Buy a great print, support an even greater cause

Spurs blogger extraordinaire and artist Jesse Blanchard is leading an effort to donate all proceeds from the purchase of select NBA-related prints to a various Boston relief efforts:

There are few things in life that human beings willingly subject themselves to as physically and spiritually taxing as the 26-mile trek from start to finish. For those participating in Monday’s Boston Marathon, the finish line should have marked one of their lifetime achievements. Instead, two explosions left a completely different mark altogether.

It is often said that the worst in humanity often brings out the best in humanity, and Monday was no different. If the marathon is supposed to embody the human will overcoming, the immediate reaction to Monday’s events showed us more.

You can read Jesse’s full post, and take a gander at the fantastic works of art being offered, by clicking here. So long as you purchase a print before the end of the month, all proceeds will be donated.

Big ups to Jesse and Co. for spearheading this incredible effort. Every little bit counts, so do yourselves a favor and check out the offerings. They really are outstanding.

Here’s a list of the featured artists, along with their respective contact info:

Jesse Blanchard ( / @BlanchardJRB)

Maddison Bond ( / @MaddisonBond)

Bobby Bernethy ( / @BobbyBernethy)

J.O. Applegate ( or t-shirts at / @Bouncex3)

Robb Harskamp ( / @RobbHarskamp)

Dustin Watson ( / @DPWatson)

Double Scribble (only through rest of the week: / @DoubleScribble)

Hoop Dream Ink ( / @HoopDreamInk)

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