2012-13 Game Thread: Knicks vs. 76ers

[Editor’s note: We had multiple game threads up earlier, but they’re now consolidated, just so we can either rejoice or weep all together in one tidy e-place.]

Tonight’s game is big in so many ways. First off, most importantly is that the Knicks have lost four straight games so it is certainly always good to get a win when you’ve lost so many games in a row.

Secondly, this should be the introduction of Kenyon Martin as a Knick. With the Knicks’ lack of frontcourt depth (with Marcus Camby and Rasheed Wallace being out), Martin might play a very important role for this team. We’ll get our first look at him tonight (presumably).

Thirdly, the Nets (who sit a game behind the Knicks in the Atlantic Division) host Memphis tonight at the same time that the Knicks play the Sixers. A Nets loss and a Knicks win would be big.

Finally, the Bulls are in Oklahoma City tonight to face the Thunder. The Bulls are a game and a half back of the Knicks. The last time that the Knicks gained on two teams trailing them was, well, some time ago.

Let’s go Knicks!


Thomas B. adds:

In film school you learn to tell a story in a basic three act plot. The first act sets everything up, introduces you to the protagonists, and gives you just enough reason to root for them. The second act is the point where the protagonists are at their lowest point. They face a seemingly insurmountable foe and it seems that all is lost. In the third act, the protagonist overcome the adversity in a creative way.  It’s a story we’ve seen many times.  And those who tell that story best are being honored tonight.

If you split the NBA season into three parts of 27 games each (I know it should be 27.3 but lets just count the games against the Bobcats as the remainder we throw out), we are just about at the end of the second act with the 53rd game of the season, and boy boy does it feel like the lowest point. The Knicks are on a season high 4 game losing streak. The sharp shooting, crisp passing, and solid team defense of the first act all but gone. Don’t lose hope Knick faithful because the team can get an early start on the third act tonight with a home win against the Sixers.

Let our triumph over adversity begin. Your in-game thoughts here.

2012-13 Game Thread: Knicks @ Raptors

If ever there was a time for a statement game, this would be it. The Knicks lost to the Raptors right before the break in one of the ugliest games of the season and then followed that up by being absolutely destroyed by the Indiana Pacers in the first game of the second half. If there’s still some fight left in these Knicks (and I certainly believe there to be), they will exact their revenge on the Raptors tonight. You have to believe that Melo will be ready for Landy Field’s defense tonight and will torch the former Knick.

But, I guess, the proof is in the proverbial pudding. So we shall see!

Let’s go Knicks!

2012-13 Knicks Game Thread: Knicks vs. Raptors

Toronto played last night and had a big upset victory over the shorthanded Denver Nuggets, so let’s hope that they’ve got that whole “winning” thing out of their system and the Knicks take care of this scrappy little team.

Melo is currently tied with Kevin Durant for the league lead in scoring. Can he take sole possession of the scoring title going into the All-Star Break? If the Knicks win tonight, it’ll be the most wins they’ve had going into the All-Star Break since 1996-97 (which I think is the last Knicks team that was better than this year’s squad).

Rudy Gay seems to always get up against the Knicks. Let’s hope he doesn’t do well tonight. Hopefully the Knicks go into the All-Star Break on a high note!

Let’s go Knicks!

2012-13 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Clippers

The Clippers are healthy again but they got absolutely spanked by an under the weather Heat team on Friday, so let’s hope that the Knicks can keep up the Eastern Conference’s winning ways over the Clippers today (the Clippers have lost eight of eleven, but a lot of those games they were missing either Chris Paul or Blake Griffin, so it is a bit misleading) I’m just happy that both teams were able to get to MSG to play in the game, what with all of the terrible weather this weekend! How weird would it have been to see the Knicks postpone multiple games in a single season due to weather?

Let’s go Knicks!