Last night, one of the announcers said something to the effect of “It’s a shame that no one on the East Coast will see this game, since it’s almost 2am over there.” Well, I hate to prove announcers wrong, but I was watching from my NYC appartment. I’m certainly part of the minority, since I’m sure not everyone has an understanding boss & flexible time schedule as I do.

His sentiment was correct, since it was a shame that virtually half the country (or more) is basically shut out from watching what was the most entertaining and hard fought game I’ve seen so far. If it was 2am over here, that means it was 11pm on the West Coast. Isn’t the NBA depriving itself of viewers over there by having the game on so late? I’ve always been a nightowl, but I know a lot of people that don’t stay up that late, especially children. Wouldn’t you want to appeal to as young a viewer as possible?

When I was a very young, and had to go to bed early, my father would stay up to watch the hockey game. Sometimes I would sneak out & try to watch a little bit, but as soon as they caught me it was back to bed I went. If hockey was on earlier my father and I would have been able to watch together, and maybe I would have an appreciation for the sport, that I now find just plain awful.

Back to the game, I understand Bibby being upset after fouling out, but didn’t he see the 3 (or was it 4) one and a half calorie calls against his counterpart in the 4th?

If the Twolves lost, how many columns do you think would be out there questioning Kevin Garnett’s playoff experience (never made the second round until this year) after he couldn’t get a shot off in regulation?

I mean he doesn’t have that “game 7 pixie dust” that the Heat players all have, right SVG?

Not that the Heat will see another game 7, and that’s a shame. If they did manage to go 7 against the Pacers & no one writes a column questioning the existence of “game 7 pixie dust” that would be an easy entry for me.

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