Baron Davis’ Career in Jeopardy After MRI Confirms Multiple Tears

We all knew that Baron Davis’ knee injury suffered in Game 4 was brutal, but now we know just how brutal.

The Knicks have announced that Davis has suffered not only complete tears of his MCL and his ACL but also a partial tear to his patella tendon. Knick fans should be familiar with patella injuries, as we saw the Knicks acquire Antonio McDyess in 2002 after he missed all but 10 games of the 2001-02 season from a partial tear to his patella tendon. He then tore it completely in the 2002 preseason and missed the entire 2002-03 season. He basically took until the 2004-05 season to be fully healthy (although he was never the same player again).

Like McDyess, Davis’ injury means he almost certainly would have to miss the entire 2012-13 season and that presupposes that there are no complications, and with a guy like Davis who has had knee problems and back problems (and who will be 34 years old in a year), that is no guarantee. There is a very decent chance that his career might just be over for good.

If that’s the case, he had himself a great NBA career, with multiple honors (two All-Star appearances and an All-NBA spot in 2004) and a legacy of inspired play (particularly his legendary performance during the 2007 playoffs with the Golden State Warriors). If it is not the case, then best of luck to Baron with his comeback aspirations. Whatever he decides to do with his career, we appreciate his efforts as a Knick.

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11 thoughts to “Baron Davis’ Career in Jeopardy After MRI Confirms Multiple Tears”

  1. It’s too bad- I think he could have wound up being a pretty good 15-20 minute a night back-up. It seemed like every time he drove this year he was a step away from where he thought he was going to be, never really adjusting to his reduced athleticism (and I think he would have eventually). I do give him credit for always being engaged on the bench while sitting out early in the season and for playing consistently hard (if not always well) when he did get back in.

  2. Brian, I do not recall anything stating that Shump had also sustained a complete tear of his MCL, only saw references to his ACL and lateral meniscus.

  3. Not to take potshots, but I would describe Baron’s career in terms of what might have been. He was an incredibly dynamic and super-talented player who, partly due to bad luck and partly to poor attitude and conditioning, never became the player he could have been. Still, he gave us all he had this year and I appreciate that.

  4. I don’t think that’s a potshot. It’s a fair point. Davis’ conditioning has been poor for a good chunk of his NBA career. I don’t think Davis would even argue the point too hard (Bill Simmons’ spotlight on Davis from his Clippers days was an excellent examination of a player who was finding it hard to motivate himself).

  5. Bad way to end his season and career. I had little good to say about his play when he played so I can’t give him any kudos there just because he got hurt. At any rate when he was with the LAC I seem to recall he had some foundation that was talked up as doing some good work. Perhaps that is where he can focus his energies and leave his mark. Best of luck and I do hope he can recover to have a properly functional knee day to day living.

  6. The moment drove him on heart and desire while he played the season with brain and under control within his physical abilities.
    When he started that transition alone I was like where are you going – thinking he is going to turn it over or get blocked….and then noooooooo….just sad.
    He was spectacular with d.Wesley…i really loved those two playing on the break.
    But this year he seemed overweight and that premature return from all those back problems is probably the cause for this injury.

    Good luck to Baron…he managed to returned from a torn ACL not losing speed and power…but he was twenty then. But all hope for him is not lost. He heals well.

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