Cavs 93 Knicks 97

Again quick notes.

* I’d like to write a program so that when I hit a key combination (CTRL-ALT-F1, for example) it spits out the sentence: “I?ve said it before and I?ll say it again, the Knicks need to work on their last second plays.” This is the lineup Isiah had in for the final shot: Marbury, Jeffries, Rose, Frye, Curry. And Isiah subbed in Jeffries specifically for that play. Why put in a defensive specialist with a career PPG of 6.1 for the last play when you have the ball? In fact, why have two of them (Rose)? Again there seemed to be no play, just a “you guys improvise out there” talk from Isiah. Luckily Marbury hits the three pointer, and this is all just a cranky blogger nit picking. But this situation bites them on the ass so many times.

* On that last shot, Frye passed the ball with 4 seconds on the shot clock. You can’t really blame him, but he does do that a lot. Someone needs to teach him how to look at the shot clock every now and then.

* When Randolph Morris entered the game I had to explain to my wife the significance of this situation. Hopefully 5 years from now when she’s on Jeopardy and the final question is “who is the first player to score in March Madness and the NBA in the same month” she’ll know the answer.

* Taking my advice from yesterday, Isiah gave Jerome James some second half running. Thanks for reading Zeke, feel free to comment!

* Boy our guards are good at rebounding, or is it that the rest of the team doesn’t apply themselves? Marbury and Nate both outrebounded Curry, and if Collins didn’t play 10 less minutes, we’d be including him here as well.

* Oh and hey we won a game!

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43 thoughts to “Cavs 93 Knicks 97”

  1. I really wish I could get a coherant explanation for the victory tonight after the awful games they played the past week or two. Did they just go to sleep after Dolan gave IT the extension? It looked like an effort thing tonight. For example, Curry looked like he was awake most of the time.

  2. I think it’s safe to say the Pacers are out. They’re looking just as dreadful even with Jermaine back. man, Kidd really has been the bane of the Knick’s existence since he got here. I’d count on the magic failing before the nets.

  3. Coherent explanation? Well, the Knicks were playing at home (now 19-18 record) against a team who played the night before. I count the Cavs as 7-11 in back to back games this year, 36-18 otherwise. Cavs are also 16-19 on the road overall. Knicks looked like a clear favorite going into the game, despite their poor overall record.
    Does anyone know of a website with complete standings, including record in back to back games?

  4. I think the Cavs offense is limited because every other touch has to be LeBron and the focus is setting screens for him. LeBron takes too much time off the clock when he has the ball.

    The result was too many poor jumpers (except Sasha Pavolvic)who was wide open on way too many occasions.

  5. I still think LeBron wants to play in NY at some point, either for the Knicks or maybe for the Nets in Brooklyn, since he’s buddies with Jay-Z. he used to wear a Yankee hat to press conferences all the time, although I haven’t seen him do that this year. and check out these quotes after last night’s game:


    “For one, their back is against the wall,” James said in praising the defensively stout club. “And come on, this city deserves a playoff team. It doesn’t make sense for them to have all that talent and not to make the playoffs. And I think Isiah (Thomas) definitely has them on the right path.

    “As a fan, I would like to see them in the playoffs. Hopefully if they make it – maybe we’ll see them in the first round.”


    he’s under contract through 2009-2010, so three more seasons. it’ll be interesting to see what happens then.

  6. Lebron James has a player option for 2009-2010. Assuming, for the sake of argument, he declines it in order to secure a larger, longer term contract, in that same off-season, the Knicks already have $41 million in salary committed.

    This is assuming that between now and then, they don’t take on any new salaries.

    They would have had $29 million, except they decided to pay the JJ’s (Jerome James and Jared Jeffries) a combined $12 million for that season.

    That’s $12 million dollars of salary cap space thrown away to completely useless basketball players that are now impeding offering one of the best players of his generation a real contract.

    The long term consequences of fiscal incompetence strike again.

  7. Several things that would mitigate that 41 million salary:

    1. We could theoretically trade some of the bad contracts with young talen to get under the cap if we anticipate a legitimate chance at someone like Lebron. The only truly unmoveable ones, assuming we don’t trade for Baron Davis or something, are Steph and Francis and those will expire on their own by then.

    2. If Lebron wants to go to New York he’s going to New York. He can force a sign and trade so the Knicks could still get him at his normal rates.

    3. Lebron could sign for less to play with the Knicks since in the end the money will be the same. Everyone’s heard about his supposed endorsement deals that kick in tens of millions if he plays in New York. The larger market would probably in the end make him even more money than a marginally bigger contract somewhere else.

    In the end, if we don’t get Lebron I doubt it will be because we weren’t significantly under the cap.

  8. “Assuming, for the sake of argument, he declines it in order to secure a larger, longer term contract”

    we’re not talking about A-Rod here, if LeBron came to NY, it wouldn’t be because this is where he’d receive the biggest salary. it would be to be the long-awaited savior of NYC basketball, and on the monetary side, as Dan said, the endorsement income would skyrocket. his quest to be a “global brand” or whatever the hell he said on Sportscenter a few months back would be decidedly helped by being based here.

  9. I think the phrase you are looking for is

    “Lebron James: Global Icon”

    He is a great player, and he will be in his absolute prime in three years. That said, I dont love watching him play. But he would make us winners again.

    I am not even going to bother to point out that Eddy Curry had problems rebounding and maintaining possession last night. At least he scored some points when we needed them.

  10. knicks looked a lot better last night when starbury wasn’t jacking up shots at will – we distributed the ball evenly and everyone was getting involved – starbury needs more dishing less swishing

  11. lebron irritates me.

    1. The refs give him all the calls. If he drives to the basket and makes any indication that he was touched at all, the whistle blows. it must be so frustrating to guard him.

    2. looks like he doesn’t give a shit half the time. usually i would argue with someone who says this, because elite athletes often just look like they aren’t trying. thats why they’re elite athletes. malik rose has to huff and puff to move around the court well, lebron doesn’.t

    but lebron’s a special case. the first half of this season, he was just such a blah player. not the budding superstar he should be.

    3. all this global icon shit. focus on hoops. win a fucking title first, then you can talk about expanding your brand saturation into Upper fucking Mongolia.

  12. “The refs give him all the calls. If he drives to the basket and makes any indication that he was touched at all, the whistle blows. it must be so frustrating to guard him.”

    Wade gets way, way more calls, so you must really hate him.

    “looks like he doesn?t give a shit half the time. usually i would argue with someone who says this, because elite athletes often just look like they aren?t trying. thats why they?re elite athletes. malik rose has to huff and puff to move around the court well, lebron doesn?.t

    but lebron?s a special case. the first half of this season, he was just such a blah player. not the budding superstar he should be.”

    the season’s too long, players are smart to not kill themselves all 82 games. Detroit didn’t pace themselves last year and ran out of gas in the playoffs, I think Phoenix is on a similar track last year.

    I personally thought all the mid-season criticism of LeBron was absurd. his team is as well positioned as they could be given the minimal talent around him, and until he disappoints in the playoffs, I think he’s above criticism. if he doesn’t get Cleveland to the conference finals this year, then I’d say going after him is fair game. in the meantime, Wade goes all out every game and look where he is now.

  13. #!/bin/bash
    if [ $closegame = true ]; then
    echo ‘I?ve said it before and I?ll say it again, the Knicks need to work on their last second plays.’
    echo ‘Go Knicks!’

  14. Re: Knicks Salary cap

    It is my belief that either Garnett or Jermaine Oneal will be a Knick next season. That belief was strengthened with the signing of Randolph Morris. Frye is the odd man out.

    Lebron James

    Lebron is a boring superstar. He does not have the swagger of Kobe, Iverson or even Wade. I don’t have this burning desire to see him on the Knicks. Then again he might be a perfect fit the way he shoots free throws.

  15. yeah, as I’ve said before, the next (and close to final) step in the rebuilding plan does seem to be to put together a package for an available superstar. hopefully Isiah picks the right one and makes the right deal, since this will go a long way towards deciding his legacy with the Knicks.

  16. “Allan Houston attended last night?s game and was a surprise visitor to the Knicks? morning shootaround in Greenburgh. The former Knicks shooting guard has remained noncommittal about a possible comeback. At least two NBA coaches believe that Houston is planning to play again. Houston, whose contract expires this summer, retired in October 2005 with chronic knee pain. Until then, he remains the second highest paid player in the league at $20.7 million behind Minnesota?s Kevin Garnett ($21 million).?

    From the Daily News

    Just amazing to think Allan Houston is paid 20.7 million…

  17. Recent overpaid Knicks

    Marbury- 17 Mill
    Steve Francis- 16 Mill
    Penny Hardaway- 15 Mill
    Tim Thomas- 12 Mill
    Allen Houston- 21 Mill
    Jalen Rose- 16 Mill
    Maurice Taylor – 10 Mill
    Shadon Anderson- 9 Mill

    and we also almost got Chris Webber. I’m SO glad we adressed our issues by signing free agents, espiceally a top 20 pick in Randolph Morris. The Knicks have signed solid talent in Ime Udoka and Matt Barnes. They also signed Jermaine Jackson who played well when he was with us. If we keep salary down we could sign somebody very good, and to do this I vote we only sign cheap free agents, or at least free agents to SHORTER DEALS.

  18. Agreed. I never understand how all these championship NBA teams have role players making 2 or 3 mil a year – don’t they know that when you find someone you like you have to drop 30 mil and 5 years AT LEAST?

  19. Just read that Francis didn’t make the trip out to Dallas. It appears he’ll be out for tonight and tomorrow’s game against the Hornets.

    I hate losing another player, but it gives Collins an opportunity to step up his game.

  20. Francis has two years left for what, $30 mil? I say send him home for next year, and hope some desperate team will give us something worthwhile for his expiring deal.

    Otherwise, Isaiah will have to find the same arbitrator who got him out of paying Larry Brown.

  21. So, what was the controversy on Marbury’s last second shot? I had the game on but not the sound. (And NBA League Pass had the Dallas feed anyway.) Was it a question of goaltending, or was it about whether he was fouled? Marbury was pretty pissed.

    Balkman is trying to tough it out but he’s clearly hit a wall. In the final minute he failed to meet Marbury’s (telegraphed) pass, which allowed Terry to steal, and he didn’t block out Nowitzski after a miss, both huge mental lapses.

    But 30 turnovers. Yeesh. Dallas might have lost by 10 otherwise.

  22. Throw into the mix 9 missed free throws.

    Dirk clearly got several superstar calls.

    Blocking foul that was called on Malik Rose clearly was a offensive foul, Dirk dipped his shoulder into Malik who had established position.
    The same thing happened to Jarred Jeffries later in the game. Calls that contributed to putting the Knicks into the penalty. Inspite of it all


    On the last play Dirk clearly pushed Marbury as he was driving and fouled him on the shot.

    The best game I have seen the Knicks play since the Patrick Ewing era. If they keep that intensity for the rest of the season, they may be able to make the playoffs.

  23. no Steve Francis=addition by subtraction.

    his line doesn’t look very good, but I was impressed by Mardy Collins decidedly more than ever before last night, one beautiful entry pass leading Curry for a dunk, through an opening that was only there briefly. is he already our best guard at feeding the post?

    and Balkman makes me want to buy a jersey for the first time in my life, I love watching that guy play. if he ever develops any kind of shooting touch whatsoever, wow.

  24. marbury’s telegraphed pass?! balkman had the same thought the rest of the guys on the knicks had “star is taking this shot” – our young players don’t develop bc scar wants to be the star – balkman was a fuckin savage in college, he led the gamecocks by florida once and the seocnd time they only lost by 2 – each game balkman was put on noah and still managed to put up numbers

  25. Marbury was taking the shot, as well he deserved to, but probably not from 3/4 court (although you never know with our boys). Balkman should have noticed the trap quicker and gotten back to help bring the ball up.

    and South Carolina actually beat Florida twice in 2005-2006 in the regular season, the third meeting was a 2 point loss in the finals of the SEC tournament.

  26. marbury needs to pass more – knicks won’t be winners until we get a true pg – tune in vs hornets tonight to watch a real pg, chris paul. good looks on the usc-uf correction

  27. I mean, in one sense, you’re certainly right. but who is he supposed to be passing to with this group of players? Jeffries? Balkman? James? Malik Rose? there are a lot of times we’re playing 3 on 5 on offense these days, so hard to fault Steph much for gunning, especially when he’s busting like he was last night.

    and yes, obviously we’d all rather have Paul or Deron Williams or Hinrich, but that ain’t happening.

  28. Marbury’s doing everything he can to make this team competitive with 4 players who are tremendously important to the offense missing. He absolutely should not be criticized for shooting so much, especially if his offense remains as efficient as its been. The following players cannot be trusted with even a mid range jump shot: Jeffries, Balkman, Collins. There have been times when they’re all on the court at once. What’s he supposed to do – drive to the hoop and kick it out to them so they can look for two seconds, decide not to shoot, and then pass it again? Because that’s what I see happen all the time. Rose is unreliable even though he has the range and Frye, who does have range, has been getting some open shots. Only Nate can be trusted to hit open threes consistently enough to justify passing out to him (and he has passed to him, remember Nate’s 8 frigging threes in one game recently?) Overall Steph has done a lot to turn his reputation around in my eyes this season. He’s done everything he can to help the team but the team is on one leg right now.

  29. I just hope Frye manages to turn it around sometime in these last ten games, in which case I think I’d consider this season a decided success, 35 wins and all.

  30. EDDY CURRY – thats who our offense should run through. not marbury. more dishin less swishin

  31. Larry Brown got a raw deal. He wanted to make Marbury a true PG and Eddy Curry more defensive minded. They were too lazy/stubborn to change their ways, quit on him and essentially ran him out of town.

    Would you rather have:

    A) Larry Brown and a more polished Marbury coupled with a multidimensional Curry


    B) Zeke with Starbury and lazy Eddy Curry

  32. I don’t care how many points Marbury scores. He sits on the bench scowling with a towel over his head. That’s not how I envision a so-called leader of the team acting.

  33. Pretty Tony the irony is that Marbury’s defense has been great this year under Zeke and Curry blossomed at least on the offensive end under Zeke. Under Curry both of them moved backwards.

  34. I dont know how anyone can come down on Steph for shooting too much. He is basically one of the only consistent offensive producers this team has and currently the only person I am willing to take a shot at the end of the game.

    He had two huge threes down the stretch against Orlando, and we’d be talking about them if the game wasn’t thrown away because a pissed off Nelson drained threes (he killed us the entire third quarter of that game).

    With all our injuries on offense you can’t get on him for carrying us, which he has been

  35. “Larry Brown got a raw deal.”

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha! this is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages! the dude got close to $30 million for one of the lamest coaching jobs in NBA history, he undercut the confidence of pretty much every player on the team and couldn’t even come close to deciding on a rotation all year. I wish I could get such a “raw deal”.

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