Basketball Flavored Nyquil?

This comes from an ESPN baseball chat:

Brian (New York): Hey Jerry! What did you think of Derek Fisher’s game winning shot last night?!

Jerry Crasnick: Brian,

I think the NBA is a great cure for sleeplessness. There was more action in the final second of that game than in the other 47 minutes, 59 seconds combined.

I’m sorry, but Jerry is off his rocker in this case. I love baseball, but if I had to choose one sport between the two that’s an aid in slumber, it’s not basketball. Baseball has become bloated over the last century. Games used to be quick affairs, two hours beginning to end. Now they are stretched to 4 hours long. It’s like turning a Ramones song into an Opera by adding an hour and a half of commercials in between. I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to listen to Sheena that way, as much as I hate watching a pitching coach slowly plod out to the mound and wait until he gets there to bring in his LOOGY, only to take him out for the next batter.

Baseball was a sport of speed & skill, as much as hand-eye coordination. Today, players are more specialists than athletes. If you’re quick enough to recognize if a pitch is a 80MPH curve or a 95MPH fastball, and you’re strong enough to hit the ball 400 feet, then who cares whether or not you can run or catch? If you can throw those two pitches and maybe a changeup, who cares if you can’t hit (or run)? There are a few guys that can do it all that resemble athletes, but they seem to be the exception rather than the norm.

If you didn’t think the second half of the Spurs/Lakers game was exciting, then you must have been watching something else. It was certainly one of the best playoff games I’ve seen, right up there with (or better than) the overtime game the Wolves & Kings had last week. The Spurs were fighting to keep their home field advantage in a pivotal game 5. Down at halftime, San Antonio battled the whole second half to try and regain the lead. Their defense was superb down the stretch, as it was their offense that had trouble with hitting open shots & turning the ball over. The final seconds didn’t overshadow the game, as much as it added an exclamation point to the end of it.

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Mike Kurylo

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