A Few Thousand Words on the New York Knicks’ Uni History

In these dreary, waiting-for-training-camp-to-start whilst cheating on the ‘Bockers by befouling a Sunday enjoying the televised company of the other fine New York sporting outfits like say, the Jets/Mets/Giants/Yanks, perhaps you’d like to to take a leisurely stroll through the entire history of the garments that our favorite cagers have donned? If so, Jonah Kaner at TheKnicksWall.com and I have just the bit o’ scribbling you’ve been searching for.

Naturally, I have my personal favorite:










So effin’ purty. In the post, I get a little wordier:

Minor quibbles notwithstanding, when you see this set, you think, “Knicks.” For the longstanding franchises in any sport, it’s wonderful to think you could somehow have Babe Ruth standing in the dugout next to Derek Jeter and if only in terms of their garb, neither man would look out of place. Eli Manning could heave a pass downfield to Frank Gifford. Rod Gilbert and Marion Gaborik could streak down the ice on a two on one. Or even the more creatively imaginative among us could dream of Walt Frazier leading a fast break to only dump the ball off at the last possible moment to a trailing Amar’e Stoudemire.

In the modern world, where anything and everything seems to be in a state of constant upheaval, it allows Americans (who if nothing else, specialize in re-inventing themselves) to have a sense of history, of timelessness, even if the only thing binding the generations together is a bit of cloth. That’s one of the things that make sport great. It ties together generations – both of teams and players but also of fans from father/mother to son and daughter.

In brief, while these may not be the most creative or dazzling uniforms, they embody what it means to be a Knick. So yeah, I kinda dig them.

Take a gander at the whole thingamawoogit here:

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  1. Nice job, Robert. I’m not crazy about the changes, but will withhold judgment until I see them in game action.

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