dead weight expiring contract of that magnitude. Luckily the Knicks have enough expirings to match up. Problem is, the Knicks will look to include either Curry or Jeffries in a deal, which should be a deal-breaker considering what we know about Morey.

    Maybe the Knicks should lower their expectations and trade Harrington and Hughes for McGrady and a pick. Hughes and Harrington could potentially help the Rockets more than TMac would, and they come at no additional $. Then we get a future consideration for giving up our 20 PG scorer and our defensive wiz!


    According to this article http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/knicksblog/mobley_contract_no_longer_trade_b8LxIcBn4UTEcGjuZqql5M the Knicks won’t trade Mobley but rather take the savings for themselves. He’ll retire a Knick anyday now and he will come off the books and the roster. I have no idea if Berman is right about this, and as Brian learned last week, one should never use the NY Post as a primary source. But if it is true, then your proposals involving Mobley to the Rockets won’t work.

  17. Man, the Post sucks.

    Say, did they ever even offer up a “oops, the truth was 180 degrees from what I said was going on”?

  18. Again, I see no reason why the Rockets wouldn’t go for Hughes, Jeffries, and Wil for TMac. Tmac has no value to them; they won’t sign him next year, and they can’t get under the cap if they just let him go. They’re going to want to cut payroll, and no one will trade all expiring deals for TMac, so they should be happy withe $13mil savings Larry Hughes represents. They also cut another million because the trade isn’t exactly even, so it’s only a net positive of $8mil. Are Wil and one year of Jeffries worth that? It’s a close one, but unless someone offers a better young talent, I’d say Yes. Jeffries is presumably the kind of guy Morey would see a use for, and Wil is young – he could become a decent part. (We’ve all been hoping.)

    Tell me a better trade, and I’ll believe you. But it won’t involve Curry (why would Morey want him and why would we give him up?).

  19. Clarification: When I said “net positive” of $8mil, that’s in comparison to simply letting TMac go. it’s obviosuly $15mil less than trading straight-up non-expiring deals.

  20. “Tell me a better trade, and I’ll believe you.”

    TMac to Detroit for Hamilton and Prince.

    TMac and Dorsey to Utah for Harpring, Korver, Kirilenko

    TMac to Golden State for Ellis, Claxton, and Turiaf

    TMac to Charlotte for any combination of their long term deals (Wallace, Diaw, Diop, Nazr, Tyson Chandler (almost all better players than Jeffries, Hughes, and Will Chandler))

    TMac to Chicago for Brad Miller, Kirk Hinrich, and Ty Thomas; or for Miller, Jerome James, and John Salmons; or for Deng, Thomas, and James, (etc…)

    TMac to Indiana for Murphy, Foster, and a young play; or for Dunleavy, Ford, and Foster.

    TMac to New Jersey for Yi, Simmons, Dooling, and Alston

    TMac to Philadelphia for Brand and Kapono; or for Dalembert, Kapono, and Green

    TMac to Washington for Butler and Miller; or Jamison and James; or any combination if the Wiz are looking to reset their bad cap situation.

    TMac to the Clippers for Kaman, Camby, and Ricky Davis

    TMac to Memphis for Randolph and Hunter

    TMac to New Orleans for Stojakovic, Armstrong, and Songaila

    TMac to Sacramento for Martin, Nocioni, and Kenny Thomas.


    I’m not saying all these trades are on the table, but each one provides the Rockets with assets that help them AND provide significant cap relief to the team taking on McGrady. Most, if not all, of these scenarios are more attractive than taking on Curry or Jeffries.

    But, hey– maybe Morey really loves Curry or Jeffries and thinks they’d be a great fit in Houston. Here’s to hoping!

  21. Z –

    It would need to be a trade both teams might actually make! more than half those you offer, there’s no chance. Utah gets nothing out of that trade, since they’d be just a few million under the cap. Chicago wouldn’t make any of those trades. NJ, are you kidding?? And why would Sacramento give up Martin? Indiana wouldn’t give up those decent players for cap room either, not when they’re so far from getting below the cap. Golden State: this one would make sense, but I’ve never seen Nelly make a trade for cap space. He’d rather trade a half dozen players and start over.

    Of course, there is one other factor to consider – cash is tight for lots of teams. Would New Orleans make that trade? Maybe. They must be wondering what they’ll have once CP3 is gone, though will they shed payroll before they absolutely have to in case CP3 might stay? Does Memphis need to lose payroll? That’s the word. Is Washington approaching desperate? Probably. And I guess that’s all it would take – one team that needs to shed payroll that has a player like Caron Butler to dangle.

    Still, since Houston wouldn’t likely take a player like Z-Bo, there are few trades you offer that both teams would go for even considering the cash factor. So I’ll hope that the two or three that make sense won’t be financially necessary for those teams….

  22. @ Owen & @ Frank-Kevin Martin would be a great fit in NY! lol..but his salary…I’m begginin to hate LeBron for makin us save all this money! lmao

  23. Rama– I agree that most of these trades aren’t really on the table, but they have to all be OFF the table for the Rockets to take Curry or Jeffries.

    And remember, with the luxury tax factored in, teams can save alot of money by taking McGrady. The Hornets, a team on the brink of bankruptcy a year ago, could save over $30 million. The Jazz can save $35 million by packaging Kirilenko. Indiana could feasibly save $40 million. Sacramento could save $55 million if they made a Martin, Nocioni, Thomas deal!

    The Pistons could save $50 million by dealing Hamilton and Prince AND get themselves $25 million under the cap this summer! Both would be more useful to the Rockets than McGrady.

    So it’s not really outrageous that one of these trades could happen. At least, not anymore outrageous than a Curry to the Rockets trade.

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