Bill Walton on the Taste of Foot

It’s nearing halftime of the United States/Uruguay game, and the US is running Uruguay off the court. Lebron James just made a spectacular dunk on a Uruguayan player, and John Saunders says “Uh oh” as Lebron comes to dunk on the guy. A few seconds later, Saunders expresses that his statement, “Uh oh” must be what the Uruguyan players are feeling, and then that leads to Bill Walton making the greatest segue ever, “And that is what the good people of New Orleans were saying two years ago today when Katrina first hit their shores.”


Saunders seems a bit stunned, and then says something like, “I hope things go better this time around,” and Walton quickly agrees, too, and they move on.

I know Walton was trying to actually be NICE and just throw a shout out to the victims of Katrina, but WOW.

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23 thoughts to “Bill Walton on the Taste of Foot”

  1. Mmm… too soon Bill. Too soon.

    Walton used to automatically bring the taste of bile right up to the back of my throat. But the weird thing about Walton is that he’s SO different on college basketball telecasts; much less the class clown. Now I find myself able to ignore his shtick.

  2. Is it just me or does he always say things that are just factually incorrect. Last night somebody rattled home a shot and he says “nothing but net”. He makes me yell at the TV more than any other announcer.

  3. >> spud said: Is it just me or does he always say things that are just factually incorrect. Last night somebody rattled home a shot and he says ?nothing but net?. He makes me yell at the TV more than any other announcer.

  4. I have called for the end of Bill Walton’s TV career shortly after it began.

    I hope this spells the end of his career behind the mike. He is awful. He makes the stupidest statements. ESPN, TNT, and ABC I implore you to please drop this man. Not because of what he said, but because he is truly awful at his job. give every game to Mike Terico, Mike Breen, or Marv Albert. That is it, that is the list.

  5. He is such an egotist I’m suprised he did’nt say “Had Katrina hit during my playing days, my superior defense could have repelled the storm.”

  6. I heard when you watch basketball games in hell, Bill Walton and Clyde Frazier call EVERY GAME

  7. Maybe I am alone but I like Bill Walton. I used to like him even more, but somewhere along the way it seems someone told him to play up the weirdness – now his idiosynracies are hardening into shtick, like what happened to John Madden.

    The guy who drives me insane is Hubie “score the ball” Brown.

  8. Walton may be the second worst center-to-announcer of all time… Bill Russell cannot be dethroned as the all time champion bad announcer who used to be a center…Walton can’t touch Russell for suckage behind the mike…

  9. I’ll put in a vote for Mark Jackson. He got positive reviews for his work last year, but he drove me crazy, sort of a Joe Morgan for basketball…

  10. I’ll take Jax over Greg Anthony any day – I guess it’s a little different with a studio guy, tho.
    Neither one of them is Marv (or Tom Tolbert).

  11. Tom Tolbert, LOL…I actually enjoyed his shtick and he is smarter than he looks…of course,we are all smarter than he looks!

    Any of you guys old enough to have heard Tommy Heinsohn announce? Godawful… The worst may have been Rick Barry — nobody used the word “situation” more than he did…everything was a situation…

  12. It seems to me that announcing quality is inversely proportional to the time spent either playing or coaching the game that one is announcing. Alternatively, it seems the more prominent a player or coach is/was, the worse they are as an announcer. I could be overgeneralizing, but that seems to be the rule. Kevin Harlan works for me. The college duo of Bill Raftery and Verne Lundquist is always entertaining. Vin Scully in baseball. Jon Miller.

  13. I just pray that MSG uses a heavy rotation of Gus Johnson and Clyde this season. If Mike Breen and Kenny Smith were confined to national television, I might not be forced to watch Knick broadcasts on mute.

  14. I used to hate the silly devils advocate schtick he and “Snapper” Jones had. Made me get blisters on my thumb from hitting mute.

    Hate listening to Hubie too.

    And The Jet.

    Favorite of all time was Danny Ainge. He was funny and candid. He said stuff that I would have thought would have been off the record, except for the fact that a national audience was listening…

  15. am i the only that thinks Clyde Frazier is way worse than Walton on a bad day? The guy is terrible.

    My favorite duo of all time was Tolbert and Walton because at least once a game Walton would say something so weird, Tolbert couldn’t take it any more and just start saying the things everyone at home was thinking.

  16. I can see how people might be annoyed with Clyde’s rhymes, but I have to say that he does a good job keeping an eye on the defense. All too often announcers only concentrate on the offensive aspects of the game, making it seem as if every score is solely based on the skill of the man with the ball, not the lack of skill by the man defending. Clyde does use his trademark phrases too often, but I’ll never tire of hearing him say “matador D”, since few announcers will take a defender to task.

    As for Bill Walton, he surely is the Joe Morgan of hoops. The funny thing is, when he’s not announcing a game, he speaks very softly. I recall a UCLA documentary, where he came across as very educated. (Although come to think of it, it might have been good editing.) But in-game, you’ll not find a more annoying person. On top of his screaming, everything to him is momentum. Which of course only makes sense until the other team scores, and in basketball that happens about every 2 minutes.

  17. Clyde Frazier forgot more basketball than any of these hacks will ever know. He talks about the game that these players never knew or will never know how to play. Passing, moving without the ball, defensive play, fundementals. I watched both Clyde and Walton play in their primes, (Kareem and Walton were the greatest College Players ever); these guys know the game on the HIGHEST level, not for SPORTSCENTER replay value. You all should listen to the content behind everything Frazier says; How the Knicks don’t let him work with their guards is a Travesty.

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