Celtics REDACTED, Knicks 404 NOT FOUND

Tonight the Knicks and Celtics had a preseason game scheduled.  If you choose to accept that it happened, feel free to comment on it below.  If you want to believe that summer can last forever and backdoor cuts past an unsuspecting Andrea Bargnani are still a glimmer in the eye of a distant autumn, then by all means fly away from these parts like a beggar on his wish-horse.  Whatever happened tonight (which I’m not conceding was ANYTHING) is the first warm-up stretch before an 8-month-long marathon and it’s hardly the time to pull a muscle or — if I may terminate the extended metaphor and speak plainly — have a rage-stroke.  Let’s play this one all calm-like.

Or, talk about it below.   At your own risk.

Stay gold, Ponyboys and Ponygirls.


PS: Who wore it better?!


When asked if his suit was selected by a personal stylist, Fisher replied:



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2 thoughts to “Celtics REDACTED, Knicks 404 NOT FOUND”

  1. i know its preseason and all but i think we gonna lose all of the games this season. like, absolutely all of the games.

  2. 1st preseason game. New coach. New system. New rotation pieces. That said, I am an avid Knicks fan so I hafta say something lol. For the most part, the players looked like I thought they would in the first preseason game under the aforementioned circumstances. I didn’t expect Sully to go all Dirk on the team and for the team to get blown out. Here are the things that stood out to me:
    1. Calderon looked like a natural in the Triangle.
    2. STAT looks kinda spry.
    3. Prigs looks steady…good thing because..
    4. Larkin turns the ball over way too much. He’s trying too hard.
    5. Dalembert looks active
    6. Wear looks intriguing..I hope the team can find a way to keep him.
    7. TH2 looks ready to take the next step
    8. Bargs looks like he’s overthinking. And he looks even more confused on D. He is moving around pretty well. Still don’t like him at the 4.
    9. Acy looks bigger than 6’7″ 225. can he become a poor man’s Haslem or Faried? If so, then acquiring him is a brilliant move. He shot the ball too much though.
    10. Outlaw does not deserve burn over Early. Someone needs to tell Early to relax and just play. He’s definitely a fit.

    I can’t wait until Jason Smith and Shump returns to see how the rotation plays out. JR looks as if he’s trying to play more controlled and within the system. If that’s the case- he starts. And if he does..he better work on his defense. The team has a lot of work to do before the start of the season, but I think the makings of a good team from top to bottom are there. Should be a refreshing season.

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