All Things Considered, I’d Rather Have the Green Hornet

In all seriousness, the Knicks picked up Kelvin Cato today, as was rumored (well, the Cato part wasn’t rumored, but the “Knicks were not going to sign any of the four players they brought in for the last spot, but were going to sign a veteran center instead” thing was rumored).

The move sounds just like a placeholder, and I doubt Cato would get much more time than Jerome James was going to get (which my hope was, not a lot), but to be honest, while he’s 32 and coming off an injury-plagued year (which was also the worst season, PER-wise, of his career), I don’t think Cato could be worse than James, and he does offer a lot more size than the guys who got cut, as he’s 6-11, 275 pounds.

Here are his PERs for his career:

1997-98 – 13.49
1999 – 14.81
1999-00 – 16.04
2000-01 – 13.26
2001-02 – 14.42
2002-03 – 15.61
2003-04 – 13.34
2004-05 – 14.91
2005-06 – 7.72

His Rebound Rate for the past few years (not counting last year’s short season – although it was quite high in the few games he played) is quite good, better on the whole than James’.

19.8 in 02-03, 16.0 in 03-04 and 15.3 in 04-05.

Those are pretty good numbers, and certainly an improvement on Curry.

Also, for his career, he averages 1.3 blocks (and his career average in minutes is only 20), so that’s a nice wrinkle to have on defense.

But, again, he’s another year older and coming off an injury, so I don’t think the Knicks will expect much more than a few minutes of decent defense and good rebounding, which I think definitely does have a place on this current Knick squad.

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15 thoughts to “All Things Considered, I’d Rather Have the Green Hornet”

  1. I really like Cato, when healthy he seems to be a good team defender as well. From he made his team 4.8 points and 6.4 points better on defense in 2004 & 2005.

  2. I agree that he’s been a good defender in the past, I am just wary about the whole 32 years old coming off an injury-plagued season which was his worst year yet.

    Which still means I like him better than Jerome James.

  3. it’ll be nice to have the occassional blocked shot, seeing as how i anticipate that guys will be waltzing to the front of the rim against our perimeter defenders with jeffries out.

  4. While Jeffries is out, I don’t mind Cato (All things considered here, I’d rather have the Pink Panther) playing 5-10mpg, but when Jeffries comes back, I’d hope Cato doesn’t take away mins at the 5 for Frye (and by means of an extension, mins at PF for Lee/Jeffries/Balkman). If this leads to Jerome James being cut, however, it’s a dynamite move.

    (Side Note — It’s too bad JJ is such a collossal waste as a player. He seems like a genuinely funny, likeable person. I’d root like heck for him if I didn’t cringe every time he left the bench)

  5. Cato is a solid move. He’s not a kid so you don’t have to spend any time teaching him his job. He’s actually fairly effective when he’s healthy. He’s only gonna get limited minutes and I actually feel more confident with him getting those minutes than James. If he’s fully recovered then it’s a good move.

  6. I think it’s a great move. Injuries aside, Cato’s declining stats are probably due more to Dwight Howard’s emergence and his not fitting into the Pistons’ shortened rotation. For the Knicks it’s a solid fit. I almost wish he’d start and play 20 minutes, and have Curry come off the bench for instant offense. Watching Curry this preseason, especially his D, is making me miserable.

  7. Without Jeffries, the Knicks backcourt is pretty mediocre at perimeter D, so having a potential shot-blocker in Cato is nice. Isiah is to be commended, for once, for filling a hole cheaply.

  8. Not to keep pounding nails into the floor with my forehead, but the Cato signiing does reinforce how utterly ludicrous it was for Zeke not to RE-SIGN JACKIE BUTLER!! And yeah, he had the ducats ticketed for Jeffries but I’m sorry, a 21-year old Center with serious low post skills for 2.3 million/year is peanuts, considering the deals signed by the likes of Nene, Dalembert, Gadzuric, Wallace, Chandler, and our own beloved, Eddy Curry over the last two years. If Isiah had locked up Butler BEFORE he became a free agent (allowind him to throw the full mid-level at Jeffries), none of this would be an issue.

    Ok, now I sound like the borderline-deranged drunken uncle at a family reunion, bellowing, “When I was a boy, we had to haul a block of ice for five miles in order to have a decent backup center! Harumph!!”

  9. Although i agree he is definatly an upgrade over Jerome James, but Isiah could have made a better move. Kelvin Cato is better than Curry at rebounding and defense, and that should be commended, but he does not fit with the knick’s scheme. He runs the floor about as well as Eddy Curry last year. By that I mean when he runs he leaves footprints like a normal person would leave in the snow.

    The Knicks are trying to run a more uptempo offense, and while rebounding and shot blocking are very useful for a fast break (A la ‘Zo on the hornets), but the knick should have picked up a lanky shotblocking, rebounder. The ideal player is second round pick, Paul Millsap, now on the Jazz. He could’ve been had for a second round pick next year. If they insisted on a veteran they could have gotten a player in that mold from europe, or the D-league.

    The real center position is gone from the NBA, and the knicks would have been more sucsessful with a talented, shorter player. Instead of getting a better Jerome James, the knicks should have gotten a better big man

  10. While the trad. center may be a dying thing, it’s only dying until the next 7-2 guy with talent shows up and dominates. I mean Cato is at best 12th man on roster, and he seems just fine for that role — there’s still Duncan, Ming, O’Neal and all sorts of seven-footers out there. If Cato can once in a while go out there and match up with these guys, he’s useful.

  11. If the guy can rebound, block a shot or play acceptable low post defense somewhat dependably then he was a good signing …The Knicks have a lot of mismatch players on the roster so it is up to the coach to make it work.

    Which brings my other point, its mistake to make your coach a lame duck as Dolan has done. If he kept his mouth shut or fired Isiah then he would’ve restored order in the organization. Instead he made a bad situation worse by taking away Isiahs power which was the very thing he was hired for. The knicks need to have Isiah as GM or as coach or neither.

  12. I think we can sort of accept we can’t stop Tim Duncan, Yao Ming and Shaq. Actually history has shown duncan and KG actually dont play as well against shorter more athletic defenders. I agree hes useful, but we should make a trade (next years 2nd round pick?) for Paul Milsap and drop Jerome James.

  13. Kelvin is just another big, useless body to fill in the line-up. Anyway, Marcus Williams is making Isiah look like a fool more and more for passing him up. And Renaldo Balkman seems to play well only at Madison Square Garden. What a shame, so I guess Jared Jeffries will be sorely missed in a train-wreck waiting to happen.

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  15. Cato is too preoccupied with the $1.5 million he threw away trying to open a strip club in Tucker, GA. to be useful.

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