And you thought J.R. Smith wouldn’t say (tweet) anything?

Following the extravagant flush dished out by DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers on Brandon Knight of the Detroit Pistons, Twitter began to erupt (as it usually does) with mocking, ebullient glee, as has become the norm after a particularly YouTube-able basketball event.

Truthfully, Knight (6-foot-2) had no chance of impeding the path of an uber-athletic, stronger, larger, mammoth of a man like Jordan (6-foot-11). For a team whose success is built around the freakish hops of Blake Griffin and the ability of a world-class floor general like Chris Paul, it’s often forgotten that DeAndre is equally capable of bringing the house and e-house down with his own exploits. Many a player  chimed in the Twitter and other social media to offer their own version of applause as well as pay their respects to Brandon Knight’s untimely demise. J.R. Smith being J.R. Smith, it’s inevitable that he’d add his voice to the chorus.

Smith’s response on Twitter Sunday night was thus:


Smith also went on to post a few images via his Instagram account about Knight’s embarrassing flop:


It’s not that J.R. was the only baller to delight in DeAndre’s unreal dunk–far from it. It’s just that because we expect him to haunt our late-night Twitter feed (and possibly search for signs about how he might or might not fare in a game depending on the lateness of the hour before he tucks himself to bed). Earl exists if, for no other reason, than to draw attention to himself. both for good (like his scoring wizardry against Oklahoma City) or for ill (butts), but, at this point in the season, with the absence of Carmelo Anthony, even with the impeding return of Carmelo Anthony, it’s been far more of the former than the latter. . Smith has been averaging 24.5 points per contest in the last four games and more notably has been shooting above 40 percent in the last three games.

Love him or hate him (and I’m sure many people attest to the latter), Smith is and will remain an raunchy, outspoken, and aggressive provocateur for the New York Knicks.

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  1. Fair enough. I have to agree with the PTI guys. Knight should be applauded for his effort rather than roundly mocked across the twitterverse…..

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