At Phil Jackson Logs On To Twitter, Yells At Clouds.

At About Knicks, a few brief words on Phil Jackson’s Sideshow Bob-stepping-on-a-rake Twittering.

Back on May 10th, the Knicks’ Grand Poobah caused a bit of a media kerfluffle when he decided to troll the three point-heavy teams in the playoffs, asking “NBA analysts give me some diagnostics on how 3pt oriented teams are faring this playoffs…seriously, how’s it goink?” [sic]

At the time of Phil’s tweets, it wasn’t goink very well, with Atlanta, Cleveland, Golden State down 2-1 to the likes of Washington, Chicago and Memphis.

Of course, the ATL-CLE-GSW troika promptly proceeded to go undefeated, meaning that all four teams that made the conference finals ranked in the top seven in three pointers attempted during the regular season.

Yes, the dude in charge of a team that finished a robust 17-65 probably shouldn’t be dropping snark-bombs. Spelling errors/hilarious typos aside, we’ve known for a while that Phil’s squarely in the Charles Barkley School For Salty, Out Of Their Time Basketball Curmudgeons. He’s still humping the old school and possibly outdated cliche about playoff basketball being a different animal, or that “jump shooting teams don’t win titles.”

(And just as a side note: Phil. If you need stats, advanced or otherwise, why the hell are you crowdsourcing this? Don’t you, like, have guys on the payroll that are capable of doing precisely this kind of data analysis? That’s not… what’s the word… good.)

In any case, Phil decided that he needed to respond to the howling masses that had so mocked his most recent foray into the oh-so-tricky realm of social media.

Okay. That’s partly true, and it’s nice to hear he “likes” guys that can fling it from distance. It would be nice to here him admit that he was wrong, or say that his tweet was pointless smug, but that was never going to happen.

The problem is that there isn’t really a hierarchy of importance here. You want to get the ball to the areas of the court that will generate the highest return–the free throw line, the rim and three pointers. Yes, a guy that can drive and kick will lead to open threes, but unless you have shooters that can, you know, make those threes and spread the floor, teams will pack the lane and make penetration a heckuva lot harder.

You can read the full article here.

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4 thoughts to “At Phil Jackson Logs On To Twitter, Yells At Clouds.”

  1. My god, PJ is a smug jackass. Of the twenty-six possible teams that could be in the conference and all the possible permutations you could make, the top 4 and only the top 4 3pt shooting teams remain. And he still won’t just claim mea culpa.

    And the whole ‘create penetration’ is circular argument horseshit. A) Yea penetration’s all well and good, but good luck not getting snuffed in the overcrowded paint without that 3pt shooting to spread the defense. B) No one but Phil has made it a case of either/or. Analysts have been preaching points in the paint as much as 3pters. C) The league’s best penetrator is one game away from getting swept in the playoffs. How’s that penetration working out there Phil?

  2. Is there a quicker way to failure than by starting at your own conclusion and using any small random piece of data to support it, while ignoring the mountain of evidence to the contrary?

  3. Forget running a NBA basketball organization. PJ tweets are semi-coherent and chock full of misspells. Considering that he’s aware the tweets are being read by thousands and scrutinized by the media, that’s troubling.
    On the surface, it’s a laughable offense, but it well may be a concerning sign of something bigger.

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