At The Classical: L’Affaire Honey Nut Cheerios and Incarcerated Bob

So I got a chance to speak with Incarcerated Bob, a somewhat reviled/worshipped/notorious/lordly presence on the Twitter who was the source of KG’s infamous barb regarding ‘Melo’s missus and sugary breakfast comestibles:


Which brings us—or, really, brings Bob—to the Honey Nut Cheerios/Melo incident. For one thing, Bob is still thinking about it. “Black Sports Online stole it,” he fumes. “You can print that. They definitely stole my shit. [Black Sports Online writer Robert Littal] seemed like a stand up guy, but whatever.” (The original Black Sports Online report doesn’t credit Bob’s tweet, and claims to have confirmed the claim—itself presented vaguely, via a jpeg of a box of Honey Nut Cheerios—“with several sources who were in attendance.”)

But back to that night. “I was watching and Carmelo’s really trying to go after KG and I’m like, ‘Why are they even beefing?’ So I made a few calls and guy at MSG Security told me, an MSG Security guard texted me and said, ‘KG said some foul shit.’”

“So I texted back,” Bob continues, “‘Well, How foul did he say?’” Told him his wife tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios.’ And I’m like, get the fuck outta here. That’s some funny shit. ‘No, he really told him like it’s serious, like, implying that he did something with his wife.’ Okay. Somebody asked me on Twitter at one something in the morning what happened. Then it just went viral.”

They’ve all denied it since then, I say.

“Doc Rivers, of course he’s gonna back his guys. If you see Carmelo, he just said something was said. He never denied it,” Bob says. “If Honey Nut Cheerios wasn’t mentioned, Carmelo would’ve said ‘Look, you guys got the Honey Nut Cheerios thing wrong.’ How does Doc Rivers know? He isn’t on the floor with them. The only way the security heard, is because the security guy, he does the locker room. And he heard Melo yelling on, saying something about what was said to some of his teammates. So there’s your story.”


There’s heaps more, including the revelation that Mike Pettine, the former DC of the NYJ, was one of Bob’s sources, the odd way one can create wholly new identity for him/herself online and an email from the NBA’s lawyers threatening a pricey defamation suit over a tweet Bob twat about Floyd Mayweather.

Full article’s here. Enjoy.

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