Knicks at Bucks or Wait 15 games before full potency.

So on Sunday before the game against the Nuggets I declared the team dead.
Turns out, they were only mostly dead.  There were a few signs of life against a Denver team that really is dead.

So here we are about a month into the season, and we saw the first game where the Knicks didn’t look all dead.  I wonder if Phil Jackson playing the role of the Miracle Max gave the team a miracle pill that takes 10-15 games to start working.

I don’t have any basketball insights (as usual).  So enjoy the clip that inspired the post you aren’t reading.

“Goodbye, boys”
“Good luck storming the Bucks’ castle.”
“You think they can win?”
“It’ll take a miracle.”

Game thread and Eulogy: Knicks v. Nuggets

Next to nobody is going to read this.  And that is probably a good thing because besides the fact that it is written by easily the least talented member of the staff, there really isn’t anything a Knick fan is going to want to see here. To the old site vets who know better than to waste your time, good call.  To any newbies or optimists, you have been warned.

Still here? Okay then.

I’ve looked at the schedule and concluded that we are doomed.  Including this Sunday matinee the Knicks have 24 games left until the end of the year.  There are only 6 games on the schedule that a reasonably intelligent Knicks fan–the ones who knew better than to read this–would expect to win (Nuggets, Bucks, Wolves, Sixers, Thunder, and Hornets) the last of those six games is on December 5.  And are any of us sure we can win all of those?  Even though nobody is still reading, I’m going to assume you all said “No”.

So on January 1, 2015 the Knicks could be something like 8 and 26.  They are playing that poorly.  And even if Cal and Bargs return, neither of them will fix the two glaring problems with this team: Offense and Defense.  The Knicks are 26th in Defensive rating and 21st in Offensive rating.  Thankfully they decided to pair that with the slowest pace in the NBA (88.6) so while we are dying at least we are dying slowly.

So as the game is set to start on a cold Sunday morn, I think the words of Richard Pryor portraying the Rev James L. White are most appropriate: “Friends, we are gathered here today to lay to rest…”

2014-2015 Game Thread: Smiths v. Nets

Star center Jason Smith (3.9rbs/36min) looks to lead the Knicks to victory tonight in Brooklyn versus the Nets. The Knicks have dropped 2 in a row including a heart breaker to the Pistons in which the team came up just one ill-advised-step-back three pointer short of a victory. Speaking of which…

J.R. Smith (.440 TS%)–the second part of the dynamic Smith duo–is done serving his one game suspension. J.R. Smith sat a game after the NBA head offices decided his ball hawking wasn’t exactly directed where it should be.

Hopefully the Smiths will get help from supporting players Anthony, Stoudemire, and Shumpert. If so, the losing streak may end.

Smith! Smith!

2014 Game Thread: Knicks @ Sixers

Are you swooning just a bit?  I’m still swooning just a bit.  I’m not ashamed to say that after the way this season started, I wrote this team off for dead but the way they have played over the last 5 games makes me say “I do believe I have the vapors.”

Between Stat looking something not quite but very close to spry, Shumpert doing his best Novak impersonation (17 of 28 61% from deep over the last 5 games), and Melo keeping the offense from looking like the GW bridge with two lanes shut down I’m actually invested in this team again. So much so that I took advantage of the fact that I still have editor access (Don’t tell Jim) and posted this little game thread.

Hopefully, our boys won’t spoil the party by taking a bad loss in Philly. The Knicks burned through their allotment of bad losses early in the year.  At this point, they need to beat bad teams–even on the road–if they want to get back into contention.

Your in-game thoughts here. Go New York, go New York go.

By special request, “What to watch for”.

The Sixers are 27th in the NBA in defensive rating and first in pace, which means there will be plenty of chances for the Knicks (17th in offensive rating) to score points.  The Knicks have fared well scoring efficiently of late (average eFG% .522 over last five games), so a big scoring night is to be expected if the Knicks keep up with the Sixers who lead the NBA in pace.

The Sixers don’t score efficiently at all (25th), so a solid defensive effort will make things easier.

A double-double from Melo (points and rebounds) and Felton (points and concession stand visits).
Everyone’s laces will stay tied.
If the Knicks win, a glowing recap from Jim Cavan.
If the Knicks lose, a scathing review from Robert Silverman with humor so dense only Stephen Hawking is bright enough to truly appreciate it.

2013 Game thread: Knicks @ Heat

Is this a preview of the ECFs?  Some would think it could be.  Let’s hope the Knicks treat it as it is.  New York is 2-1 against the NBA leading, defending champion Heat.  The team can win the season series tonight.  Chandler is back. Martin comes off the bench. James, Wade, and Chalmers sitting (so if they lose, I’d be really concerned but honestly if they win I’d still say it wasn’t against the Heat at their best.) No matter who is playing,  let’s bring this win streak to nine.

Go New York Go New York Go.