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Yesterday I posted the following question:

In the last 5 seasons (’00 – ’04), who has gotten the most offensive rebounds per game (minimum 200 games)?

A. Elton Brand
B. Tim Duncan
C. Kevin Garnett
D. Shaquille O’Neal
E. Ben Wallace

The answer is A. Elton Brand (4.32 OREB/G). Although his face adorns last year’s Basketball Forecast, the player dubbed by Steve Kerr as “The Susan Lucci of NBA players” is still looking to earn respect. Brand will most likely not be voted onto this year’s All Star Game, and you have to wonder if Elton would have this problem if he played for L.A.’s other team?

Elton Brand was a half rebound ahead of Shaq, who was followed by Big Ben & Duncan. Kevin Garnett ranked 14th, but I threw his name into the ring due to his great defensive rebounding ability. The reason I was able to come up with that triva question is due to the new queries at One big benefit to the way the query is setup, is that you can post a link to it once you are done.

The menu is easy to use so that you can change what stats in only a few seconds. With a single click I can find out the answer to the trivia question above & but replace offensive rebounds with free throws made (Allen Iverson 7.28 FTM/G). Change the beginning and end year, and you can learn who is the best offensive rebounder of the 90s (Dennis Rodman 5.28), or the 80s (Moses Malone 5.43), or the 70s combining the NBA & ABA stats (Artis Gilmore 3.76 by a hair).

These tools at B-R are excellent for analysis. Everyone knows LeBron James is among the league’s best players. But how does he compare to the NBA’s best players at the same age? Going to the APBRmetric query page, you can see that LeBron James’ PER last year was the third best for a 19 year old. His PER this year is 26 which would be the highest PER by a 20 year old ever. Higher than Shaq, or Magic, or Kobe, or Garnett. If he’s as good the year after, he’ll still be better than Jordan & Magic at the same age (but behind Shaq’s 28.53). So King James is as good or better than Jordan, Magic, Garnett, or Shaq when they were his age. That’s how special this young man is.

B-R’s versatility makes it a great tool for the curious fan or the hoops analyst. Not only can you get player data for the regular season, but you can get team data as well. The site is growing by leaps and bounds. Since my interview with Justin Kubatko, B-R’s creator has added a playoff query. Want to know who is the best scorer in NBA playoff history? Create a query on PTS/MIN. Although the answer might seem fairly obvious.

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