Carnival: A to Z

If you don’t know what a Carnival is, click here. Otherwise welcome to KnickerBlogger’s NBA Carnival. I dedicate this to the Pixies who in the late 80s did their concerts A to Z. Meaning they took all the songs they wanted to play that night, and arranged their setlist in alphabetical order.

We’ll start with All That Jazz who features a bunch of Gleeman-length blogs, the latest being “Jazz Ride Rollercoaster to Victory“. Moving midwest, Bulls Blog climbs out of his sick bed long enough to check out what swingmen might be available this offseason. Stopping his division winning shimmy long enough to rate the Boston rookies is Celtics Blog. They’re not bloggers, but Kelly Dwyer previews the final week of the season, and Eric Neel proves the West Coast bias that my coworkers and I bitch about while staring at the Atlantic Ocean. Continuing with a West Coast flava, Forum Blue and Gold defends Kobe’s bad grades

HoopInion is the place you want to go if you want to scout out some second rounders. While he’s no John Hollinger (but who is), Father KnickerBocker discusses the Knicks bad defense. Lovin’ the NBA, non-sports blogger Make Me Some Cocoa covers both the East & West. Maybe he can guest write for NBA Fan Blog, who is resting himself for the playoffs.

While Steve Francis sheds his self-serving image on Orlando Magic Fan’s blog, the APQRmetrics group discusses Kobe’s selfishness. Oh typo, I mean APBRmetrics. Further down emotional lane, talks about Wimpsanity’s return to Canada, and SuperSonicSoul feels bad for KG & the Wolves.

The Pistons, representing the East, talks about LeBron bolting after 2007, while the San Antonio SpUrs Blog bemoans the disparity between East & West. I’m sure LeBron leaving isn’t something The CaValier Act wants to consider. Warriors in the City is probably hoping there is a change in the power out West, and hoping eXactlY the same happens in the East is CraZy for the Heat.

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Mike Kurylo

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