Carmelo Anthony Named to the Second-Team All-NBA

Carmelo Anthony was named to the second-team All-NBA team today, his sixth appearance on the All-NBA team and his second appearance on the second team. It is just bad luck that he happens to play the same position (forward) as two of the very best players in the NBA, Lebron James and Kevin Durant, or else Melo would have definitely made the first-team All-NBA for the first time in his career (as it was, Melo got the most points of any player on the second team and even received more points than the first-team All-NBA center).

Congratulations to Melo!

Congratulations also to former Knick, David Lee, who was named to the third-team All-NBA. I was a big Lee fan, but I can freely admit that I never thought David Lee would ever make an All-NBA team.

Congratulations also to Tim Duncan, who shocked everyone by returning to the first-team All-NBA. This is Duncan’s tenth appearance on the first team and first in four years (he had fallen all the way to third-team last year).

Congratulations also to Kobe Bryant, who has now tied Karl Malone for the most first-team All-NBA appearances with eleven. Eleven! That’s nuts. Somehow I doubt Bryant will be adding any more first teams to his resume, but if anyone could ever surprise me, it’d be Kobe Bryant. That dude just does not give up. Lebron, by the way, just picked up his seventh first-team All-NBA appearance, so that record might not be shared by the Mailman and Kobe in five years, but the fact that Lebron would have to dominate for the next five years to beat Kobe and Malone is still a very remarkable statement about how long Kobe and Mailman were able to remain dominant players.

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