Carmelo’s Knick Debut, A Bit Of All Worlds

The other day, when asked what was New York’s feeling on Carmelo Anthony being traded to the Knicks I answered that fans were split into three groups. The first group was pro-Melo, tend to think of him as an elite NBA player, and the best clutch scoring swingman the team has had since Bernard King. The second group was anti-Melo, who saw him as an overrated scorer who didn’t address the team’s needs. And the third group was somewhere in between. They see him as a great player, but not the final link that would bring a championship home to the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony’s Knick debut was perhaps all of these.

From a traditional statistical view, Melo had a good night, scoring 27 points and snaring 10 rebounds. With 1:18 to go and Amar’e Stoudemire on the bench with 6 fouls, Melo scored 6 of the team’s final 10 points including an offensive rebound. On the other hand, Anthony needed 25 shots to accomplish his goal and made a couple of defensive gaffs. During one possession in the first half, Carmelo didn’t appear to be guarding anybody. Although the team won, it wasn’t a convincing win. New York barely defeated an inferior Bucks team at home. Clearly they aren’t ready for prime time, yet.

Some notes:

* Toney Douglas and Chauncey Billups dominated the game. They combined for 44 points on just 24 shots. Douglas pressured the Bucks and despite only having 2 steals he was constantly prodding the ball away from Milwaukee. Meanwhile Billups made all 12 of his free throw attempts, and added 8 assists. He seemed comfortable pushing the ball up the floor, and didn’t seem to be bothered by D’Antoni’s fast pace.

* The Knicks only missed 2 free throws, going 26-28 for the night.

* After his 6th foul, Stoudemire threw his glasses on the court in disgust. The officials saw the gesture, which earned him his 15th technical foul.

* The Knicks offense didn’t appear to be anything close to what D’Antoni normally runs. Carmelo got his fair share of iso and post up opportunities. The pick & roll was rarely seen. There’s a thought that D’Antoni will have to adjust his offense for Anthony, but most likely tonight’s version was more due to a team that hasn’t practiced together than what will be the final version.

* In the “I told you so” column, Renaldo Balkman was not active for the game. Although he’s one of my favorite players to watch, I don’t see a lot of minutes in his Knick future.

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Mike Kurylo

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6 thoughts to “Carmelo’s Knick Debut, A Bit Of All Worlds”

  1. Amar’e did get a technical, his 15th and 1 away from a suspension. He did say after the game he will appeal it.

  2. Pardon me, Mike, Amar’e did in fact draw a tech on that play.

    There’s also another camp, those who feel that Amar’e is a top 10-15 player and worth the max, but not worth what we gave up to get him.

  3. @1, @2, I stand corrected. Had to have the sound muted due to the kiddies trying to get to bed. Edited the article to reflect what happened in reality. My bad.

  4. No biggie. Mike, what happened to the “recent comments” tab on the home page? I really liked that feature…

  5. I like the “recent comments” tab too. As for the NYK I hope the Melomania amongst the tabs and the callers when I am driving in dies down real real fast. It’s one day and already it’s mindnumbingly nauseating. Between forgetting that while the Knicks were now inning anything too many people act as if they were cellar dwellars “now I can root for the Knicks” “they are good again” as if they were not 25-17 after the 3-8 start including that month or two where save the Cleveland loss they only lost to Bos, Miami and Orlando more or less. I think this article will be the only one anyone will read that will give more than a sentence to TD, which is too bad b/c he really was the man (for one night at least). Oh, and Billups is a nice ‘thro in” but can we stop with the throwing Felton under the bus from two minutes in it’s just as bad as the “negativity” people harp on.

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